Top 100 Runs in NFL History!

  • Published on: 25 October 2019
  • Check out the top 100 runs in NFL history!

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  • NBA
    NBA   1 days ago

  • Marcus Godbolt
    Marcus Godbolt   3 days ago

    You mean to tell me of a hundred runs you didn't have Eric Dickerson or Steve Alexander or Franco Harris

  • Dustin Bame
    Dustin Bame   1 weeks ago

    Nobody really contesting Marshawn being number one, that's how good of a run it was!

  • MrBwayd3n
    MrBwayd3n   1 weeks ago

    I started seeing some crazy runs in the low 90’s and I thought, dang this is gonna be good

  • malcolm champion
    malcolm champion   1 weeks ago

    I kept on saying to myself "How did he break that tackle?" after or during a run

  • lmaru19
    lmaru19   1 weeks ago

    2 Cam Newton runs but not 1 Franco Harris, Eric Dickerson or Le'Veon Bell run. NFL Throwback should be ashamed.

  • Shawne Aaroe
    Shawne Aaroe   2 weeks ago

    6 runs for the GOAT, Barry Sanders. Best I ever saw...That run by Lynch is the best single run I’ve ever seen though.

  • David Duque
    David Duque   2 weeks ago

    Ronnie Brown made the list but not Ricky Williams, LMAO.

  • Baba Booey
    Baba Booey   3 weeks ago

    I'm at #68 and still no Barry. WTF???

  • LIE/11 NanoThermite
    LIE/11 NanoThermite   3 weeks ago

    Love it when the co-announcer makes little Grunts and noises during an epic run

  • Mark Woldin
    Mark Woldin   3 weeks ago

    This sucks. Arbitrary. No context.The greatest runs were important, important games, important moments.

  • Lauren Graves
    Lauren Graves   3 weeks ago

    Tbh 50 of these could be Barry sanders and the other 50 could be Walter Payton

  • Alula Alemseged
    Alula Alemseged   1 months ago

    Not a single run from Dickerson? Herschel Walker? Well I Guess Gods can't be compared to Men

  • jared thomas
    jared thomas   1 months ago

    The announcers call for #24 is actually for the Tony Dorsett 99 Yard run

  • kajemi2
    kajemi2   1 months ago

    Miss the day's when RB was the man.

  • Finn Benson
    Finn Benson   1 months ago

    Walter Payton could not be tackled!

  • Justin Pope
    Justin Pope   1 months ago

    Ray Rice 4th & 29 not on this list. Whaaaack

  • Marc G
    Marc G   1 months ago

    Dorsett's 99.5 yard TD should have been top 2 because the Cowboys only had 10 men on the field at the time.

  • Sloppyballs McGuillicutty

    I once ran all the way from my couch to my fridge to grab a beer during a commercial break.

  • Imhotep 527
    Imhotep 527   1 months ago

    Bears playing D on 50% of these runs.

  • ccol009
    ccol009   1 months ago

    -BRO! HOW AM I STILL A VIKINGS FAN! I mean EVERY highlight reel we gettin’ our asses smoked, broked, joked you name it. SMMFH -DAMN! 🤦🏽‍♂️ I mean... at least we had Fran Tarkenton, Paul Krause, Alan Page, John Randle, Randall McDaniel, Carl Eller (whom went to my church in Minneapolis, MN that mans stature is huge even at 70 something) Cris Carter, Randy Moss, and Adrian Peterson....... Maybe that’ll help.SKOL Nation Bitch! Let’s get it.

  • ccol009
    ccol009   1 months ago

    Now lets see which Running Back / Running Backs have the longest highlight tapes in NFL History! 😏

  • Brad Erickson
    Brad Erickson   1 months ago

    Steve Young at number 4 is well deserved and could have even been higher ranked when you consider his age, his physical skill set (or lack thereof - he's not Barry or Bo), and the significance of that play. IMO, second best QB of all time behind the new king, Tom Brady.

  • kameron steel
    kameron steel   1 months ago

    The contribution of black players to a game that was once boring as hell

  • George Muller
    George Muller   1 months ago

    Regardless of situation, no 2 -yd dive play or Qb sneak should be on this list. And the run slotted first, while good, is not as good as about 20-30 of the other runs somehow slated behind it. Every Barry Sanders highlight on this list is better. And where is Steve Bono going 70 yds on a naked bootleg (haha)?

  • Antonio Lawrence
    Antonio Lawrence   1 months ago

    What in the world!!! Where’s Dickerson??? This list lost credibility smh

  • Mike Pastor. K
    Mike Pastor. K   1 months ago

    Missing that Mark Van Eagen run for the Raiders.

    3RASCALIZZY4   1 months ago

    Barry sanders should have around 60 of them.Jim Brown.Steve young,John Riggins,Tony Dorsett,Gail Sayers,Roger Staubach.Marcus Allan....Take Earl Campbell every day of the week.and i'm a Cowboy fan.

  • Tonejack
    Tonejack   1 months ago

    No Eric Dickerson? Unbelievable and disappointing .

  • Matthew Rogers
    Matthew Rogers   1 months ago

    Way too many players dont deserve this list and again.... fukkin m. Allen bout TIME!!!!!! Best playoff run play EVER