Billie Eilish Grabbed by Fans, Realizes What They Did to Her When Too Late

  • Published on: 13 November 2019
  • Billie Eilish was allegedly robbed and people are surprised with how she reacted.


    [Billie Eilish at ACL Music Festival]

    [Fan Expose]

    [Uncomfortable Fan Behavior]
    Brendon Urie:

    Ariana Grande:

    Billie Eilish:

    Snow Tha Product:

    Justin Bieber:

    [Concert Etiquette]
  • Runtime : 12:52
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  • jenaya's world!
    jenaya's world!   1 hours ago

    Who raised these people? You shouldn't be touching celebrities in uncomfortable places, neither should you be touching anyone like that either. 😐

  • Gacha avacado :3
    Gacha avacado :3   3 hours ago

    Now I know how to act around BILLIE I’m going to her concert 🙂

  • Noora Binta
    Noora Binta   7 hours ago

    Good bshjdfjsbgnxkdbgldjfjcx. The Good morning 🌞 I like the hffjghc

  • Wolf Girl
    Wolf Girl   8 hours ago

    I think theese people went a lil bit too far. I mean, i never went to any of her concerts and just attending one of the concerts would be enough for me.

  • Ethan parker
    Ethan parker   9 hours ago

    To make Billie eilish fans feel better, it was only $100🤷🏻‍♂️But either way it was still hers, and it's not alright to steal😠

  • Sheneia W
    Sheneia W   11 hours ago

    I think this should be a law... If you interup with any of the artist shows you are not allowed back!!!!!!!

  • earl grey tea
    earl grey tea   11 hours ago

    This is how the beatles lives went in the 60s ;/

  • 💝Dusk_till_dawn💝
    💝Dusk_till_dawn💝   12 hours ago

    Fans shouldn't treat singers like this. It f****ing descusting. Im so disappointed.

  • Lyrical Leah
    Lyrical Leah   14 hours ago

    I think the person who pulled her arm could of stole the ring you can kinda tell it's so close to her hand the arm is very close to your hand so I think it was that guy

  • Faithfullseal AJ
    Faithfullseal AJ   22 hours ago

    When they said OH MY GOD it sounded like Jojo Siwa 😂

  • Overly obsessed BTS ARMY

    I feel bad for everybody but Justin. Ik he wants the crowd to stop screaming. Of course. And they prolly understand. I think.... but I don’t feel bad for him because he is freaking famous!!! I mean would u rather hold a concert and have nobody there Or would you want to have a stadium full of fans who love you and lose their voice the next day because of YOU. He acted like a brat when he threw his mic. I mean that’s what he signed up for and it made me mad.

  • i'm manu
    i'm manu   1 days ago

    about the ring someone stole it fr but at the end of the show they tried to give it back to her but she wouldn't take it, so she practically gave it to the fan

  • Marg.k_k
    Marg.k_k   1 days ago

    Ok! Justin Bibber doesn’t have aright to say something because he really DISRESPECTS HIS FANS 24/7

  • skylar davis
    skylar davis   1 days ago


  • Lindsay Gilbert-Smith

    In that pic looks like it was that girl beside her choking her I woulda broke that chicks arm off

  • Shraddha Das
    Shraddha Das   1 days ago

    Humanity is turning out to be a lost word to some people...I mean come on the issue at Billie Eilish's concert knew no surprise we see the news of artists suffering through bad mental health every now and then....I mean if you bother a person so much just at a concert I've got no idea how much you'd bother him/her if you met her...sometimes when you go to a concert try to listen to what the artist wants to say through the song not bragging about how you got to see em on social media....and sometimes when you meet em try to be subtle with them and talk to 5hem without taking any pictures or at least ask if they're okay or if they want to take one and if they even say no the be understanding... You may feel like "it's just a picture what's the big deal?"but then again remember you haven't been taking selfies all day long for like an enormous amount of you don't know...treat em like normal people

  • Becky Goodwin
    Becky Goodwin   1 days ago

    you will make singers SO HAPPY if they see this

  • Simon Caves
    Simon Caves   1 days ago

    I am so sorry billie Ellis it mast prolly costed a lot

  • Ruby Kratochvill
    Ruby Kratochvill   1 days ago

    Glad Billie found her Dimond Ring! That fan who found it is a LEGEND also CONCERT ETIQUETTE please!!!

  • Gail Philpott
    Gail Philpott   2 days ago

    I'm sorry billie ur ring is stolenWhy would a fan EVEN STEAL HER RING it looked like the girl with billie STOLE HER RING Why I'm so sorry billie then it was the girl with billie neck that l CAN PROVE IT from the vid so it was That girl IM SORRY BILLIE ELLISH 😭