How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome

  • Published on: 05 October 2017
  • What happens when microbes talk to your brain?

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    How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome
  • Runtime : 7:39
  • microbiome bacteria gut virus fungus microorganism brain obese poop transplant funny kids animation


  • brien berry
    brien berry   8 hours ago

    Poop transplant? Aight im bout to head out.

  • Stephen Ruffino
    Stephen Ruffino   20 hours ago

    Probably not the best video to watch while eating...

  • Larissa Larissa
    Larissa Larissa   22 hours ago

    I can't even get a bird :( ... i didn't even know that the feeling that force you to eat more is by mirobes

  • KoluzX
    KoluzX   1 days ago

    I felt bad when the immune system microbe squished the other microbe

  • Ori Shahar
    Ori Shahar   1 days ago

    as someone with crohn decease this video helped me a lot

  • Esaú Miller
    Esaú Miller   2 days ago

    In 6:54 making a person with obesity less sensitive to insulin it's a good thig for thar person?

  • ExtremeLight
    ExtremeLight   2 days ago

    And if I try to explain this to my mom, she'll think it's bullshit.

  • Harry K
    Harry K   3 days ago

    my body:fast food bacteria: yo we the kings hereimmune system: smh... peace out

  • Moon
    Moon   3 days ago

    I feel like I'm getting cancer for everything I do

  • cyndee acosta-contreras

    Me: drinks water and throws the bottle away * Me: *grabs water bottle again Me: DONT DIE ON ME!

  • Finanov
    Finanov   3 days ago

    I just ate a bag of Cheetos. I blame my gut bacteria.

  • Cryz
    Cryz   4 days ago

    can i just tell my microbes to stop being a prick and make me actually eat healthy food

  • Cade Reddington
    Cade Reddington   4 days ago

    I was a c-section baby. I have none of those health problems. I am immune •____•

  • Fuckup cunt
    Fuckup cunt   4 days ago

    It is insane how complicated the human body is.

  • Schmippy Scrahahooie

    6:15Kurzgesagt: That's very easy!Me: Oh good!Kurzgesagt: YoU jUsT tRaNsPlAnT sOmE hEaLtHy PoOp!Me: WTFKurzgesagt: Shows graphicMe: Clicks off video

  • Lavina Rodriguez
    Lavina Rodriguez   5 days ago

    So how long would it take to get rid of the unhealthy food bacteria & replace it with healthy food bacteria ???

  • klystron2010
    klystron2010   5 days ago

    I stuffed someone else's shit up my ass but I'm still depressed.

    IM COOL   5 days ago

    Me : see they're not so badEverything that has "micro" in it's name : Little did he know

  • Colin Davo
    Colin Davo   6 days ago

    Check out supersockmanfromthefutuer andSubscribe to my best friend NOW

  • n0 0ne
    n0 0ne   6 days ago

    1:14 is that supposed to be a tit

  • MaterClaritas
    MaterClaritas   6 days ago

    hey kurzgesagt, buddy, pal, im gonna need you not to call the way my brain is (autism) a disease, thanks

  • vf fa
    vf fa   6 days ago

    C-section also causes Autism, Parkinson's, Ebola, Aids and most importantly: the Pestilence!

  • Brown fluffy chicken

    So you’re saying if vaccines do cause autism it would have to have the bacteria that gives us autism? Now we have more evidence that vaccines don’t cause autism.

  • Elliott Pascoe
    Elliott Pascoe   6 days ago

    Bacillus Lemon obsessium is a pathogen that infects millions of poor fruit flies and humans every day