• Published on: 03 July 2019
  • I lived with the Antonyans for 24 hours, and hungout with Nick for.. pretty much the first time.


    Filmed and Edited by: joe Vulpis

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  • Runtime : 11:43
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  • Lesly Lima
    Lesly Lima   2 days ago

    Alex looked look River Phoenix with that look omfg

  • Destanee Maree
    Destanee Maree   2 days ago

    I died when Jonah threw his undies at the camera 🤣😭🤣🤣

  • Jestine Garneau
    Jestine Garneau   3 days ago

    10:07 ..why the hell is that monkey so terrifying 😳😂

  • Austin Sajdowitz
    Austin Sajdowitz   4 days ago

    Scott was just an annoying dick lol glad he’s not in David’s vlogs he’s a complete fucking loser he’s shit at singing or rapping or whatever the fuck he thinks his music is and look at him wearing those gay ass glasses

  • Sara
    Sara   5 days ago

    U know what I realise why Bardon has no friends. He is fucking annoying

  • F*ck the population
    F*ck the population   6 days ago

    why did alex grab the door like that tho 7:40also that hug at 7:52 aww

  • garbagefn fn
    garbagefn fn   1 weeks ago

    does vardon have a mental disability holy fuck

  • Sadia Sajjad
    Sadia Sajjad   1 weeks ago

    Scott looks more beautiful in his natural hair. He looks so hot in this video

  • Gurp El
    Gurp El   1 weeks ago

    Ok first of all I feel so bad for Nick second of all that car is actually so cool looking

  • Jamie Vera
    Jamie Vera   1 weeks ago

    Nick and Suzy could be roommates at a different apartment.

  • Lucky 7
    Lucky 7   1 weeks ago

    If she wasn’t fat she would be amazing but she still is pretty

  • Nicasio LNO
    Nicasio LNO   2 weeks ago

    why is jonah still around? seriously

  • del dixi
    del dixi   2 weeks ago

    Are we still up for yhe Gucci jacket,!!!!!!

  • Briley
    Briley   2 weeks ago

    scotty: you are so incredibly precious. thanks for being my favorite 💛🦋

  • Gracelyn Saunders
    Gracelyn Saunders   2 weeks ago

    this seems so boring without David, like even the apartment just didn’t have that vibe 😂

  • Johnredcorn 1
    Johnredcorn 1   2 weeks ago

    Dude your playing in the house of blues that’s something u should really be proud of

  • Gabe Neugebauer
    Gabe Neugebauer   2 weeks ago

    I just love this because it’s a different view of the squad

  • EWG_YT
    EWG_YT   2 weeks ago

    Ooofffff johnah didn't even get a link in the description 🤣🤣🤣

  • Diego Alvarez
    Diego Alvarez   2 weeks ago

    You were the 2nd hottest guy in the house 1st was nicks dad

  • Kenzie Allen
    Kenzie Allen   2 weeks ago

    No one:Literally no one:Me: crying in the corner because I'm broke and can't afford tickets to his tour

  • eric lucio
    eric lucio   2 weeks ago

    Are you hanging out with Nicolette cameramen who does s*** for clout

  • KODI
    KODI   3 weeks ago

    Why's Jonah driving a 1950s vw beetle what happened to the BMW david bought? Did you sell it for a weeks supply of kebobs?

  • theoddgirlsout challenges

    How could I NOT subscribe to this adorable face?not to mention the fucking BEST content on YouTube. Not even half way through the fucking the video and liked it instantly,why is this like everything I watch 24/7? Stupidest question in the world

  • Jade Gosling
    Jade Gosling   3 weeks ago

    Alex really out here giving me young Leo dicaprio vibes and I’m here for it 🤤🤤