WWE Star Asuka Eats Japanese Eel | Gochi Gang

  • Published on: 10 December 2019
  • Eel is one of the most traditional ingredients in Japanese cooking. But in the U.S., the delicacy is still largely misunderstood. On this episode of Gochi Gang, Reina Scully is embarking on an eel-eating adventure. First, Chef Hiroki Fukushima gives Reina a crash course in the preparation of unagi, or freshwater eel, at Unagi Aburi Ittetsu. And later, Reina teams up with WWE superstar and sushi obsessive Asuka for an omakase experience centered around anago, unagi's saltwater cousin. Will this deep-dive into the fascinating world of Japanese eel give Asuka the strength she needs to win her next fight? Find out on an all-new episode of Gochi Gang.

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  • Runtime : 17:51
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  • The Man
    The Man   11 hours ago

    Honey when are coming to see me in Michigan

  • Ralph Stuivenwold
    Ralph Stuivenwold   22 hours ago

    WWE? So more like an actor than a true athlete (any real sport/ufc)?

  • Sentient Pickle
    Sentient Pickle   2 days ago

    why does Reina look like a Japanese Kate Hudson to me?

  • MrRiddler6
    MrRiddler6   3 days ago

    this video threw me into a hugh loop when it said present by the NFL

  • kumo1963
    kumo1963   3 days ago


  • 아슥하
    아슥하   5 days ago

    카나는 아나고를 좋아하는구만!

  • Lennon John
    Lennon John   1 weeks ago


  • tony gilbert
    tony gilbert   1 weeks ago

    We have tons of eels in the us vary easy to catch and tasty

  • JC M
    JC M   1 weeks ago

    Asuka is Bae #facts

  • Ruby Winters
    Ruby Winters   1 weeks ago

    Fuck the chef really smart isn't it. This chef not just techniques and flavors but the inside them like fats proteins and with their behaviours environments and how those can affect their body etc. That's superb. IntelligentThis kind of chef seriously wants to feed you the best for your body that think far it'll affect your body move brain and age, not just for money and garbage useless foods that just spam your body.No wonder they can live long, I mean my grandma 94 too and their long age populations there too

  • the gothic pirate
    the gothic pirate   1 weeks ago

    Auska for hot ones, that would be the most hilarious and entertaining hot ones episode ever lol please make it happen, you will not regret it haha

  • sometime blue
    sometime blue   1 weeks ago


  • 新吾
    新吾   2 weeks ago

    華名ちゃん 食べると、本当に、美味しそうなんだよな! キンチョ~る してたけどな😃

  • King Kang
    King Kang   2 weeks ago

    Her japanese voice sounds much better and genuine than her American accent

  • metalfaust19
    metalfaust19   2 weeks ago

    Eel is really really good. I find it kind of weird though that eel as a food didn't carry over from Europe to North America very well...eel, cooked a variety of ways, is quite popular in a lot of European countries and has been for centuries if not millennia.The way the Japanese cook it and sauce it is one of a kind though. It is the best. This is one of those foods I would daily if I could afford to.

  • 勝沼紳一
    勝沼紳一   3 weeks ago


  • elemeno82002
    elemeno82002   4 weeks ago

    trust and believe when it's safe to go back outside i'm going to find the Unagi Aburi Ittetsu restaurant. I've been on the street where it's located several times but I didn't know about this place so I never went when I had the chance 😭😭.

  • Serjohn
    Serjohn   1 months ago

    i used to watch the blonde girl in college she is always happy

  • Jose Gaspar
    Jose Gaspar   1 months ago

    Anyone know what song they played in the end?

  • Joe Seph
    Joe Seph   1 months ago

    That thing was still alive

  • Mac Dre
    Mac Dre   1 months ago

    Omggg I’m sorry..Ur both beautiful but I can’t eat Eel or snake or bat or anything else...I’d love to show you my Massage skills though😘😘😘....

  • Mac Dre
    Mac Dre   1 months ago

    Damnnnnnn....Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful....I’m jealous, I love Miss ASUKA, I am definitely ready for you!!! 🙏🏽😘

  • KorveN EX
    KorveN EX   1 months ago

    Gracias por invitar a nuestra querida asuka - Kana chan 💕Like desde México 👍 🇲🇽 ♥ 🇯🇵

  • Uma Chan
    Uma Chan   1 months ago

    I love unagi. It's a shame that it's not better known over here.

  • Nick Soapdish
    Nick Soapdish   1 months ago

    This food looks so yummy 😋 I just ate, but watching this is making me hungary again.

  • V Barle
    V Barle   1 months ago

    My girl was having an out of body experience with that unagi 😍😂😂😂

  • Riley Holden
    Riley Holden   1 months ago

    Asuka is a very beautiful woman hubba hubba