This Mom Creates Hysterical Daily Skeleton Scenes Every Day for Halloween

  • Published on: 27 October 2016
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    There are no skeletons in the closet at this house. Just look at this haunted Halloween display in Lumberton, Texas. Every day the decorations change. One day the skeletons are doing yard work, the next day playing twister. Amy B. Moses is the mastermind behind the monster madness. She says the community especially the kids are in awe of her work.
  • Runtime : 1:21
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  • Ava Johnson
    Ava Johnson   1 weeks ago

    People like this make life special again lol

  • Olivia Doran
    Olivia Doran   4 months ago

    My neighbor does this to for Halloween to in CT

  • Jilly R
    Jilly R   4 months ago

    Cookie is my blanket

  • CC Sandefur
    CC Sandefur   5 months ago

    This is what Halloween is all about!

  • Teresa
    Teresa   5 months ago

    Other people: InktoberThis woman:

  • Epoh Ecnatsnoc
    Epoh Ecnatsnoc   5 months ago

    What's cool about it is that we all look like this doing these things, we just wear flesh suits.

  • Chandy
    Chandy   5 months ago

    Being a stay at home mom must be nice

  • Patricia Pritchard
    Patricia Pritchard   5 months ago

    If she's still doing them she needs to do the Jack and Rose scene from Titanic on the front of the ship, funny side note James Cameron used a broom stick with the scarf on it and super imposed Rose on the front,she could use that,it would be funny 😁🌹💖

  • Natalia Guerrero
    Natalia Guerrero   5 months ago

    I dont really celebrate Halloween but i like it that they for the partiots

  • sarah alamos
    sarah alamos   6 months ago

    That is so neat!& creative.!Love it!!!!!👏👏👏👏👏

  • Brad the Pitts
    Brad the Pitts   6 months ago

    I wonder what her Home Association thinks about this.

  • Lady Wish
    Lady Wish   6 months ago

    Your a halloween goddess love your creativity

  • Abi Hrbacek
    Abi Hrbacek   6 months ago

    Someone needs to tell whoever wrote the title that halloween is only one day

  • LuciLaife 123
    LuciLaife 123   6 months ago

    you 300 years later doing random things on strangers backyards: