• Published on: 03 July 2019
  • I lived with the Antonyans for 24 hours, and hungout with Nick for.. pretty much the first time.


    Filmed and Edited by: joe Vulpis

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  • Runtime : 11:43
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  • Dat Nigga
    Dat Nigga   10 hours ago

    8:57 that shit made me hate vardon 🤦🏽‍♂️

  • julie hannon
    julie hannon   1 weeks ago

    my boyfriends best friends has the same car but it is older and scaryr

  • Daniel Lopez
    Daniel Lopez   1 weeks ago

    I’d deck Vardon on some real shit. Jesus

  • Tony Abraham
    Tony Abraham   2 weeks ago

    I think he needs an assistant probably someone who he’s scared of

  • Wyatt Pangburn
    Wyatt Pangburn   1 months ago

    Bruuuh Jonah’s a fucking riot😂 he pulled up to 3 people’s cribs without callin

  • uhlexuh18
    uhlexuh18   1 months ago

    this felt like an office episode

  • Reezal AQ
    Reezal AQ   1 months ago

    Hey, no update video for the next day .. I guess what happened in antonyans stays in antonyans 😂😂😂

  • Moonshine :
    Moonshine :   1 months ago

    I swear I’ve never seen Scott and Dom together...... right ?

  • Anita Rose
    Anita Rose   1 months ago

    2:06 wow she’s really pretty.

  • Sawyer Watts
    Sawyer Watts   1 months ago

    I don’t see y Jonah doesn’t beat tf outta y’all pieces of shit. Y’all treat him like a dog

  • Noah Alila
    Noah Alila   1 months ago

    Jonah is like a fatter shorter version of Scott. They’re both gingers that look pretty similar

  • Bekah P
    Bekah P   1 months ago

    This video is re ally giving off "The Office" vibes bc of how it's being filmed

  • GamerGirly
    GamerGirly   1 months ago

    I got a ad with Scott in it....

  • Jarad Erdmann
    Jarad Erdmann   1 months ago

    Some of the moments felt like a Shane Dawson documentary

  • kiefer guerrero
    kiefer guerrero   1 months ago

    Are we not going to talk about Jonah coming home from work?

  • Bryce Smith
    Bryce Smith   1 months ago

    My old roommate jason. Hes still my roommate but hes old

  • Professional Idiot
    Professional Idiot   1 months ago

    The lrics should be like thisDon't be sad please buy my merch you get it on hoodies and even t- shirts when you watch my videos you get a surprise watch me do a rap when you tell me in the comments below I mean I have the best videos of all if you really good ones watch my YouTube channel bruh

  • emma s
    emma s   1 months ago

    scott looked so uncomfortable the whole time😂

  • ruby torres
    ruby torres   1 months ago

    Was that an anger management scene recreation at the end?? 😂😂🤩

  • Roshella Gorelik
    Roshella Gorelik   1 months ago

    Omg Scott’s “shoot him a text!” is just relatable

  • Giokasta
    Giokasta   1 months ago

    this is kinda frustrating and puts my life into perspective

  • Giokasta
    Giokasta   1 months ago

    this is kinda frustrating and puts my life into perspective

  • w11flower
    w11flower   1 months ago

    alex looks so pretty i’ve missed him🥺😭

  • gnarly n8
    gnarly n8   1 months ago

    This is the most awkward video I've ever watched

  • Jamin Year
    Jamin Year   1 months ago

    Scott : “your mom seems mad at me” Jonah : “She’s always mad” .. “should we bring her in here and confront her ?”😂😂❗️

  • smh cyy
    smh cyy   1 months ago

    So why does Jonah have the monkey from black ops zombies