Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season!

  • Published on: 20 February 2020
  • Top 10 Games of the 2019 Season!

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  • Will Hovel
    Will Hovel   1 days ago

    The Super Bowl was not the best game of the year. And I'm a chiefs fan.

  • Austin Wade
    Austin Wade   2 days ago

    Chiefs ravens wasn’t even a contest, it would’ve been a blowout if you take out garbage time, might as well say Texans patriots was one of the best as wellTitans ravens wasn’t that good either. Good story, not a good game.

  • J_mickey 56
    J_mickey 56   5 days ago

    As a Texans fan, that week one loss was a heartbreakerOh yeah, and the divisional to the Chiefs. (I don’t like talking about that one)

  • Bionic Alloy
    Bionic Alloy   6 days ago

    Bruh imagine expecting a good game watching the saints v niners game and it was just a college game (jk I loved that game high scoring shootout)

  • Isaac Rostorfer
    Isaac Rostorfer   6 days ago

    Vikings vs Broncos Vikings come back at half time by 20

  • Evan Osborne
    Evan Osborne   6 days ago

    can we all agree that the 9ers were the best team this season?

  • ChargersRCool
    ChargersRCool   1 weeks ago

    Titans vs ravens is not even in the season and it is by far the best

  • LP DUB
    LP DUB   1 weeks ago

    Ravens vs 49ers?

  • Christian Calhoun
    Christian Calhoun   1 weeks ago

    Well the Super Bowl is one of the best games of all time @NFL

  • Miau Chi
    Miau Chi   1 weeks ago

    Need that background song

  • Adad Flores
    Adad Flores   1 weeks ago

    Damn boi, i need that background songIf someone know which is, comment here

  • Darthkatie 15
    Darthkatie 15   1 weeks ago

    SB54 was one hell of a game, it was a great way to start the 2020s.

  • Gary Blackwell
    Gary Blackwell   1 weeks ago

    Personally, I think the Eagles vs. Falcons game is underrated and should be on the list.

  • Mas123
    Mas123   1 weeks ago

    Where is chiefs @ Titans

  • 17K JET
    17K JET   1 weeks ago

    Dude, the 49ers vs Seahawks MNF was like the Rams vs Chiefs but lower scoringwhy not #3?

  • Diana Bateman
    Diana Bateman   1 weeks ago

    no the bears against the vikings in week 17 was the best game

  • human deflector
    human deflector   1 weeks ago

    This list should be full of ravens games, they were amazing

  • Alexander Bakken
    Alexander Bakken   1 weeks ago

    How did super bowl get #1? Dolphins Bengals and Dolphins Patriots were much better than that terrible super bowl.

  • Eddie May
    Eddie May   1 weeks ago

    Why is super bowl 54 number one?

  • varkohs
    varkohs   1 weeks ago

    san fran vs nolo number #1 the reason why the sb is number cause its the sb im still upset we loss that 😭

  • LJ Amitranee
    LJ Amitranee   1 weeks ago

    8:27 MOSTERT..... ťåķëś ïť ìń fòŕ ťhè țôūćhđòwñ