How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome

  • Published on: 05 October 2017
  • What happens when microbes talk to your brain?

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    How Bacteria Rule Over Your Body – The Microbiome
  • Runtime : 7:39
  • microbiome bacteria gut virus fungus microorganism brain obese poop transplant funny kids animation


  • Phoenix Storm Jr.
    Phoenix Storm Jr.   23 hours ago

    I disagree. I can eat almost anything and at random times (everything except broccoli) then again I might be like the only one.

  • Ömer S. Doğru
    Ömer S. Doğru   1 days ago

    Does the drugs consumed by smoke have anything to do with this?

  • Gabriel Laborda
    Gabriel Laborda   1 days ago

    Um recado aí do MC Rayban pro meu povo brasileiro Tão sofrido, amado e guerreiro.: vamo vencer mais essa. Ae oh Bactéria filha da puta Micróbio do caralho Empatou a minha f... Atrasou os trabalho Mas o Brasil tá unido, e decidiu o seguinte Não tem mole pra covid-19 nem 20 BACTÉRIAAAAAAAAA Bactéria filha da p... Micróbio do caralho Empatou a minha f... Atrasou os trabalho Mas o Brasil tá unido, e decidiu o seguinte Não tem mole pra covid-19 nem 20 E a visão oh Eu não sei como começou, nem quando vai terminar Não sei nem quem foi que trouxe essa porra "pá" cá Conspiração diabólica pra testar nossa fé Mas não vai passar batido, Deus tá vendo cóe Já vencemo ota batalha, não vai ser uma doença Que vai prender nosso povo e decretar uma sentença BACTÉRIAAAAAAA bactéria filha da puta Micróbio do caralho Empatou a minha foda Atrasou os trabalho Mas o Saara tá unido e decidiu o seguinte Não tem mole pra covid-19 nem 20

  • Cheng文微
    Cheng文微   3 days ago


  • Nathaniel Holmes
    Nathaniel Holmes   4 days ago

    5:57 Serious deseases such as Autism? What? How tf is that a serious disease?

    MEMIS HASILCI   4 days ago

    the new born children are virgin with respect yo bacteria and viruses than why we are living to be 120 years old a man found in india 259 then the people all of us dpnt know anything and do not learn anything the woman i remember in some eastern country gave birth to babies at the corn fields wuthout doctors we dont know that we dont know

  • Alex Schaal 2
    Alex Schaal 2   5 days ago

    6:21 me when I bought a car and bought it from 6

  • Priscila Guimarães
    Priscila Guimarães   6 days ago

    why my teacher spoke to me goin to here in this video?I'm brasilian than I don't know write and speak english

  • Lorielle Moorhaus
    Lorielle Moorhaus   6 days ago

    Garbage "science." Autism is NOT a disease! And this quickly turned into an ad for "gut health." Run, people!

  • Zakir Reshi
    Zakir Reshi   1 weeks ago

    Good guys.....(☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞inside 💩

  • Potato Overlord
    Potato Overlord   1 weeks ago

    bruh imagine going to the doctor and they tell you you’ve been prescribed shit transplants

  • Jay P
    Jay P   1 weeks ago

    Milk makes me fat for an asian guy with a high metabolism. I wonder if lac operon...

  • M Revalino
    M Revalino   1 weeks ago

    Microbes Be like BigSmokeMicrobes:12 Extra Cheese burger With Diet Cola,8 Meat Burger.

  • Drade X
    Drade X   1 weeks ago

    4:20 I see what you did there!

  • Kwaku Gyebi
    Kwaku Gyebi   1 weeks ago

    Nobody:My gut microbiome: where we bout to eat at?

  • Paulo.heuman Rodríguez

    I went oooohhhh how cute at the beginnings and ¡¿¿¡WTF!??! At the end When I saw the poop transmission XD

  • vince Mccarthy
    vince Mccarthy   1 weeks ago

    I wonder what kind of microbes the Chinese have? Maybe further test will reveal they have microbes that crave Dogs, Cats and Bats.

  • crazydee1955
    crazydee1955   1 weeks ago

    I was ok until the poop part and then I saw Bill and Melinda Gates name. Not fond of those two AT ALL. Other than that it was very interesting.

  • mintydog06
    mintydog06   1 weeks ago

    2:40 LOL Also I love the bacteria with the backpack going about its day

  • BRHU_21
    BRHU_21   1 weeks ago

    I'm healthy and I got has all three of bacteria and the healthy ones take over the sweet ones and the fast-food ones my favorite vegetables are peas green beans in my most favorite of all corn with butter especially on the grill

  • Josh
    Josh   1 weeks ago

    Anyone got any healthy poop to drop in me?

  • vortex
    vortex   1 weeks ago

    poop transplant is real... i watched south park and i though they made it up 😩

  • Jennifer Dorey
    Jennifer Dorey   1 weeks ago

    My biome be: like I WANT CHICKEN my brain be like: na lets watch tv and eat

  • SalmonWalk
    SalmonWalk   1 weeks ago

    Baby: criesMom: Aww he’s breathing his first breath!Me!:Naw he’a just disgusted by your bacteria on him

  • Purple Waffles
    Purple Waffles   1 weeks ago

    you just said that autism is a diseasethat's not true

  • Daniel Santa Rosa
    Daniel Santa Rosa   1 weeks ago

    I cannot have poop transplanted into me, for I have had my appendix removed. What should I do to erase depression and start eating healthy? I CANT HAVE HEALTHY POOP TRANSPLANTED

  • Josny13
    Josny13   1 weeks ago

    This explains why I'm thin as f*ck and still don't feel like eating or even felt like eating something. An empty stomach and feeling empty, sure. But no appetite.I actually recently noticed this before I saw this video. Having remembered hearing something about the many bacteria and stuff in your guts are coexist with us, and which are part of the reason why a balanced diet is important. I wonder how long it takes to regrow these bacteria..Need this to happen fast before I need a sh!t transplant. Anything but that.