UFC Fight Flashback: Woodley vs Thompson 1 [Full Episode]

  • Published on: 01 March 2017
  • At the historic UFC 205 event in New York City, welterweight champion Tyron Woodley defended his freshly-earned title against devastating kickboxer Stephen “Wonderboy” Thompson. UFC Fight Flashback is an enhanced replay of their memorable bout, featuring never-before-seen footage and exclusive new sound captured from all corners. Beginning with their arrivals at the famed Madison Square Garden all the way through the post-fight press conference, you’ll see the epic clash from all new-perspectives -- including the chaos that ensued inside the Octagon when the shocking decision was read.
  • Runtime : 21:51
  • ufc fight flashback tyron woodley stephen thompson 209 welterweight mma pass ultimate fighting championship


  • Erald Hysaj
    Erald Hysaj   18 hours ago

    No one shows more respect than a karate master

  • billy nuts
    billy nuts   2 days ago

    Don't forget to point out in this "flashback" that this fight was one of the worst and inactive title fights in UFC history! Wootley (Only spelling it how he says it) is a punk, and was NEVER going to be the "best"! Glad Usman wrestle fucked him! Even though I don't like crotch sniffers, but anything's better than hearing Wootley talk! Now if Oliveira fucks up Kevin Lee in their upcoming fight, I'll be happy!

  • Irving Ramirez
    Irving Ramirez   3 days ago

    It’s official dude is the captain America of the UFC

  • Dire
    Dire   3 days ago

    For me, the most epic fight in ufc

  • Pascal Jersier
    Pascal Jersier   3 days ago

    Stephen Wonderboy 57-0 in kick boxing Thompson get superman punched to high heaven , i begin to doubt karate kick boxing

  • Pascal Jersier
    Pascal Jersier   3 days ago

    And then you wonder , how good Kamaru Marty Usman is ???

  • 5p4rtan
    5p4rtan   4 days ago

    To follow this fight up with the horrible, boring Woodley Thompson II is criminal.

  • Abc C
    Abc C   5 days ago

    Twood vs wonderboy 1 was a draw. Jones vs gustaffson 1 was a draw.

  • AS
    AS   6 days ago

    What a beautiful fight.

  • D j
    D j   1 weeks ago

    Wonderboy won.

  • D j
    D j   1 weeks ago

    Take down, take down, soooo boring. Yeah you're strong. Only strong ones were brought over.

  • Colin Webster J
    Colin Webster J   1 weeks ago

    No one believes in the chosen one more than the chosen one 🤣🤣🤣

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills   1 weeks ago

    There is no such thing as a draw in a fight like this. Wonder boy won by out pointing him

  • Michael Mills
    Michael Mills   1 weeks ago

    How did I miss this fight? They didn't promote kid at all on YouTube! This was a DOG FIGHT!

  • Drew
    Drew   1 weeks ago

    Not enough respect for Woodley in this comment section. I get it Thompson persevered, but Tyrone fought incredibly well against a guy who's practically walked over almost everyone else. And you guys are also acting like Tyrone didn't have to dig deep.

  • crabby daddy
    crabby daddy   1 weeks ago

    Woodley walking off the bus like his boyfriend just finally convinced him to tell his wife that he's gay and leaving her for a man

  • A X
    A X   1 weeks ago

    Usman will kill jorge

  • Frank Stidham
    Frank Stidham   1 weeks ago

    Thompson is a nice guy & great warrior. Shouldn't help The other fighter up till the fight is over. You burn energy & spare the tired fighters energy.

  • Thejan Rudy
    Thejan Rudy   1 weeks ago

    Wonderboy won this fight easily. Rounds 2,3 and 5 were nothing but Wonderboy. Tyquill Woodley landed like 4 punches combined in those rounds.

  • Omar Abdul-Malik DHEd, MPAS, PA-C

    Peace be to you all! Who's been watching MMA since the early 90s, when it was this crazy fringe, and guys like the Gracie brothers were dominant? This sport has really grown! The calibre of athlete is SO NEXT-LEVEL! I hope the guys start getting professional boxing-level pay. BTW, I'd like to see McGregor go against one of these guys before he fights Usman or Masvidal. What do you guys think?🤔😊❤🥊🥋🤼🏾‍♂️

  • Greay Statia
    Greay Statia   1 weeks ago

    Ufc the most epic thing ever.. this shit had me cryin😢🔥

  • A M
    A M   1 weeks ago

    Wonderboy have won lots of hearts after this fight. Its does not matter that belt. Respect brother.

  • Cedric Nora
    Cedric Nora   1 weeks ago

    When they got up from that Guillotine and Woodley clapped that shit gave me goosebumps

  • eye
    eye   1 weeks ago

    Wonderboy is indeed pure warrior breed.

  • Xzotic Gas
    Xzotic Gas   1 weeks ago

    Nigha they cheated my mans wonderboy🙁 fuck black history month 😪

  • 2Stroke Tyson
    2Stroke Tyson   1 weeks ago

    Why was it so hard for them to understand Woodley didnt win he got the Majority draw2 judges had it even that alone says you dont win! do we not understand how the judging system works? 3 judges only one had Woodley winning the other 2 had it even 2 out of 3 is the Majority lol

  • Mystic Warrior
    Mystic Warrior   2 weeks ago

    I boxed for two years but HATED getting hit on the nose but enjoyed the thrill of beating the crap out of my opponent