The Best & Worst Oil Filter -13 Oil Filters Compared In Head-2-Head Challenge - Fram, Mobil 1, Wix

  • Published on: 10 December 2018
  • I cut open 13 oil filters to compare who is the best. Five of the oil filters were for conventional oil and the other eight filters were for synthetic oil. These are the brands of oil filters I cut open: Mobile1, Fram, STP, K&N, Wix, Bosch, Mopar, Motorcraft, AC Delco, and Supertech. This is an Ultimate Oil Filter Challenge, conventional vs synthetic oil filters. This is the best oil filter comparison I have done. Remember an OEM filter is always recommended by the dealer. Once and for all we will see who makes the best ultra synthetic oil filter.

    My next oil filter video might be on which oil filter can filter the most dirt or particles out of oil the best.

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    Who Makes The Best & Worst Oil Filter To Protect Your Engine - 13 Oil Filters Compared

    Find Out Who Makes The Best & Worst Oil Filter -13 Oil Filters Compared - Fram, Mobil 1, Wix
  • Runtime : 21:24
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  • oxmanagain
    oxmanagain   1 years ago

    Here are the oil filters I used in the video. Oil Filters

  • Eric Vonzipper
    Eric Vonzipper   1 days ago

    Wow! Thank you. Much appreciated. Certainly will change my buying choices.

  • Jacob Hendrickson
    Jacob Hendrickson   1 days ago

    No purolator? There pretty sweet I prefer the wix, mobile one, or drams top notch filter is good too.

  • pittsky p
    pittsky p   1 days ago

    I have always used Motorcraft in my Mustang. No problems.

  • Jesse Amaya
    Jesse Amaya   2 days ago

    Thank you for the time, money and effort that went into this comparison. Things like this is what makes youtube worthwhile.

  • Ken Shreve
    Ken Shreve   5 days ago

    Purolator Pure One is the best filter on the market. It has the best filtration rate and capacity. It's a shame you didn't have one in the test.

    HILLBILLYinHELL   5 days ago

    Thanks for making this video my filters I use were compared and I was happy with what I saw. I was hoping the filters I use were well made and from what I saw from your great video yep they are. Always appreciate when someone takes the time do do a great job and comparison and this has to be one of the BEST ones on you tube!

  • Dru
    Dru   6 days ago

    Excellent video dawg. One of the best parts was that you said "If you have any questions..." not "Like comment and subscribe!!" Anyway, very good work and much appreciated.

  • Joseph Kool
    Joseph Kool   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for this. Which one do you use on your Range Rover? I just fished watching and you use Mobile 1 because that's what the manufacturer calls for. What would you use if the manufacturer said use whatever you want?

  • Wade Mcmurray
    Wade Mcmurray   1 weeks ago

    Awesome video and I want to thank you for taking the time to video so that we all could watch and make a very informative decision on the oil filter best for ourselves. Thank you sir. Chuck

  • Roldan Segura
    Roldan Segura   1 weeks ago

    Great job !!! Appreciate your time and effort to give a very comprehensive review of the filter that are available. Thank you !

  • Ken hutch
    Ken hutch   1 weeks ago

    Thanks for your information you gave, it is worth a lot for many.

  • wiredwarrior
    wiredwarrior   2 weeks ago

    Thanks Oxmanagain Really appreciate all your effort. I am also high on the FRAM Ultra Synthetic but not Fram's lower tier filters and I'm also High on the Wix XP with their filter media being similar to Fram Ultra Synthetic. REcently bought a new Plug-in Hybrid and with latter oil Filters and the fact that most of my miles are electric mode not ICE engine, I need only one oil change a year frequency at most. Thanks again....

  • Mr305Maxxx
    Mr305Maxxx   2 weeks ago

    One minute in & I can already tell this is a respectable thinking man. Immediate like. I have a question after finally watching the video, do you prefer those aftermarket filters over your vehicle's OEM engine oil filters? Would OEM be better than aftermarket in this case?

    STEVE POWERS   2 weeks ago

    Like the video, but the amount of filter material in each canister seems to be different. Would you measure the length and width to see which one has the most material?

  • n fermin
    n fermin   2 weeks ago

    Great content, lot's of valuable information, Thank you

  • henerymag
    henerymag   2 weeks ago

    Very good video thank you. I always go for the Fram Ultra Synthetic. Cost is a bit more but now I realize exactly why. Along with good synthetic oil changed at 6,000 km or 3728 miles on my 2017 Accent it should run for quite awhile.

  • rout9291
    rout9291   2 weeks ago

    Thanks for all the hard work to give us the information!👍👍👍

  • Tanji
    Tanji   3 weeks ago

    I have been using purolator for a while now but they are getting expensive, nearly double of fram ultra synthetic. So I was looking for an alternative. Thanks!

  • Gary Heaton
    Gary Heaton   3 weeks ago

    It would have been nice to include the three NAPA filters as well..the silver, gold and the platinum. All good filters..but the bypass valve on the gold really makes the difference to me. I hope some day they will put it on the platinum one as well.Thanks for the video pal. Good job!!👍

  • Carl Vallone
    Carl Vallone   3 weeks ago

    Thanx for the video, it would be more useful had you compared the same part# for each filter

  • Chris Smith
    Chris Smith   3 weeks ago

    Mad props for the time and science you put I to this.

  • F165
    F165   3 weeks ago

    You should save your money to fix that suv behind you.

  • elf man
    elf man   3 weeks ago

    Thanks for all the hard work.

  • Car Crafter
    Car Crafter   3 weeks ago

    Great comparison. Personally I use only OEM filters from the manufacturer. I do all my own car maintenance and use a superb program on my computer to keep track and manage it all. My Toyota currently has over 250,000 and has never needed any repairs. Amazing what taking good care of a vehicle can do!

  • Joseph Klimchock
    Joseph Klimchock   4 weeks ago

    Decent compare...2 things....all filters are not equal in the amount of threads on the base, some barley have 2 threads to screw onto engine, so can come off if pressure problem arises.....then.....I especially notice the Motorcraft sicne I have Fords and use only the OEM..........why not , it is less than 5 bucks, made in the USA to Fords spec, AND if you look at the oil flow holes in the base, the are oval or elongated to promote fast flow on start and during operation.......not one aftermarket duplicates this......just a thought.

  • Michael Slovan
    Michael Slovan   4 weeks ago

    Your not comparing apples to apples. You need to compare filters to the same engine application .Different ac oil filters are like night and day when taken apart. pf63 and pf63e are completly different inside.. pf63 has a15lbs bypass ,and pf63e has25lbs bypass and higher flow rating.Do not use a pf63 in the place of a pf63e!. Just because they screw on dosnt mean they will work.

  • John Newman
    John Newman   4 weeks ago

    Just put wix in my 350 5.7 boat motorThx

  • Robert Smith
    Robert Smith   1 months ago

    Before you install filter, check the threads. Many metal shavings are usually in there.

  • Arthur Smith
    Arthur Smith   1 months ago

    Youtube Carbibles. They will tell you the best filters 2020.

  • richard Cassinari
    richard Cassinari   1 months ago

    It would be great if you added a Amsoil filter and just tacked on your test of it at the end of the vid...

  • beloved one
    beloved one   1 months ago

    Not that is matter now but it may have been easier to whack the ends off with a reciprocating saw with a metal blade!

  • Big Tex
    Big Tex   1 months ago

    Very interesting,thanks man.