Twitch Girls be like... (Man of Medan Part 3)

  • Published on: 31 August 2019
  • Man of Medan:

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  • Runtime : 47:31
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  • Kiku『菊』
    Kiku『菊』   15 hours ago


  • Malik Hassan
    Malik Hassan   17 hours ago

    Where is the rest of the fricking game?

  • JerryFilms
    JerryFilms   1 weeks ago

    Bruh I know this video is over a month old but did nobody notice the man in a suit in the background at 24:44?

  • sch jo
    sch jo   1 weeks ago

    Poopipie continue this game pls

  • POE ZY
    POE ZY   1 weeks ago

    thottie smottie go away

  • FuuuckMe Seapussy
    FuuuckMe Seapussy   1 weeks ago

    27:06 that is straight up Queen Mary. Look up The Haunted Decks of the Queen Mary(BuzzFeed Multilayer) on YouTube. And within the first 8 seconds you will se that exact same room. In fact Queen Mary served as a troop ship during World War II, so they may have took inspiration from that. I mean its easy to get omborde and walk around and take pictures and get an general idea of how they want the boat in the game to look. Just food for thought.

  • Stars line
    Stars line   1 weeks ago

    I'm confused so what it this all about.. ghost/predator/zombie? when they all get the big ship whole the passenger already dead.

  • sinful_hun
    sinful_hun   1 weeks ago

    “Heyyyy hey potato on my snado what the fricky duko”Me: hes speaking the language of the gods

  • Iamshiman
    Iamshiman   1 weeks ago

    "I am playing an early version coz I m epic"Pewds

  • YeJaJeong
    YeJaJeong   1 weeks ago

    does anyone know if pewds is still playing this game?

  • askliva
    askliva   1 weeks ago

    Does anybody know which lavelier microphone he is using ?I would appreciate an answer :)

  • Jung Gukie
    Jung Gukie   2 weeks ago

    Ya'll notice the time? And all the paranormal things start to happen when its almost 3am?

  • OneGabuPunch
    OneGabuPunch   2 weeks ago

    You'd think at the first sight of corpses and quick loud sounds any other person would have left right away but not Glasses-kun.

  • Agam K.
    Agam K.   2 weeks ago

    When he said “if u ever mess wid me and marzia,we will take u out..marzia wil bite ur leg and i will scratch your face”I couldn’t think of anything but COUPLE GOALSi can say without any doubt that he mentions marzia once or twice everytime in his vids..These guys are literal goals! 😍😭

    VAN NGOC THIEN   2 weeks ago

    Every thing that ur seeing the ship happens the same way on the intro of the game ,adspecially the guy running with the gun is the same as the guy that tried to hunt u down in the intro

  • Samiul Kabir
    Samiul Kabir   2 weeks ago

    I don't get scared of jumpscares that much. But then pewdiepie's screaming scrares the fuck out of me

  • Zammil Zml
    Zammil Zml   2 weeks ago

    The ghost doing a T pose in the end to assert dominance

  • 綸
      2 weeks ago

    please japan. ʕ•ω•ʔ日本語字幕をつけてくださるとありがたいです!

  • Halee Poplin
    Halee Poplin   2 weeks ago

    Hello is anybody there? Ghost: YES im in the kitchen want me to make a sandwich

  • Daniel Ramírez
    Daniel Ramírez   2 weeks ago

    Pewdiepie be like I'm on my HONEY MOON playing horror games

  • Your Name
    Your Name   2 weeks ago

    Now i want to mess with them so Marzia would bite my leg and Felix would bite my another leg xD

  • Lucas BOBATH
    Lucas BOBATH   2 weeks ago

    Plz just continue the series minecraft is dead

  • Dreamaholic
    Dreamaholic   2 weeks ago

    these characters are just unlikeable