Coyote Chasing 5-Year-Old Was Like ‘Watching a Horror Movie’

  • Published on: 25 September 2019
  • An Illinois girl got the scare of her young life as a coyote chased her around her yard. Surveillance video shows 5-year-old Christine playing in her driveway as unbeknownst to her the coyote begins following. Suddenly, Christine turns around and realizes what's going on behind her, and screams. “It came up and around the tree,” she told Inside Edition. “Then he chased me to the house and I screamed.” No one in the family had ever seen a coyote in their neighborhood, which is outside Chicago.
  • Runtime : 1:27
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  • ginger bread
    ginger bread   1 days ago

    Very lucky that dog was not a larger mature dog of 70 lbs..It would have easily taken her and taken her off in his grasp.Had there been two of these young 40 lbs dogs she would have been quickly dispatched by the dogs.I know of a 220 lb. Trapper that would have been out enduranced in a fight for his life with a large coyote had it not been for his sheath knife saving his life.

  • Only Frenchell
    Only Frenchell   2 days ago

    I don't believe he wanted to eat her, cause he could have got her if he really wanted to. Who knows what he wanted. She was lucky though.

  • Zad Ras
    Zad Ras   4 days ago

    Mom: My daughter almost got mauled to death giggle

  • jim h
    jim h   4 days ago

    This is why When you have a babyYou should always get a puppy.. Not a toy oneBut one like the size of a german shepard

  • Shane Cormier
    Shane Cormier   5 days ago

    Mom - Ok dear, tonight's bedtime story is 'Little red riding hood.' Daughter - aHHa

  • autumn storms
    autumn storms   6 days ago

    Her child was checking the mail... my lord people. I have 5 children. My 11 year old walks to and from school... on her own. The child was in the front yard. Not far from the deck.. on video. You do know there were just as many weirdos and abductions when we were growing up, you just didn’t hear about it like you do because of social media. We roamed and played. Our parents didn’t get shamed for allowing us to play outside but your going to shame mother for allowing her daughter to? Wow.

  • Pat Bowman
    Pat Bowman   6 days ago

    Pretty matter-of-fact kid! Happy she escaped physically unscathed.

  • Tim Tierney
    Tim Tierney   1 weeks ago

    1st Why is the 5 year old outside alone ? 2nd get that kid a dog ......

  • Ernesto Anaya
    Ernesto Anaya   1 weeks ago

    Ok they make the coyote sound like he this super evil child monster let's get it straight here these were once animals lands, let's not get started with that one. But as he or she was watching and following her, yes but I didn't see any signs of aggression, if he or she wanted to attack it would've attack I think the word " curious" is more appropriate was he looking for food it's possible yes, due to hieght of the girl maybe it thought she was a deer or a see smaller an animal of some sort, but til it got close think it notice the girl wasn't food, and it was close enough for an attack but he or she didn't

  • Samantha Gonzalez
    Samantha Gonzalez   1 weeks ago

    If that was me I would have first said wOw a wEiRd loOkiNg dOg

  • RusterRD
    RusterRD   1 weeks ago

    Showing us how she reacted was so cringy

  • jeff cw
    jeff cw   1 weeks ago

    Keep an eye on your kids.She just lucky it wasn't a real predator / pedo - tor

  • moua64
    moua64   1 weeks ago

    If the coyote wanted to eat her, it would have pounced on her and bit her neck right when it came out of the driveway. Damn, not every wild animal is set out to eat little white girls. It probably knows humans set out food and was curious.

  • Ken Marko
    Ken Marko   1 weeks ago

    Thats why its better to raise dogs... adopt a street dog and he/she will protect and love you forever... :)

  • JL CZ
    JL CZ   1 weeks ago

    So ...she was just walking alone ...outside?

  • K Iong
    K Iong   1 weeks ago

    So if a coyote was able to get this close and take her away, should be easy child molester

  • Marcos Guerra
    Marcos Guerra   1 weeks ago

    That's a deal with you city folks cowards afraid of their own Shadows you're lucky you're not Texas

  • Ismael Pacheco
    Ismael Pacheco   1 weeks ago

    oohh my GOD!..what it he going to do to you?...."eat me"!

  • Isabel Yaport
    Isabel Yaport   1 weeks ago

    First of all why she by herself alone outside

  • nvir
    nvir   1 weeks ago

    Coyote: today we enter the sting zone with a 5 year old girl

  • The Man In Black
    The Man In Black   1 weeks ago

    1:16 the guy said that like when someone is being sarcastic and someone sez something obvious 😂

  • Jay Cash
    Jay Cash   1 weeks ago

    She screamed and I got scared! Goddam kid needs timeout! Library voice kiddo!

  • Metro Mmdk
    Metro Mmdk   1 weeks ago

    🐷🐷🐷JUST LIKE COPS TODAY🐷🐷👮👮👮👮🤑🤑🤑🤑🤑🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷🐷👮👮👮👮👮👮👮👮

  • Zavontae Holmes
    Zavontae Holmes   1 weeks ago

    Look like the coyote just wanted to play on the swing to me. I don’t see the problem 🤷🏽‍♂️