Try Not To Touch Challenge (ft. Rescue Animals! | Best Friends)

  • Published on: 04 September 2019
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    Try Not To Touch Challenge (ft. Rescue Animals! | Best Friends)
  • Runtime : 13:31
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    REACT   9 months ago

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  • Edward Brittain
    Edward Brittain   3 days ago

    if haley gives her pets a vegan diet, i will make her repent and perish

  • Amber Li
    Amber Li   6 days ago

    Nobody:Eric: kiTtEnS aRe liKe fLuFfY wOrMs

  • Tomás tomas
    Tomás tomas   1 weeks ago

    The blizzards do come out because I got in trouble one time because I flipped it upside down and my cousin saw me do it...and then she did it and hers fell out....and got in trouble for what I did...

  • OptimusPr1me Ok_boomer

    Once you see the animal looks at you first on your mind your like I AM THE CHOsEN ONe

  • Raffi Aqmal
    Raffi Aqmal   1 weeks ago

    Is it just me that tom looks like max griffo

  • Layla Alicea
    Layla Alicea   1 weeks ago

    I really want a kitty or a doggy but I can't because I'm 10 ;w;. But I will not get one because of my little brothers they don't let go or kitty that is a little kitty she is black and her eyes are orange even I'm trying to protect her ;w;

  • Destiny Mendez
    Destiny Mendez   1 weeks ago

    Me and my family went to adopt a dog and his name was foggy but now it’s milo

  • Jakub Kotýk
    Jakub Kotýk   1 weeks ago

    What is so amazing on ice cream not dropping out of the bucket? It is frozen, ofc it won't drop... You act like you discovered something new.

  • soso saso
    soso saso   2 weeks ago

    I wish I can but my bro can’t be near fur cuz he’s to sick and I love animals

  • Lauren Arigo
    Lauren Arigo   2 weeks ago

    As a New Yorker the can crushing destroys my sole. You can’t return the cans if they are crushed.

  • amanda Burkett
    amanda Burkett   2 weeks ago

    I have seven cats and I cannot imagine my life without them I love them

  • Rameen Ali
    Rameen Ali   2 weeks ago

    I would have touched everything and not care punishment.

  • King Rahzar
    King Rahzar   3 weeks ago

    Tom almost sounds like Jon leguizamo (I'm sorry if I spelled wrong) a bit

  • Shaffanah Diah
    Shaffanah Diah   3 weeks ago

    Is Noah and Labib related because they look so alike.

  • Churchill Wang
    Churchill Wang   3 weeks ago

    Adoptable pets: WalksPeople: OMYGAWDSHESWALKING!!!

  • Faolan Wulf
    Faolan Wulf   3 weeks ago

    did anyone notice the camera echo at 10:53?

  • B-Art Rainbow
    B-Art Rainbow   3 weeks ago

    I'm always dead when they're already having fun and then *BUZZ*

  • Milly
    Milly   3 weeks ago

    If i was in this i would be like fuck it imma tuch every thing

  • Ashley Selvig
    Ashley Selvig   1 months ago

    I just adopted a for week old puppy from new Orleans

  • AliSakurai
    AliSakurai   1 months ago

    There's something oddly satisfying about watching Californians flip over a blizzard and getting ecstatic over how it doesnt fall.

  • MrRaziel25
    MrRaziel25   1 months ago

    i swear mikaela is born with absolute beauty and elegance <3

  • Swimkim
    Swimkim   1 months ago

    Omg wait the kids should do this!!

  • Swimkim
    Swimkim   1 months ago

    Omg Eric's so funny lol

  • Plying Duchess63
    Plying Duchess63   1 months ago

    One time a DQ employee got the blizzard all over me so tHaT wAsNt eMbArRaSsInG aT AlL

  • Alex Violet
    Alex Violet   1 months ago

    Oh my a puppy can be 10 month wow I thought the dog be 10 month

  • Julie Tong
    Julie Tong   1 months ago

    Oh but I have a puppy is a shih tzu it cute and crazy. Oh a kitty cat i want kitty hey dude why are so sick with kitty cat like my dad.