Minecraft just became 10x better! - Part 32

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • Trying out the Elytra in minecraft for the first time flying epicly
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  • Runtime : 19:35


  • Strawberry Pie
    Strawberry Pie   3 hours ago

    Felix: gets elytra THIS IS THE BEST DAY IN MY LIFE!!!!!His wife: Am I a joke to you?

  • sebastian silvio
    sebastian silvio   14 hours ago

    When is he going to find out u can’t take off with rockets

  • Princessshir101 AJ
    Princessshir101 AJ   23 hours ago

    PewDiePie: Building a giant meatballMe: Trying to find my first diamond

  • Noah Burnham
    Noah Burnham   1 days ago

    When you eat spaghetti :) this comment has nothing to do with the video

  • Bogusz Mąkowski
    Bogusz Mąkowski   1 days ago

    Pewds: I don't like putting Joergen in minecarts"Everybody: Vietnam flachbacks

  • Avijit Biswas
    Avijit Biswas   1 days ago

    And if you want to fly you can make a elytra launcher

  • Ash Shame
    Ash Shame   1 days ago

    One simple solution: stop toying with Redstone and using pets as test subjects!

  • Xzavier B
    Xzavier B   1 days ago

    The look on sven’s face when his BF died

  • SuperWhinz
    SuperWhinz   2 days ago

    What theeee pewdipie why will you kill svan bf and son noo!!!!

  • Redh Wan
    Redh Wan   2 days ago

    look i am a fan of you but you killed svan gf

  • David Vuga
    David Vuga   3 days ago

    This was the closest to Sven dying and ending the series

  • Ghosty
    Ghosty   3 days ago

    I guess bengt is married to that diamond

  • Jack Fransen
    Jack Fransen   3 days ago

    Pewdiepie: ‘’Minecraft just became 10x better’’Me: puts the video speed at 10x

  • Beyblade Rox
    Beyblade Rox   3 days ago

    Felix:Crying his eyes outSven:Ummmmmmm?????

  • Venix Games
    Venix Games   4 days ago

    RIP Svens BF 😭😭😭❤😔😣😣

  • D' G G
    D' G G   4 days ago

    Minecraft is the favorite of my kids then after asking to have a dog...now i know why!

  • Mozammel Mahmud
    Mozammel Mahmud   4 days ago

    02:20 PewDiePie has discovered the 2nd person view of gaming.

  • Brian Zweifel
    Brian Zweifel   4 days ago

    can we please have a moment of silence for sven's bf?

  • Teodor Batori
    Teodor Batori   4 days ago

    16:46 fortnite players be like omg bounce pads

  • Alex Rock
    Alex Rock   5 days ago

    how many god damn fathers does felix have?