Everything Wrong With Captain America: The Winter Soldier

  • Published on: 23 September 2014
  • Sorry America, we did not love this movie like most of you did. On an unrelated note, we also found TONS of sins in this movie; way more than you were probably expecting.

    Later this week: Something Fincher.

    Remember, no movie is without sin. Which movie's sins do YOU want to see recounted?

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  • Runtime : 22:57
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  • J Beatty
    J Beatty   13 hours ago

    He was a soldier stationed in France during the war... Learning the language isn't a big mystery, my friend.

  • Potato Boi
    Potato Boi   1 days ago

    “Last time I trusted someone I lost an eye” cut to captain marvel scene with the cat

  • HaiLyn Platero
    HaiLyn Platero   1 days ago


  • Yes Lad
    Yes Lad   3 days ago

    Its god damn right cap didnt just run over GSP

  • ShattinBrix
    ShattinBrix   4 days ago

    I definitely had no clue that Georges St-Pierre is in this. 1:13

  • Mr Foster
    Mr Foster   5 days ago

    For clarification, all the weapons the winter soilder uses have too much recoil to be fired from a car.

  • MiLady_Saiyan
    MiLady_Saiyan   6 days ago

    I only watched it for Bucky, everyone else got on my nerves

  • Lego GONK
    Lego GONK   6 days ago

    Sin 167 should not have counted.

  • Zach Schmitt
    Zach Schmitt   1 weeks ago

    Actually what he did with his suit was a deleted scene. He didn’t have it, that’s why he stole a suite

  • Sleep Deprived: The King

    He guessed so many things in endgame during this video I’m honestly a little concerned

  • bjorning man
    bjorning man   1 weeks ago

    I’d really like to see you try to create a good movie with no sins and then I’d consider listening to any of these

  • Stanley Holder
    Stanley Holder   1 weeks ago

    Please STFU until you can do better. This is a great movie.

  • Gran Kolumbus
    Gran Kolumbus   1 weeks ago

    It’s funny how he says falcon is the new captain America considering falcon got caps shield in end game

  • Victoria Hayes
    Victoria Hayes   1 weeks ago


  • Randolph Carter
    Randolph Carter   1 weeks ago

    Georges St. Pierre is playing Batroc The Leaper, a guy with enough natural talent and super-kicking power to hang with Captain America. That's how he can kick Cap away and go through a fight scene with him.And the whole point of the fight scene is to gain Batroc's respect, which is why he turns state's evidence later and gives them clues.

  • LightEm'Up
    LightEm'Up   1 weeks ago

    12:40 "An oak tree that talks..."Yo when was the GOTG released again?

  • Ghost Gaming
    Ghost Gaming   1 weeks ago

    On your left❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Gabriel Clark
    Gabriel Clark   2 weeks ago

    Quick copy and paste from GSP’s character from the movie and you understand why he gave Cap a little challenge..........................Batroc the Leaper has no superhuman abilities, but is in peak physical condition in every respect. He is an Olympic-level weightlifter and has extraordinary agility and reflexes. His leg muscles are particularly well developed, enabling him to leap great distances equal to an Olympic athlete. He is an expert martial artist and hand-to-hand combatant who specializes in savate, and he is also adept at other martial arts such as Krav Maga.[30] He is also skilled in parkour.[30] He is also a skilled military tactician, having formerly been in the French Foreign Legion.

  • Zachary Grall
    Zachary Grall   2 weeks ago

    EWW Captain America: Winter Soldier in 2 seconds. “Nothing. Absolute nothing.”

  • Diapontios
    Diapontios   2 weeks ago

    There’s nothing wrong with the Winter Soldier, it’s the best MCU movie!

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   2 weeks ago

    Sam Clearly told Fury where he was at he was on the wrong floor

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   2 weeks ago

    He wore the WW2 to remind Bucky who he was and in a deleted scene we find out the stealth suit has a tracker in it

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   2 weeks ago

    Arnim Zola first tested on Bucky during the rescue mission in the first movie before he and escaped and cap found him....And again he was tested on through the years Zola still worked for shield and compromised it my guy

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   2 weeks ago

    And the reason they didn’t exec cap in broad daylight it’s because why would they do it they have to do it in secret the world doesn’t know hydra is shield and how would that answer question to them killing him in the open who do we trust?

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   2 weeks ago

    Why would hill reveal herself if they’re nowhere near where they need to know they have to clear a certain distance first

  • Amara Custodio
    Amara Custodio   2 weeks ago

    you forgot to mention that in the bucky's part of the exhibit where it says he lived 1917 - 1944 but it says in the short description that he was born in 1916 and that in the mcu timeline it says that he died in 1945. where art thou the consistency

  • frick
    frick   2 weeks ago

    "they'll probably replace his actor with Don cheadle" 😂😂😂

  • Thomas William
    Thomas William   2 weeks ago

    That “regulate human dude” is Georges St Pierre, quite possibly the best MMA fighter of all time

  • bruh
    bruh   2 weeks ago

    ok but how did fury not know that this incursion was happening everywhere like the hub and the lemurian, and not just the triskelion?

  • Nicholas Goff
    Nicholas Goff   2 weeks ago

    How does the WWII soldier fighting on the western front know French? It makes no sense!

  • The Mad Titan
    The Mad Titan   2 weeks ago

    15:23 I know that you always assholily sin Stan Lee cameos, but that’s just disrespectful. The man worked his ass off to create this universe.

  • Anna
    Anna   3 weeks ago

    Wargames? I thought she was quoting the Saw movies in that scene "Shall we play a game"!?

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   3 weeks ago

    Captain America has heightened senses on top of he’s been training himself for years on using the shield he knows how to use it to its fullest potential and vibranium cancels out the vibrations of what it comes into contact with allow it to bounce of targets

  • Jahmall Marshall
    Jahmall Marshall   3 weeks ago

    Cap is at peak human perfect true he can life up to 800 pounds with ease even more but he usually holds back...but if someone is a skilled enough fighter and can actually has some type of training to be physical near their peak it cop give him a run for his money but he still won’t lose he’ll just go hard😭

  • Medicine91
    Medicine91   3 weeks ago

    Once the X-Men join the MCU, cyyclops will be the Summer Soldier.