Super Smash Bros. Ultimate - Overview Trailer feat. The Announcer - Nintendo Switch

  • Published on: 20 November 2018
  • Join us for a whirlwind overview of Super Smash Bros. Ultimate for Nintendo Switch, hosted by none other than…The Announcer?! Who better to guide you through the game than the voice of the menus himself! Time to get amped because gaming icons are about to clash in the ultimate showdown you can play anytime, anywhere. Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is available now on Nintendo Switch!

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  • Runtime : 7:21
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  • Mueen Mohideen
    Mueen Mohideen   2 days ago

    Nintendo please let Tari and Smg4 be in smash ultimate

  • Matthew Ace70
    Matthew Ace70   5 days ago

    The ULTIMATE Showdown!... The ULTIMATE Crossover!... The ULTIMATE Modes!... The ULTIMATE Online Features! The ULTIMATE Fighters!... The ULTIMATE Spirits!... The ULTIMATE Music!... and The ULTIMATE Announcer!EVERYONE IS HERE !!! And EVERYTHING IS ULTIMATE !!!Super Smash Bros. ULTIMATE !!!!!

  • Claus Masked Man
    Claus Masked Man   6 days ago

    why am I not in this game I find it unfair that my brother gets to be here but not me

  • Lo0NeY De3
    Lo0NeY De3   6 days ago

    Never played this game... is it worth it or not?? Looks good ...

  • mateo saucedo
    mateo saucedo   1 weeks ago

    esta super mega iper genial es una loooooooocurrrrrraaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

  • cringe lord216
    cringe lord216   1 weeks ago

    Why couldn’t they use the voice clip from 6:32 for the intro :(

  • Gabe Calise
    Gabe Calise   1 weeks ago

    2018. Occasionally recover2019. Literally just ledge guarding

  • Cedric McGee
    Cedric McGee   1 weeks ago

    the announcer sounds like Almight from my hero

  • JASON Blake
    JASON Blake   1 weeks ago


  • A52x X25A
    A52x X25A   1 weeks ago

    1:41 daisy is dab and xbomb is explode to meta knight

    MORKS   2 weeks ago

    I wish Xander Mobus would read me a bed time story every night.

  • Lil Lotion 2
    Lil Lotion 2   2 weeks ago

    Lookng back on this This was a glorious concept

  • L P
    L P   2 weeks ago

    1:42 I love how ness is the killer!

  • ItsLightbulb
    ItsLightbulb   3 weeks ago

    Who else saw the words Ft. The Announcer! And thought that the weird speaker box thingy from BFDI was gonna be explaining Smash Ultimate Stuff? Like if you did

    CRAZY LADY   3 weeks ago

    Please put waluigi in super smash bros ultimate

  • Sandra Dudek
    Sandra Dudek   1 months ago

    Can you add Steve from Minecraft into super smash bros ultimate

  • Dark Horde
    Dark Horde   1 months ago

    who else is watching this when they don't have the game nor the switch

  • Linda Pipe
    Linda Pipe   1 months ago

    He the name of the game he did it

  • RiceWott TJ
    RiceWott TJ   1 months ago

    No one knew that Sans was gonna be revealed until now

  • good boi
    good boi   1 months ago

    Wait i thought he can only say FINAL DESTINATION FOX NO ITEMS