What Is Something?

  • Published on: 23 December 2015
  • What is something? On the most fundamental level thinkable, what are things? Why are things? And why do things behave the way they do?

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    What is something?

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  • Runtime : 5:34
  • particle physics physics something funny wtf particle everything quarks bosons electron leptons universe human field higgs game 2015 space star earth death life sleep question standart modell quantum mechanics atom molecule ai


  • yemi
    yemi   1 days ago

    the univeris made of a mix of something and nothing 🍄

  • AtomicMan 1000
    AtomicMan 1000   1 days ago

    What is empty made of ? I have been asking this question for a long time.

  • Danny Kirby
    Danny Kirby   3 days ago

    And where did they come from? 😜 God. The bible says that Jesus created all things , and all things are held together by Him. The more we learn about these kind of things the more we see the awesome power of Jesus. I encourage you to read the bible and learn about , and meet the creator of all things. He's wanting you that's why He gives us the ability to see His attributes in all things. 😉

  • Khalid Nezami
    Khalid Nezami   3 days ago

    Amazing lesson, except that if you mean by the rules of the universe the laws of nature, then they are much wider than just governing forces, the four forces are interactions carried by particles and not laws of nature, both matter and force are governed by the laws of nature, the laws of nature are the universal patterns we find in all that happens in the universe.

  • BmW
    BmW   5 days ago

    Neurons and protons are made of quarks which are made of negative and positive energy which are made from nothing

  • Sodere Ethio
    Sodere Ethio   6 days ago

    the answer for any question we may ask about the existence of anything, can ALWAYS be followed up infinitely with a why question! .. so it sims like there is actually no definite answer to every possible questions we ask! the universe might be infinitely complex after all!

  • Mohamed Medo
    Mohamed Medo   1 weeks ago

    These are the questions that keep me up at 3 AM

  • Arindam Bhowmik
    Arindam Bhowmik   1 weeks ago

    Kurt whats your aim!in life! Behind the freelance voice.. Or?

  • Anelza Yo
    Anelza Yo   1 weeks ago

    But what causes disturbances in those fields?

  • Justified Gaming
    Justified Gaming   1 weeks ago

    HOW DARE YOU ASSUME I'M ON A COMPUTER! I'm on an android

  • Akela 27
    Akela 27   1 weeks ago

    How big is the universes ssd card memory?

  • DeadLine.-.
    DeadLine.-.   1 weeks ago

    Info graphic show makes daily vids and you make 4 every year what!!?

  • Collin Phillips
    Collin Phillips   1 weeks ago

    Zoom in a black hole will you find what used to be there or nothing or or something else entirely?Is it even a thing?

  • Colin Beaton
    Colin Beaton   2 weeks ago

    "What is something?!" 2019: "it's better than nothing!"

    SKY BIE BOY   2 weeks ago

    They all say "You are matter"But nobody said"You matter"

  • Unbox r
    Unbox r   2 weeks ago

    where is this universe???

  • Daniel Gillard
    Daniel Gillard   2 weeks ago

    I have no idea what tf you are talking about but I still really enjoy watching haha

  • Terra Asara
    Terra Asara   2 weeks ago

    But what is "NOTHING"Void?Black hole?

  • CosmoTronic
    CosmoTronic   3 weeks ago

    3:19 Y'all really didn't just see my man cheating I can't stand for this. He used a photon for gravity smh