Picking Up My Dream Car! 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus + Laser Retrofit

  • Published on: 17 May 2017
  • The Incredible Experience of Buying My Dream Car! 2017 Audi R8 V10 Plus Unboxing & Review + Installing Laser Headlights! Thank you so much guys for helping me accomplish this.

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  • Runtime : 11:3
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  • Auto MD
    Auto MD   1 months ago

    I picked my Audi V10 plus a month ago. havent smiling since then. its a lotta fun to drive. Exhaust sound is wicked. I was able to snatch a very rare color in Porsche Miami Blue.

  • Christian Martinez
    Christian Martinez   1 months ago

    I watched a video from you in 2013 where you talked about an audi r8 being your dream car, and typed in everythingapplepro audi r8 and it made me smile when i seen you finally got your dream car. Great job man. Only took 4 years, that's fast!

  • Evonia21_ 22
    Evonia21_ 22   1 months ago

    OMG man this is my dream car, glad your dream came true. Glad to help you get there.

  • nadeem
    nadeem   1 months ago

    my dream car is an A8L 🔥

  • Soffl _
    Soffl _   1 months ago

    Omg I'm not even allowed to drive but I'm a huge Audi fan too😍😍

  • Azrie Ayuzani
    Azrie Ayuzani   1 months ago

    we have made your dreams come true..now you must help me to get my dreams come true

  • Thanos
    Thanos   2 months ago

    Love Audi too😍👍

  • Oli_D
    Oli_D   3 months ago

    Nice! I'm doing the same on Tuesday: 2016 V10 Plus in Suzuka grey 😍

  • Boo Edit
    Boo Edit   3 months ago

    When ur poor af and own a Audi Q5....

  • Logan Torres
    Logan Torres   4 months ago

    This is my dream car too! I really hope you feel proud!

  • Dj Jimmys
    Dj Jimmys   4 months ago

    You deserve more Audi’s bro ! :)

  • C.C. 95
    C.C. 95   4 months ago

    Great video!With the euro matrix LED headlights and the Euro tail lights - do you have to be wary of technicians flashing the MMI when being serviced? And does the install in any way void the warranty (does the MMI register them as "legal")?

  • Mr. SoiSauce
    Mr. SoiSauce   4 months ago

    Congrats man. And 4 ur next car, try the new e-tron. Also, the Volkswagen Group owns Audi and Lamborghini and Audi is in charge of Lamborghini, so most of the tech that goes in the Audi, also goes in the Huracan. The only difference between the 2 is the driving experience Edit: Also, make a new channel and call it EverythingAudiPro

  • C.C. 95
    C.C. 95   6 months ago

    Did you get both the headlights and tail lights from EUROPRICE?

  • Fette Ecke
    Fette Ecke   7 months ago

    Nice to see you americans give us the Iphone and we germans give you R8s.

  • Pedo Bear
    Pedo Bear   8 months ago

    audi master race. like if you drive an audi.

  • AudiFan 6000
    AudiFan 6000   8 months ago

    That R8 is my dream car. That configuration is just beautiful! Congratulations man!

  • Elving Rivera
    Elving Rivera   8 months ago

    To bad he got the v8 instead of the v10 version ☹️☹️☹️

  • Grown Simba
    Grown Simba   8 months ago

    Where did you buy the european-spec headlights? I don't see them on "europrice . Com". What vendor sells them?

  • themainer
    themainer   8 months ago

    Man this Youtuber is like me SOOO MUCH LIKE MEEE

  • Anthony Salerno
    Anthony Salerno   8 months ago

    Imagine being able to make so much money you can buy an r8 just by making YouTube videos. Youtubers have it so fucking easy I swear. I'm not hating I know all the editing and shit takes alot of time and its very hard to get this many subscribers but I will admit I'm jealous

  • Leon Keka
    Leon Keka   9 months ago

    lol thats my favorite car to

  • G Rodriguez
    G Rodriguez   9 months ago

    Haha that cat - I can relate. "Hurry up MOOOOVE!"

  • Shivank Agrawal
    Shivank Agrawal   9 months ago

    Why every freaking idiot here wants to drop this Audi? Jealous?