16-Year-Olds Explain Why They Made TikTok Video After Crash

  • Published on: 04 December 2019
  • It may look like an amateur music video, but the teens in the video were actually recording the aftermath of a bad car accident that happened only moments earlier. In the video, you can see the cracked windshield. Then they got camera-ready and made a video for the popular TikTok app, lip syncing while waiting for police. The two 16-year-olds, Katie Cornetti and Marissa Bordis, are high school cheerleaders just outside Pittsburgh. The video is generating some serious social media backlash.
  • Runtime : 1:57
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  • Destiny Hope
    Destiny Hope   1 days ago

    It’s better than freaking out and scaring you and your friend more then necessary

  • Alisson Rose
    Alisson Rose   1 days ago

    the tik toker girl @___justcrazy IS NEEDING HELP! She has some hematomas on her neck and body and put some "Help" or "pleH" messages on tik toks, she record with other ppl phone, not her phone

  • Yo Momo
    Yo Momo   2 days ago

    What else could they have done??? It’s a good distraction from what’s going on

  • Lance
    Lance   3 days ago

    Old people and pseudo intellectuals were the only people who commented

  • Moe
    Moe   5 days ago

    So making a negetive situation into a positive is bad?

  • PupxoxYT
    PupxoxYT   1 weeks ago

    It’s not like they videoed someone else’s accident

  • brady093093
    brady093093   1 weeks ago

    they wanted to show everyone they cant drive

  • Josh F
    Josh F   1 weeks ago

    Inside Edition: "What is wrong with you girls?"..... It's absolutely terrible that people would make a video like this just for some attention....While they play the video about ten times in a loop so they can get attention.Kudos to the girls for not going on an apology tour, instead choosing to defend themselves.Shame in Inside Edition for exploiting the girls and doing EXACTLY what they were accusing the girls of doing.

  • squarepotatoes
    squarepotatoes   1 weeks ago

    Man idk why everyone's so upset. Good for them for not caring the upset reactions

  • Isabelle Cardenas
    Isabelle Cardenas   1 weeks ago

    They literally didnt hurt anyone <<< they were literally just making the best of it like SIS CALM DOWN

  • GachaRed Senpai
    GachaRed Senpai   1 weeks ago

    I wanna tell u im not wrong that they were brave and if u take tention ur blood get less

  • Le Ookami Senpai
    Le Ookami Senpai   2 weeks ago

    Flips require a large impact whoever was in the other car could have been seriously injured or dead even. Car accidents shouldn’t be taken lightly.

  • 23v23 NBA
    23v23 NBA   2 weeks ago

    Theory: They did it because they smoke weed,cocaine,crack an smoke a lot they were drugged up 😒Just joking it's fake man watch the video 😅😅

  • lestat23989
    lestat23989   2 weeks ago

    If they had already called the police before.... This days more about boomers than other thing

  • Melville McLeroy
    Melville McLeroy   2 weeks ago

    16 years old and driving a car without someone with their full class 5? What state is this in?

  • SaiiBoost
    SaiiBoost   2 weeks ago

    So what exactly do you do after a car accident while you wait for the cops? Is there some sort of protocol, boomers?

  • Pedro Lopez
    Pedro Lopez   2 weeks ago

    So many people defending them, this is why I hate my generation

  • Lol
    Lol   3 weeks ago

    Usually when I crash a car I just flea the Scene

  • Eric Gregory
    Eric Gregory   3 weeks ago

    Hey, they had to wait for police and were trapped in the car. Were they supposed to cry?

  • Mikayla Wiseman
    Mikayla Wiseman   3 weeks ago

    One time I was in the car after an accident for 2 hours

  • WTW_thecatgamer06 Cats

    I’m not a boomer for saying this but texting, TikToking, snapchating, playing games on your phone while driving is very bad it’s dumb what they did

  • Itsmeleilaaa Lol
    Itsmeleilaaa Lol   3 weeks ago

    Really?instead of calling the police..they do a Tik Tok for clout

  • Saniya Farooq
    Saniya Farooq   3 weeks ago

    I mean their not wrong they were bored and they weren’t hurt so they have a right to do it and plus it probably just calmed them down. I think it’s way better of them making that tik tok instead of DIEING and freaking out

  • SxturnFN
    SxturnFN   3 weeks ago

    I feel like it lowerd there stressed level and get there minds off it

  • シslowedtingz
    シslowedtingz   3 weeks ago

    Girls : crashesGirl 1 : OH LET ME TAKE MY PHONE OUT 😍

  • Hilariousness
    Hilariousness   3 weeks ago

    Why do people like them survive and better people don't? Stupidity on another level. I bet they were texting whilst driving and caused the accident.

  • Andri Crypto
    Andri Crypto   3 weeks ago

    Meh no story here, they were just bored while waiting for help, nothing wrong.

  • Teo barajas
    Teo barajas   3 weeks ago

    Ugh white people sum else 💀💀🤦🏽‍♂️🤦🏽‍♂️ they jus crashed they dads tesla😭