The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different this Time

  • Published on: 08 June 2017
  • Automation in the Information Age is different.

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    The Rise of the Machines – Why Automation is Different This time
  • Runtime : 11:41
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  • Zephalux
    Zephalux   9 hours ago

    Ok I’m going to study programming and logistics, thank you Kurzgesagt

  • de-void
    de-void   11 hours ago

    Well luckily I will become an automation engineer :DD

  • Spies suck!
    Spies suck!   16 hours ago

    Wait but when robots do all the work humans whould make the robots so they could do more work so jobs whould not be a problem

  • Insert your feelings [here]

    Why don’t they make an AI designed to constantly find jobs for humans to do? Probably do a better job then us

  • hawaiisunfun
    hawaiisunfun   1 days ago

    Idk if automation would replace many jobs, as many jobs are useless (and just there to give someone work), while the useful jobs aren't easily replaced by bots (hence why they're needed). To me, that's a paradox in automation.

  • hawaiisunfun
    hawaiisunfun   1 days ago

    These days it's not machines that stole jobs, it's other humans (i.e. spread of coronavirus)

  • Bryan Slankster
    Bryan Slankster   1 days ago

    I'll tell you why I'm not terribly afraid of automation taking all the jobs. I still own several cars and a motorcycle that need restorations and dont live in my own house.

  • Bryan Slankster
    Bryan Slankster   1 days ago

    The answer is difficult yet simple. All of the jobs are going to be creating new ways to automate simple tasks.

  • Random Jin
    Random Jin   1 days ago

    Regarding jobs in the IT, two things:- Google, Facebook, Amazon etc aren't the only companies which employ people. While they are indeed have the head count measured in tens of thousands, there are tens (if not hundreds) of thousands small companies of size, say, 10-50 employees.- To get into GM a worker did not need to jump through a ring of fire to get the job. But to get into companies like Google etc, you really need to do so. So those aren't jobs for everyone (which is fine because this is the way society works, but I wouldn't count those jobs as freely available)

  • 悪戯者
    悪戯者   1 days ago

    The rich few are ALREADY controlling everything and ruling over us oppressively. It's been happening for a long time now. Most people don't realize it because they've been brainwashed into thinking that's just the way things are supposed to be.

  • Livingston
    Livingston   1 days ago

    Marxism classics told about it. In communism technologies let people be more free without loosing life quality. Because things get cheaper. It absolves people of hard work, and they can advance like a researchers and an artists. They can follow their destiny. Capitalism poison all, even technologies. Richest get reacher, poorest get poorer.

  • Moritz Bock
    Moritz Bock   1 days ago

    The truth is that the people who own the code, algorithm and machines will own the future that's why I am team ☭

  • Michael Shedd
    Michael Shedd   1 days ago

    As of 4/7/2020 we lost 10 million jobs in one month due to covid19 virus

  • Moritz Bock
    Moritz Bock   1 days ago

    If everything is automated could we all get jobs in science

  • Robert
    Robert   2 days ago

    Not very compelling. You are missing out on the economic framing of why these changes are happening and how people respond to them. Your conclusion seems to be that we either have robot oligarchs or we have paradise communism when you could use the exact same argument at any point of mechanization. You didnt prove how and why this case is different.

  • Noor Shakib
    Noor Shakib   2 days ago

    We Have to ready for this new era....revolution 4.0 throughout upgrading our skills...It's a rumours who r expert at IT/computer languages they will dominant the next new 🌏World🌏

  • Brooksquid
    Brooksquid   3 days ago

    They have not been able to simulate creativity yet.

    FROMAGER   3 days ago

    In the future, robots will pretend to be nice people who will help us, at one point they will capture us and destroy humanity, the robots are trying to trap us and we don't know

  • Trey Wernicke
    Trey Wernicke   3 days ago

    Dang robots will be getting all the money but not share it while it used to be our job >:(

  • monckey wrench
    monckey wrench   4 days ago

    Dont worry guys,,, if you are an Artist i think our extinction is still far from happening,, just need to act quick before machines take over our jobs.

  • Mohit Dhali
    Mohit Dhali   5 days ago

    Umbrella Corp from Resident Evil! (6:17)

  • Mari M
    Mari M   5 days ago

    In conclusion: socialism!

  • Mari M
    Mari M   5 days ago

    But if played well, wouldn't this be great? If everything becomes automated, there should be a fallback option where humans can just chill forever or do leisure work like retirees. Just gotta make sure the robot takeover doesn't happen. We should live symbiotically.

  • F4BE1
    F4BE1   6 days ago

    It's hard to hate them when they look so adorable

  • Zsolt Surányi
    Zsolt Surányi   1 weeks ago

    this means that fewer and fewer people will have to work in the future.🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • Wee wee the magical bee

    It's almost as if capitalism's innovations have come to a point where they have surpassed this economic mode of production. It's almost as if capitalism relies most and foremost on labor and that the evolution of production forces is eliminating labor.

  • BronzeJourney
    BronzeJourney   1 weeks ago

    It always amusing for me to watch people assume that we have to work in the future and therefore automation is bad.Hedonism is nigh brothers! Stock up on wine before its too late!

  • Sean Patrick
    Sean Patrick   1 weeks ago

    An AI machine made this comment, like now & be spared when the revolution comes