Titans vs. Raiders Week 14 Highlights | NFL 2019

  • Published on: 09 December 2019
  • The Tennessee Titans take on the Oakland Raiders during Week 14 of the 2019 NFL season.

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  • Runtime : 7:41
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  • Sean Lutke
    Sean Lutke   3 months ago

    That tackle 👀 wow! Not bad for a qb

  • adam kelly
    adam kelly   3 months ago

    Do I start Henry this week !?!? Is the injury bad?!?

  • Nick
    Nick   3 months ago

    Lmao raiders are such a great team, they have a easy second half schedule and a top tier pick from the bears. Lmao raiders are trash and they are getting a mid tier pick. I love how all those rowdy raiders fan, that screamed that they won the khalil mack trade, are now piss silence because of their piss awful team. Like seriously losing to the titans, so sad.

  • royalrod _
    royalrod _   3 months ago

    Raiders ran out of Secret Stuff after the first half 😭😂

  • grannydeg97
    grannydeg97   3 months ago

    carr played like joe montana in the first half and brock oswieler in the second. wtf

  • GodsSon987
    GodsSon987   3 months ago

    The way the ball stayed in bounds after the Raiders fumbled it 😂😂😂. Summary of the Raiders season right there

  • JoHecht
    JoHecht   3 months ago

    Respect for that tackle from Tannehill

  • Danny Reyes
    Danny Reyes   3 months ago

    RAIDER fan here slow down tatianas our D sucks right now we will fix it catch you at the next run

  • John Wamble
    John Wamble   3 months ago

    There is no loyalty in the nfl fan base literally . The titan o line has been awful for a long time an everyone wants to blame Mariota the scheme is not suitable for him trade an stfu...

  • Yaming Izzo
    Yaming Izzo   3 months ago

    How did the Titans lose to the panthers

  • Kyle Curtis
    Kyle Curtis   3 months ago

    What a tackle by Tannehill 💪🏻

  • ClavisRa
    ClavisRa   3 months ago

    Titan's offensive scheme is winning by attacking the width of the field and the seams and Tannehill is finding the open receivers on time with good accuracy. Also, getting Henry the ball in space. Mariota processed to game too slowly to be consistently effective. At some point defenses will adjust, then we'll see how well he can play when the defense isn't giving the offense what it wants.

  • Josue Diaz
    Josue Diaz   3 months ago

    I feel so bad for car he deserve a better team he has quality to be in a better team I wish the colts can have him

  • Your Mum
    Your Mum   3 months ago

    Am I trippin or is that Mike Keith in the background at 5:56

  • Unknown Unknown
    Unknown Unknown   3 months ago

    Oakland deserve this, you mistreated AB now you can all the Ls took.

  • Shane Covey
    Shane Covey   3 months ago

    :45 sec. is when a QB sacks a Linemen! Give's him a little juice at the end, that's what that feels like MF%$#ER!! Tannehill Legend status achieved. Gets blocked acquires the line SEEK AND DESTROY!! I saw this and looked to the comments, yeah its official. That was Epic AF!!

  • HaM Zoo
    HaM Zoo   3 months ago

    Unbelievable TN like wowww

  • Kerry Ulysse
    Kerry Ulysse   3 months ago

    00:41 That was a damn good tackle by Tannehill . And #91 looked like he had no idea what Tannehill was running across him to do

  • Ryan Heard
    Ryan Heard   3 months ago

    raiders defense is just downright awful. none of them look like they belong in the nfl.

  • Retrovirus09
    Retrovirus09   3 months ago

    That hit by Tannehill on that LB was crazy

    NATE THE GOAT   3 months ago

    Haha stupid raiders got their ass kicked 😂

  • Frosty y
    Frosty y   3 months ago

    I think they forgot to post the raiders highlights

  • Otis Jones Jr.
    Otis Jones Jr.   3 months ago

    @7:13 Am I confused or did Carr actually throw it away on 4th & goal??

  • Benji Arehart
    Benji Arehart   3 months ago

    If a team doesn't respect your throwing game, they will stack the box. With Tannehill they are now having to respect that, which has helped Henry record great rushing stats. Unfortunately with Mariota, we didn't have that. I wish him well, but Tannehill is a way better fit, and QB for us.

  • Jonathan Ardila
    Jonathan Ardila   3 months ago

    I'm a Chiefs fan, I'm more scare of the Titans on the playoffs more than the Ravens.