Anime Logic That Makes NO SENSE

  • Published on: 14 October 2019
  • Anime Logic That Makes NO SENSE! You ever watch an anime and see some weird cartoon logic that just doesn't make sense? Leave a Like if you enjoyed! WATCH Amazing Miniature Food Subscribe to join the Wolf Pack and enable notifications

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  • Runtime : 10:1
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  • Xaina 2828
    Xaina 2828   2 hours ago

    Tyga & Ryuji from ToraDora sat right dab smack in the middle of the class room tho...

  • Nico Sama
    Nico Sama   3 hours ago

    Imagine id this all you got to do to make your living

  • milktoast
    milktoast   5 hours ago

    no one:not a single soul:ssniperwolf: har oo hii

  • Smøre
    Smøre   6 hours ago

    Yes, we get it haruiw is a girl

  • Layla Castillo
    Layla Castillo   1 days ago

    if u want an anime that has alot of episodes try voltron it has 8 seasons =_= just 1000 episodes more and im finished.

  • Allugaattori
    Allugaattori   1 days ago

    My fav anime1.Death note2. One punch man3. Kakegurui4. Attack on Titan 5. Silent voice

  • Sylvia Bird Yu in
    Sylvia Bird Yu in   1 days ago

    Sssniperwolf it's me ninja Taylor 77 I'm one of your biggest friend

  • Yo Liu
    Yo Liu   1 days ago

    My fav anime is ONE PIECE and ONE PUNCH MAN!

  • Serenityland
    Serenityland   1 days ago

    Shut up Naruto is awesome you do not have to read to talk crap about it!

  • 7wolf4 AJ
    7wolf4 AJ   1 days ago

    The thing with people who love anime is that they act like everybody should know every single bio or gender in the fandom.

  • wolf chick
    wolf chick   1 days ago

    Kakashi doesn't blow fire through his mouth he he does it with his fingers (HE AINT A DRAGON)

  • leinday 2099
    leinday 2099   1 days ago

    My favorite anime Is Boruto - Naruto The Next Gereraicion's

    ANGRY AMERICAN   1 days ago

    B-but Grandma Tsunade uses a special jutsu to stay looking young. ;w;

  • Gojeta Xeno
    Gojeta Xeno   2 days ago

    That anime made a joke about skirt not working with gravity, watch (noucome)

  • pIpI at The Rabbit Hole

    When a anime character is sad they probably waiting for days so it can rain. By the time it rains they are probably over it but they have to take because REASONS☺👍

  • laqtose 개년
    laqtose 개년   2 days ago

    You disrespectful, Haruhi is a girlany host ouran club fans out here?

  • Cookie Dragon
    Cookie Dragon   2 days ago

    Love your videos and hope you have a good day and my favorite anime in yu gi oh

  • Ashlyn Animates
    Ashlyn Animates   2 days ago

    My favorite anime is My hero academia and my favorite is deku and todoroki ( •͈ᴗ•͈)

  • Zoey Apps
    Zoey Apps   2 days ago

    I shall never watch anime again cuz of this video 😖

  • Amilcar Lopez
    Amilcar Lopez   2 days ago

    But the granny, the one with the dimand on her fourhead is called lady tusnade and she uses a jutsu to make her look younger

  • 4n1m3 4 l1f3
    4n1m3 4 l1f3   3 days ago

    But not in bleach....well a few but not Ichigo...