I Spent 24 Hours in Korea with No Money

  • Published on: 16 June 2019
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    In this week’s video, Thomas decides to see if it would be possible to survive on the streets of Seoul, South Korea with no money for 24 hours.

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    Hosts: Thomas Brag, Ammar Kandil, Matt Dajer
    Editors: Thomas Brag, Thomas Dajer, Cam Peddle, Marshall Hodge
  • Runtime : 12:56
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  • 김세연
    김세연   14 hours ago

    불법을 자랑스럽게 동영상을 올렸네

  • Sahan Wijeratne
    Sahan Wijeratne   3 days ago

    Who else wanna fly to Korea just to give a hug to Ho Yun (or how ever his name is spelt)♥️ amazing episode Yes Theory 👍🏼♥️

  • 와플
    와플   3 days ago

    아주 미친놈이네. 한국엥 왔응면 징강 한국엉를 썽양징..ㅋㅋ타국 국민들이 영어를 상용항길 방랑는 모습..ㅈㄴ잉깅적이다 당싱는 옹징말길:)

  • lyric mood
    lyric mood   4 days ago

    Anyone know what that blueberry bread is called?😭🤤

  • Seoul Arena Pub
    Seoul Arena Pub   4 days ago

    Many replies tell me the fact that many trashs to be cleaned up are on the earth.

  • yujeong kim
    yujeong kim   5 days ago

    why don't you speak Korean even though you travel in Korea. you should at least try to use a translator if can't speak Korean.

  • shahan Saidy
    shahan Saidy   6 days ago

    Oh C'mon u seriously think Canadian would say no , and like to mention that Korean guy he really is a good guy , people around him wouldn't feel heavy

  • Matthew Choe
    Matthew Choe   6 days ago

    Just think how many people in your country would help Korean people if they speak in Korean and require some stuffs for free. https://youtu.be/JhVglMYil5U https://youtu.be/4KPQY6Q0IRo

  • no to RACISM
    no to RACISM   1 weeks ago

    Please can you meet him again and you never ask his name bro I fell ahhh I don no

  • RoAsTy CaT
    RoAsTy CaT   1 weeks ago

    every no money challenge there's always a party like if you approve

  • 남주현
    남주현   1 weeks ago

    There are too many broke foreigners in Korea who ask for money from the locals and laugh at us for being so dumb enough to give money and food in Seoul. I hope this video has nothing to do with those ungrateful people. (Sry English isnt my first language)

  • mini mini
    mini mini   1 weeks ago

    I'm also korean. Most korean is so kind.

  • Henry Chung
    Henry Chung   1 weeks ago

    wait... I'm Korean and I've been to Korea. But don't those bus cards cost money?

  • yash rawal
    yash rawal   1 weeks ago

    In India it is very very easy 😊 I will

  • Jordan Ibe
    Jordan Ibe   1 weeks ago

    Him: I wont have anywhere to sleep.... That korean man: now im gonna do what's called a pro gamer move

  • Khalil Wilkinson
    Khalil Wilkinson   1 weeks ago

    Yes Theory you should do this again but if you find someone amazing like this you should give them $500 or something at the end.

  • Jian Oca
    Jian Oca   1 weeks ago

    I always get anxious when he asks someone to help him

  • Ayo Morris
    Ayo Morris   2 weeks ago

    You could have used google translate.

  • abbas ahmed
    abbas ahmed   2 weeks ago

    The age of empires music worth the like.

  • Jen Cruz
    Jen Cruz   2 weeks ago

    It makes me soooo happy to see such kind people! :)

  • Jaadi K
    Jaadi K   2 weeks ago

    Can you buy anything here the cheapest one here She: we’re not feeling comfortable with this fk🤣

  • 지혜Lex
    지혜Lex   2 weeks ago

    “i think you are starving, right?” 🥺🥺

  • Nguyen Trinh
    Nguyen Trinh   2 weeks ago

    I think staying in pagodas can also be a good suggestion if you wanna spent 24 hours with no money :D

  • Yifan BI
    Yifan BI   2 weeks ago

    You guys should bring that guy to US and have him spend 24 hours with y’all in LA

  • 1sie
    1sie   2 weeks ago

    This korean guy is incredible, such a kind good man

  • Mr.Cat_Boi Of_Soviet_Russia

    If I was the dude in fance and in Korea with the dude’s new friends I would always go and visit them and always stay in contact

  • David Rahawarin
    David Rahawarin   2 weeks ago

    I think you are starving right ?Tom : yeah, i'm a little hungry lolllll

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay   2 weeks ago

    To be Mr. Beast's friend is to have an enriched bank account To be Yes Theory's friend is to have an enriched life I made my choice of which lifestyle I want to pursue. Either with the OG or anyone who was inspired to do the same, I want to make meaningful connections with as many people as possible.

  • Yik Long Tay
    Yik Long Tay   2 weeks ago

    This guy is friendly, charismatic, and has an interesting job. This is a friend that you must absolutely ring up the next time you are in Seoul.