Everything Wrong With Pulp Fiction in 20 Minutes or Less

  • Published on: 23 July 2019
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    This movie is an all-time classic. It's awesome. We love it. None of that means we won't still count sins for giggles. Have a nice day.

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  • Runtime : 22:15
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  • Jacob McCoy
    Jacob McCoy   1 hours ago

    See I lovebirds this guys movies and I’m not saying I hate this one at all but it’s definitely not my favorite it’s too slow for me it’s very good when there is action though I also think it’s so god damn confusing

    BENJAMIN MILLARD   11 hours ago

    We gonna ignore the fact that the bullet holes were in the wall before the dude even came out of the bathroom

  • StumpyBuilt
    StumpyBuilt   1 days ago

    I wish you would do a cinemasins on four rooms

  • Rowland Buck
    Rowland Buck   1 days ago

    Yeah I’ve often wondered how how Vincent didn’t OD shooting up what made uma Thurman OD INSTANTLY by snorting. I mean, stuff hit her through the nose faster than a shot would. A bit ridiculous and I’ve had some good heroin in my day.

  • adamgh0
    adamgh0   1 days ago

    15:30 REAR window, not the windshield. 17:50 Again, WINDOW not windshield.

  • za az
    za az   1 days ago

    at 12:45 what is the racist counting? What are the words?

  • Devon H
    Devon H   2 days ago

    7:15 The reason Mia thinks the heroin is coke, is because it actually isn't that easy to tell heroin form coke and it's in a baggy. In the drug world heroin is sold in ballons and coke in baggys. When Vincent buys the heroin in the earlier scene Lance tells him he's out of ballons and asks if a baggys ok.

  • Bravo
    Bravo   2 days ago

    6:57 They actually didn’t win the dance contest, they apparently stole to trophy

  • Magus Major
    Magus Major   3 days ago

    Trash. Typographical errors. I would argue against some of your assertions.

    CHAPMAN ELECTRIC   3 days ago

    Does anyone have to remind you that this is a "Quentin Terririno" movie???? [Don't tell me how to spell, you're not my 5th grade teacher... if I spelled his name wrong]. If there was ever a movie made by that correctly or incorrectly spelled named man, hell would rapidly get really really cold, if it wasn't already winter in hell anyway, that made any bit of real sense??? Um, it's time to realize a few things.... Mr. T's movies don't make sense and the government lies to you and I. Oh, I said a "few" things.... The media doesn't tell a lot of non-lies either.

  • Mike Taylor
    Mike Taylor   4 days ago

    Nobody gives a fuck about what's wrong about this movie all what people want is to watch a movie and enjoy so please stop fucking sharing this videos because its getting fucking annoying

  • Nikhil Jain
    Nikhil Jain   4 days ago

    Snorting heroin actually gives you quite a kick.

  • Mark Young
    Mark Young   4 days ago

    Anyone notice the bullet hole in the wall b4 the guy came out of the bathroom and started shooting

  • pedshell
    pedshell   4 days ago

    What about the fact that the bullet holes are already in the wall before the guy bursts out of the bathroom in the "miracle scene"? Am I the only one who's seen this?

  • jonathan harwell
    jonathan harwell   5 days ago

    Please simmer down on the GD. You do so much great comedy. Be different

  • Alex Baker
    Alex Baker   5 days ago

    Trick video there’s nothing wrong with this movie

  • QuickieNutz
    QuickieNutz   6 days ago

    11:47 He was getting food nearby and going back to the apartment

  • QuickieNutz
    QuickieNutz   6 days ago

    why would you skip The Gold Watch section, it literally had lots of action

  • Calvin Graham
    Calvin Graham   6 days ago

    I was playing skyrim at medium volume in my apartment and got a domestic dispute called on me, there is literally 0 awareness in this movie

  • Soggysoup420
    Soggysoup420   1 weeks ago

    Please do 31 by rob zombie it’s full of sins yet amazing lol

  • Intactbjörn
    Intactbjörn   1 weeks ago

    Pretty sure "Vince knows a lot of shit" is explained by the fact he's seen carrying/reading multiple books throughout the movie, especially while on the toilet, hence why he knows a lot of, well, shit.

  • Jeremy Medlock
    Jeremy Medlock   1 weeks ago

    what about the bullet holes that were already seen BEFORE THE BATHROOM GUNMAN EMERGED FROM THE BATHROOM????? CinemaSins gets 10 sins for this error, Sentence: Do a video on Once Upon A Time In Hollywood

  • Vintage Pork
    Vintage Pork   1 weeks ago

    Also the gun left in the apartment was not Vincent’s it was Marcellus

  • Vintage Pork
    Vintage Pork   1 weeks ago

    The timing actually should be off because we are seeing the story from different perspectives and people remember time differently

  • Armadito 2
    Armadito 2   1 weeks ago

    Something that has been bothering me, is that they make a whole circle at JackRabbit Slims to get to their table, when they could just go directly to it, but I guess not showing how cool the place is would be such a waste

  • e 141
    e 141   1 weeks ago

    Dude When Vincent was Talking to the guy in the car you can see him slowly pulling the trigger. He wanted to shoot him.

  • So Angry
    So Angry   1 weeks ago

    Judging by the comments I suspect the thumbs up/down ratio is way off. The film is pure genius on every level. Oh...annoying voice too.

  • Erica Breaux
    Erica Breaux   1 weeks ago

    I don't think they removed as many sins in any other movie as they have here. Goes to show you this movie is very near perfection.

  • OpnDoarPlcy
    OpnDoarPlcy   1 weeks ago

    So accurate at times. That point you made about old man fights. I’m watching this while also recently having heard about Tyson’s return to boxing 🥊, albeit for charity, but it’s making a lot of noise as there are many fighters lining up for a shot Iron Mike. Even at 53 the man is still a draw and a legendary fighter.

  • Jean Paul
    Jean Paul   1 weeks ago

    This is the dumbest video I have ever seen.

  • therealgandy1
    therealgandy1   1 weeks ago

    Never understood why people love this film so much

  • WR Smithers
    WR Smithers   1 weeks ago

    Why didn't Butch just take the watch with him to the boxing match? Or why didn't he put in the suitcase himself instead of trusting his girlfriend to do it?Also, why would a professional hitman like Vincent leave his machine gun on the counter when he could've easily took it in the bathroom with him? I know that they imply that his drug use has caused him to become a fuckup, but that level of stupidity is hard to believe.

  • John Pearce
    John Pearce   1 weeks ago

    One thing Cinema sins didn't pick up on was Butch's amazing disappearing/reappearing limp during the Watch story!!