25 TINY New Updates to Improve Minecraft 1.14

  • Published on: 15 August 2019
  • More INCREDIBLE New Features / New Updates Minecraft Should have!
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    Welcome back to another Quark mod video! Dang, it has been a very long time since I last made a video on the Minecraft quark mod. For those of you who don't know what this is... Quark is a mod that adds new minecraft updates that the game really needs. These include tons of features we've covered in the past from new mobs, new blocks and even new emotes! This is one of the best minecraft mods out there and may even rival your minecraft 1.14 experience!

    Today, I will showcase some off these new features that minecraft needs! Including the horse whistle, chains, dirt paths, better farming, and a new way to place blocks below you! We even go over how to make the nether better!


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    All music used with permission from its creator.
  • Runtime : 17:
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  • Logdotzip
    Logdotzip   3 months ago

    Hey guys! More Quark updates for Minecraft!! Which update / feature do you wish was in Minecraft 1.14?Also, don't forget I will be doing a charity Live stream SATURDAY AUGUST 17th AT 5PM PST! Mark your calendars and let's make a difference in the world!

  • Fearless Potato77
    Fearless Potato77   4 days ago

    Your channel was the life support of Minecraft during its dark age

    ROBLOX IRL   5 days ago

    You should be able to use bonemeal on dirt to turn it into grass

  • Hacker Henry
    Hacker Henry   6 days ago

    Logdotzip : *Creates fantastic things which can improve minecraftMojang : Bees, take it or leave it

  • offnem
    offnem   6 days ago

    3:20 (crab rave plays)

  • GamerDoggo
    GamerDoggo   1 weeks ago

    Mojang: adds this Bored youtubers: Crab Cave

  • Arctic Fire
    Arctic Fire   1 weeks ago

    15:16 No one:Not a soul:Not a spirit:Me:ITS CALLED HONEY BLOCKS DEARY

  • Jay II
    Jay II   1 weeks ago

    3:26 *Happy Crab Noise*

  • LilySpaceCat
    LilySpaceCat   1 weeks ago

    when i saw the rope go up and down guess what i thought of?tree houses!like if u thought so too

  • Amelia Blocinska
    Amelia Blocinska   2 weeks ago

    (Not a hater) no the crabs are not the funiest thing I saw the funniest thing I saw was u die in minecraft😂😂

  • Peyton Hampton
    Peyton Hampton   2 weeks ago

    Horse whistle Iron chane Stop climbing ladders when open inventory/chatFrogs CrabsPotion of stability Dirt to path (using shovel of dirt to make path blocks)Right click crop harvest Reacharound block placement Arrow scrolling (while sneaking change the type of arrow when in inventory) Iron gratesRope Jasper cave + new rock (hot biomes)Slate cave + new rock (Cold biomes)Cobbedstone (Type of cobblestone in plains biome)Swamp Oak (Found in swamp biomes)Blossoming trees (Rare, only in Mountain biomes) Gravisand (falls/rise with redstone signal + comparator) Nether Foxhounds Nether obsidian spiks Massive spiks (rare, might be tall + blaze spawner/loot)Broken Portals Place Blaze rods Redstone Inductor Colored Smile (making different color works like dyes)

  • August Manalang
    August Manalang   2 weeks ago

    I hope minecraft will add skeleton enderman. Skeleton enderman will burn in daylight and can shoot arrow and can telleport like normal enderman

  • Chiibo Drawz
    Chiibo Drawz   2 weeks ago

    What about.......Meltshrooms?They are mushrooms that crack the ground under it until the ground basically resembles magma blocks

  • ShyGuyStudios
    ShyGuyStudios   2 weeks ago

    *Seed crab rave as thumbnail*Me: Mom, pick me up, I’m scared

  • Hhuud Ggff
    Hhuud Ggff   2 weeks ago

    Make it so when you play music the crabs start dancing like parrots

  • Death -
    Death -   2 weeks ago

    Crabs: hears and the crab rave meme risesTic Toc: It’s free real estate

  • Kiki XD
    Kiki XD   2 weeks ago

    I don’t know they are all good

  • Noah's world
    Noah's world   2 weeks ago

    i like the minecarts tell notch to get that

  • Chase Shepard
    Chase Shepard   2 weeks ago

    If you stoped every time you used chat people would use it so they wouldn’t take fall damage