Twitch Girls be like... (Man of Medan Part 3)

  • Published on: 31 August 2019
  • Man of Medan:

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  • Runtime : 47:31
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  • shikalasha
    shikalasha   15 hours ago

    WTH OKAY IM PLANNING TO WATCH PEWDS VIDEOS AND FALL ASLEEP LIKE USUAL and then these videos scare me!!!I forgot it’s me first time watching

  • kohaku games
    kohaku games   2 days ago

    pewds: that is the questionme: whether tis nobler in the mind to suffer the slings and arrows of outrageous fortune or to take arms against a sea of troubles and by apposing end them to die to sleep no more and by a sleep to say we end the heartache and the thousand natural shocks there flesh is air to

  • Philip Rogeman
    Philip Rogeman   6 days ago

    Anyone's a gangsta til pewdiepie scratches your face

  • fried Burn
    fried Burn   1 weeks ago

    Pewds if ur confuse just go to controls so you understand the controls

  • Devon Ambrose
    Devon Ambrose   1 weeks ago

    Fliss just decided to activate my bigs fear when she went and put the coin in the machine... 🙃

  • Aly
    Aly   1 weeks ago

    *Brad tries to kill FlissPewdiepie: I mean it happens to everyone once in a while.

  • Aly
    Aly   1 weeks ago

    "Man I'm so lucky playing awesome games.That's my jo.......Tiddies!"

  • Aly
    Aly   1 weeks ago

    Brad becomes spiderman huh

  • Aly
    Aly   1 weeks ago

    "Is that Fluffies feet?"Its F-L-I-S-S

  • James
    James   1 weeks ago

    What do you guys think is better this game or Residant Evil 7

  • Silvia Maine
    Silvia Maine   1 weeks ago

    8:44 Swedish man: Heyyy! Hey potato on my snato- what the fricky doo-ku.. Can I.. l-sudoku?

  • Ege Kazak
    Ege Kazak   1 weeks ago

    She gets uglier the more it goes, go back to twitch! HAHAHAHAHA

  • Liam Jackson
    Liam Jackson   2 weeks ago

    Pewds: I'm so lucky . Playing awesome games... As mah job- gasp titties...

  • Amanda Marie
    Amanda Marie   2 weeks ago

    28:05 when the box moves in black ops 4 zombies

  • Zodiax Wave
    Zodiax Wave   2 weeks ago

    It’s currently 10:26 pm, why do I do this to myself? 😔

  • Harold Nicoles
    Harold Nicoles   2 weeks ago

    I am watching this at 2 am.😅😅😅😅😅😅 and i wantto use the bathroom and Hell no i am not going there.I would better pee myself 😆

  • Joshua Ciardelli
    Joshua Ciardelli   2 weeks ago

    I love your vids but when I played this you said too many simpish things. "Omg her shorts are too short" lol. <3

  • Briggita Betsy
    Briggita Betsy   2 weeks ago

    Julia aa aaaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa aaa *Elsa Frozen II

  • Semitex
    Semitex   3 weeks ago

    24:44 Look at the left side.

  • Juliana Melisse
    Juliana Melisse   3 weeks ago

    13:50 did he just sing the song into the unknown after calling

  • Ramiro Gandolfo
    Ramiro Gandolfo   3 weeks ago

    So people's souls that died on the boat stay on the boat, and then those ghosts start killing others, that in the same way become ghosts on the boatIsnt it like, awkward? Like they turn ghosts and then they see the ghost that killed them and they be like "hey"?

  • lily turner
    lily turner   1 months ago

    I dont like these characters as much as I liked until Dawn's characters, but I think it's funny that both mike AND comrad were douches in the beginning and brave genuine people later on.

  • lily turner
    lily turner   1 months ago

    20:15 pewdiepie dropping facts about the army and nationalism, periot

  • Jonah Lupien
    Jonah Lupien   1 months ago

    pewdiepie: this game has amazing graphics me: holy shit this is so creepy

  • LeeLa H
    LeeLa H   1 months ago

    27:10 teminds me of the ballroom scene in the movie Ghost Ship.Who are you looking at Pewdiepie? To the left of you?

  • Lis Ana Johansen
    Lis Ana Johansen   1 months ago

    “i’m so lucky that i get to play awesome games for my jo- titties”

  • Karl M
    Karl M   1 months ago

    Anyone notice the tiny ass leg room you have when using the toilet at 17:03?