What Is Something?

  • Published on: 23 December 2015
  • What is something? On the most fundamental level thinkable, what are things? Why are things? And why do things behave the way they do?

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    What is something?

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  • Runtime : 5:34
  • particle physics physics something funny wtf particle everything quarks bosons electron leptons universe human field higgs game 2015 space star earth death life sleep question standart modell quantum mechanics atom molecule ai


  • __0_
    __0_   14 hours ago

    What Is Something Love ?

  • João Leote
    João Leote   2 days ago

    Me: *Reads title*Also me: Aw shit, here we go again into an existential crisis

  • Jason Learakos
    Jason Learakos   2 days ago

    Something is a thing that is not nothing. Answered.

  • Canem Cave
    Canem Cave   3 days ago

    we are always so conclusive with any statement of our knowledge, atoms were the smallest elements, now elementary particles are.. likelihood is universe in the small or the large is infinite, there is no elementary particles, just like atoms we'll probably discover they are made up of other things and these new smaller things will be made up of even smaller things to infinity.This will also happen the other way, there is no limit to the size of systems in the universe, what we thought was empty we'll probably discover it wasn't and there are further things and bigger also. What we see and don't see is just a limitation of the technology used.Personally, I think this is the trick of the simulation, look closer or farther and you can find more and more, to infinity. Because an algorithm can generate more and more apparent reality, without actual limits.

  • Slime and Stuff
    Slime and Stuff   6 days ago

    If we wipe everything clean there is something, nothing

  • Moonlight blade
    Moonlight blade   1 weeks ago

    That is too much data for human to realise in 5 minutes

  • Steve Adamo
    Steve Adamo   1 weeks ago

    I trip out on how he says particles".

  • Wan Muaz Hurayth Wan Muhd Hisham

    what human made of? and who is the first human? answer: human made of clean dirts , first human on earth is prophet Adam he is the first human on earth so prophet Adam made clean dirt for details search the prophet Adam on youtube

  • Ahmed Elshazly
    Ahmed Elshazly   1 weeks ago

    I repeated this video three times and now I understanded it now.

  • mary a
    mary a   1 weeks ago

    2:30 - 2:32 You don't know me,I'm not procrastinating at all.It's for knowledge.

  • MasterQL5
    MasterQL5   2 weeks ago

    What is Nothing?How can something not be a thing?

  • Sugar Waves
    Sugar Waves   2 weeks ago

    if you could not understand video on first watch, you are absolutely nothing

  • HotGamezzz
    HotGamezzz   2 weeks ago

    Why do things happen? And why do things happen?

  • Drakonus
    Drakonus   2 weeks ago

    "Deep thoughts with Kurzgesagt"

  • RhangDao
    RhangDao   2 weeks ago

    Did I accidentally click Vsauce

  • Zul Fazli
    Zul Fazli   2 weeks ago

    you are basically nothing more than a disturbance..

  • Grammar Not I Has
    Grammar Not I Has   2 weeks ago

    "you are basically nothing more than disturbances"well i'm actually a really cool set of disturbances tyvm!

    JuuPOPS ENGRAVED   2 weeks ago

    I can't pay so I don't skip videos v.v supporting however I can

  • Syad
    Syad   2 weeks ago

    That feed my curiosity, my curiosity almost stuffed but not yet

  • PhipPhlop
    PhipPhlop   2 weeks ago

    2:30 im sitting here lounging in my chair eating a pizza with a tab open that reads "essay" due tommorow

  • Chris Russell
    Chris Russell   2 weeks ago

    nothing really matters...anyone can see.nothing really matters....to meeeeee.....

  • Kindlesmith80
    Kindlesmith80   2 weeks ago

    Nothing (the absence of something and everything) is broad and impossible. There will always be something.Even space cannot be considered nothingness as there is something out there.

  • hanFstoned
    hanFstoned   2 weeks ago

    Hmm a stoned thought, while having also game of life in mind!At the base everything boson, lepton, quarks or even strings and anything which might be discovered underlies the rules of logical operands, which cant be seperated further! These logical operands like in informatics and/or/xor/xand etc are the base for the rules... so if you want to understand the game and its rules (metaforically for universal laws in science) you have to understand the base. F.e. for all programmers out here, try to imagine another logical operand which cant be replaced or simulated by another ;)

  • Esteban Arias
    Esteban Arias   2 weeks ago

    I have watched and rewatched all of these channel's videos so many times...they make me feel at peace with myself and gives me energy to move forward despite all the hardships life throws at me (be it my wife screaming at me, or the stress of being unable to pay all the bills, or having a hard time finding a job). Thanks to all of you guys who work on this beautiful kind of art. Art that overflows with dedication, joy and emotion.

  • Zachary Greenberg
    Zachary Greenberg   2 weeks ago

    Breaking news: bird can’t sleep so Kurgestagt asks “What is something”

  • imagine
    imagine   2 weeks ago

    So you're saying I came out a of sack in my mother, grew and lost a number of teeth, went to school for more than 12 years, fell in love, experienced happiness, sadness and a whole bunch of other emotions and worried about the future all because I'm "Basically nothing more than disturbances on an ocean, excited by energy and guided by forces that make up the rules of the universe."

  • Kai Swift
    Kai Swift   2 weeks ago

    You actually had me bursting with ideas to re-create the universe.I am inevitable

  • Donald J. trump POTUS

    Nothing is the absence of everything. It’s just a delusional example given by us Through ages. No wonder those people were wrong.

  • Talmeha Khurrum
    Talmeha Khurrum   2 weeks ago

    Kurgesagt:the computer you are using to distract yourself from things you should be doing Me:ha I am using a mobile phone to watch this