STUCK Surviving In The Most Extreme Wilderness (For 48 Hours)

  • Published on: 03 January 2020
  • After we barely made it through the first 10 hours surviving in the Australian wild... we had to adapt to survive the remaining 38. Could we make it?


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  • Runtime : 29:7
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  • Lil MeowMeow
    Lil MeowMeow   1 days ago

    Grayson looking like that reminds me of vasco 9:24(WEBTOON anyone?)

  • Lucy Bowling
    Lucy Bowling   1 days ago

    i can barely fall asleep in a regular bed... how did they even sleep at all??

  • Em Duvall
    Em Duvall   1 days ago

    TELL ME HOW THE FUCK YOUR CHARGING YOU CAMERA BATTERY WHAT THE FUCKING FUCK. Not saying your cheating. P.s. favorite youtuber every

  • Mga Kasolar 2
    Mga Kasolar 2   1 days ago

    I live in the Philiphines and we have a pretty big house and we live next to one man made house and we always in the fricking sun it's always hot even on Christmas no snow also full of trees also rats stray dogs and cats and i love going outside but I'm 9 soooooo yeah you knowMe:oh sh**

  • Ethan Schlief
    Ethan Schlief   1 days ago

    At 6:17 it would be way darker if it was only 4 in the morningNvm I’m realizing they weren’t in the U.S

  • Codzap
    Codzap   2 days ago

    If i had bug bites I would go to another country

  • Vivian Urias
    Vivian Urias   2 days ago

    This is gonna make for some cool stories to tell your kids one day.

  • Fanta Koma
    Fanta Koma   2 days ago

    Me and Ethan are literally twins 😂 we complain tm😂

  • Jessie Goss
    Jessie Goss   3 days ago

    For city boys I say you did ok. It takes a long time to condition for the wild and then the wild can and will suddenly surprise you with multiple challenges.

  • Jessie Goss
    Jessie Goss   3 days ago

    Everything comes out at night guys. Y'all are definitely on their food chain. lol

  • Mistty 11
    Mistty 11   3 days ago

    Guess what I live in the most dangerous country ever and I have never ever died her because I’m saying this and I have lived in the bush for over eight years yay

  • Brookie Bunny
    Brookie Bunny   4 days ago

    Be Miranda's bae or else she will have a heart attack

  • Iliana Haviardis
    Iliana Haviardis   4 days ago

    Grayson: "Hopefully my body decides to sleep an I teleport to the morning."Me: * Lmao *

  • Ava Krier
    Ava Krier   4 days ago

    Its 68 degrees and they r freezing, in that weather i be outside with shorts tryna tan

  • vonna b.
    vonna b.   5 days ago

    nick was probably just like “ even the girls could’ve done this”

  • Daya Ottley
    Daya Ottley   5 days ago

    no one: vegans: eat raw sea grass from dirty water "ahh it's delicious"

  • Rachel Ferguson
    Rachel Ferguson   6 days ago

    bruh how are they cold in 20 degree weather. in canada that’s literally summer weather i-

  • Lily Grace
    Lily Grace   6 days ago

    Do this in England you’ll find random cups of tea

  • Sumayah Frederick
    Sumayah Frederick   6 days ago

    Ik I'm not the only one that cracked tf up when Ethan's foot almost entered the hole😭😭😭

  • Nimisha Iyer
    Nimisha Iyer   6 days ago

    gray is the best , love his stache and miss it so much

  • Abbey C
    Abbey C   6 days ago

    I actually kinda love the moustache ngl

  • Makayla Jack
    Makayla Jack   6 days ago

    "I wanna go back and eat that salty mud"😂😂 love this 😂❤

  • Kelly Brennan
    Kelly Brennan   6 days ago

    Your fine in quicksand you will only displaced your weight in it .

  • Syd Vlogs
    Syd Vlogs   1 weeks ago

    ethan is a mood like there is no way i could do that lol

  • Brena Alessi
    Brena Alessi   1 weeks ago

    ethan : falls in hole | grayson : rambling ab the poisonous stuff dude stop | ethan : wtf look