Sean Salisbury on the Calmness & Poise of Patrick Mahomes | The Dan Patrick Show | 1/13/20

  • Published on: 13 January 2020
  • Runtime : 2:45
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  • skippers beloved
    skippers beloved   3 weeks ago

    Salisberry ? Wtf !!!! I thought that dude felt up the tits of some inturn in an ESPN room ? Who cares what this fuc has to say !!

  • Sanchez Sanchez
    Sanchez Sanchez   4 weeks ago

    Almost as he the MVP whoever rode that you're a jackass this guy special is the MVP drinks on me

  • Mamiya Fan
    Mamiya Fan   4 weeks ago

    "I noticed his demeanor" wtf? Dude, we play/watch football to get away from judgemental, upper crust people like you who use words such as "demeanor" to keep others down. gtfo of here

  • Mohicans
    Mohicans   1 months ago

    The epic run against the titans doesn't get enough praise. He bunny-hop out the reach of one Dlinemen then went right into a shoulder hesitation to elude another Dlinemen. Switches hand with the ball like a running back on the sideline only to switch it back right before the goal line. Hit the spin cycle, takes the contact and still score. C'mon man.

  • Joaquin Solis
    Joaquin Solis   2 months ago

    One step up? Mahomes is leaps and bounds better than most qbs

  • Palmer Organic Farms
    Palmer Organic Farms   2 months ago

    Chief's are on a run...They are hitting the top of there game, at the right moment in the season.. it's perfect..

  • Cameron Davis
    Cameron Davis   2 months ago

    Still waiting for someone to tell me what the weakness of Mahomes is.

  • Robert Settle
    Robert Settle   2 months ago

    #15 Patrick Mahomes is the true MVP this year 2019 not Lamar Jackson. TRUTH!!!!!!!Nothing but!!! WORD!!!

  • Banks6060 60
    Banks6060 60   2 months ago

    Bill O’Brien and his staff were coaching scared. They panicked. Every team that plays the Chiefs desperately fears that-that will happen to them. It’s happened twice this season.People don’t understand what’s happening. Mahomes is from the damn

  • mars laredo
    mars laredo   2 months ago

    Kelcie at times was doubled. The thing is Mahomes & his receivers are good at extending plays.

  • Fanboy 3k
    Fanboy 3k   2 months ago

    They had tried double coverage on Kelce and still couldn't stop him.

  • C N
    C N   2 months ago

    Never been much of a Dan Patrick fan, but I understand why he deserves to be a legit member of sports media. That being said, you lose all credibility when you have a simple-minded clown like Salisbury on the show.

  • qazi faisal
    qazi faisal   2 months ago

    There was two guys on Kelsey at one point there was three and he still caught passes with a hamstring issue.

  • WinterSoldier LTE
    WinterSoldier LTE   2 months ago

    Just like Chiefs vs. Rams last year, this game was game of the year for me. If only the Superbowl is as exciting as either of those games...