How College Students Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut

  • Published on: 13 November 2019
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    How College Students Spend $100 on Groceries | Cut

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  • Runtime : 4:42
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  • Madeline Leigh Young

    I’m kinda scared that I’ll end up like the girl in the white shirt. I’m 17 and I know that my parents will pay for college. I have .5% experience with a job. I just want to be able to rely on myself instead of my family. I know that they’re there to catch me if I fall, but that’s part of what scares me. I don’t want to keep making the same mistakes and not learning because there’s always someone there to pick up my mess.I dunno this might just be me

  • Kayla m
    Kayla m   2 days ago

    i like gin, I feel fancy when I drink gin

  • Aurore sailorlua
    Aurore sailorlua   3 days ago

    Right now i'm really happy to be an european girl who doesn't need to have a debt to go to UNI 😅 But well, i didn't do well in UNI so i got a job 🤷‍♀️ The american dream right 😅

  • Maydita Ayu
    Maydita Ayu   3 days ago

    I was that girl in black turtleneck when i was in college. Wanna hug her. Hopefully she get job as soon as she graduated

  • hooleh
    hooleh   3 days ago

    So if I’m 500,000 in debt I can just work in a coffee shop

  • issskawaii _kee
    issskawaii _kee   3 days ago

    The girl with the white literally whats wrong with society and I just cant..😂💀

  • Juliana Arango
    Juliana Arango   5 days ago Please check out my story and I’ll appreciate it so much!

  • Amanda Cartier
    Amanda Cartier   5 days ago

    Bro that girl in the purple sweatshirt has no idea how life works. $1000 dollars on food? I've got a family of 5 and we spend $800 on food a month (if we aren't careful.) big oof

  • Chester
    Chester   5 days ago

    A toast to everyone who also didnt pay a single dollar for school or education. Cheers!

  • BaguetteOfDoom
    BaguetteOfDoom   5 days ago

    Holy fuck food is expensive in the USA. In Germany I can buy food for 2-3 weeks for that amount money without even having to look at the price. For 100€ I could buy more than 200 packs of pasta...

  • Kent Pham
    Kent Pham   5 days ago

    Frat boy and Actor girl need to reevaluate their financial decisions.

  • L
    L   6 days ago

    4:09 thats just some wishful thinking at its best she's gonna get slapped with reality really soon

  • Quin
    Quin   6 days ago

    These are the same people demanding a living wage for doing nothing

  • Mac’n’ Cheesy
    Mac’n’ Cheesy   6 days ago

    Of corse the white girl with glasses be the one to say I go out to eat every day. God dam

  • CozyCat ASMR
    CozyCat ASMR   6 days ago

    I hope people stop bashing the girl in the white shirt because I want to see more people like her on the channel. They might get scared of being bashed and not want to get interviewed anymore.

  • Andrea Rodriguez
    Andrea Rodriguez   6 days ago

    they're all soooo bad with their groceries holly shit I'm 21 and I buy 50 worth of food for a family of 3 (my parents and me ) we eat good for like a good 2 weeks

  • What You Egg
    What You Egg   1 weeks ago

    I can taste the tears of the salty poor people who can't let someone with money spend it. Chill the fuck out, if she has the money to spend on that stuff then let her.-fellow lower middle class citizen.

  • Daddy Satin
    Daddy Satin   1 weeks ago

    i swear if the white girl gets famous i would be SO PISSED! sis needs to learn to be humble.

  • SteIIaOne
    SteIIaOne   1 weeks ago

    I'm more shocked about how little you seem to get for $100?! When I go wild grocery shopping I pay like 70€ and have around 4 full bags of groceries?! My budget for a month is around 100€, what they bought could never last me through a month?!AND you're telling me 6 eggs costs $3.19?!?!?!! What the hell America!

  • Jenny Steiner
    Jenny Steiner   1 weeks ago

    I just realised that groceries are really expensive. My boyfriend and I live together in Germany and we spent only 100€ for two whole weeks worth of food, including drinks and snacks.

  • Sydney Wands
    Sydney Wands   1 weeks ago

    Okay I want more info on the white shirt girl. Like, does she have a nice internship to make her money? What’s her rent like? Does she make smart financial decisions on other things so she can splurge on food and trips?

  • Dani R
    Dani R   1 weeks ago


  • Anthony Miceli
    Anthony Miceli   1 weeks ago

    Guys stop with the comments about the girl in the white top and glassesI can’t like the all!?!

  • Bordon
    Bordon   1 weeks ago

    I don’t understand the hate for the white shirt girl. It’s one thing for be priceless but it’s another to be a flexing privileged shithead

  • Kafelek owo
    Kafelek owo   1 weeks ago

    Him: How much student debt are you gonna have? Me: laughing in language of country where's no student debt

  • Parttime
    Parttime   1 weeks ago

    I can't believe how expensive food in America is. No wonder that people think that fast food restaurants are cheap there. Your nececary food is way too expesive

  • Ramonerdna
    Ramonerdna   1 weeks ago

    Ok I get why so many are annoyed by the girl in the white shirt. But the really shocking thing to me was how much in debt they'll all be after college...even the one with grants. DAMN USA's education is expensive.

  • Laura Stone
    Laura Stone   1 weeks ago

    the only one that knew how to shop and it looks fresh and healthy and a ton of food was the finance guy HAHA!

  • Kailey Burger
    Kailey Burger   1 weeks ago

    I don’t get why y’all are hating on people just because they are financially capable to waste a ton of money. Good for them, just because other people struggle with money doesn’t mean they should be bashed on for being able to spend it on whatever.

  • Kiyana Cofield
    Kiyana Cofield   1 weeks ago

    So your parents required you go to college and they aren't paying the bill?! Wtf?

  • GoddessZUnique
    GoddessZUnique   1 weeks ago

    I only respect the Indian girl in black. The white girl irritates me to a great degree.

  • Tarik Kindell
    Tarik Kindell   1 weeks ago

    i don't like to judge but the girl in the white shirt blows my mind in how delusional she is that I don't believe she exists. Like Cut must have made her in a lab.

  • Kagome Momo
    Kagome Momo   1 weeks ago

    Awwww there it is. The white spoiled rich kids just laughing off real world responsibilities

  • Lanny Ogarro
    Lanny Ogarro   1 weeks ago

    she's def gone be an actress!! will like to see more of her... this was a nice vid

  • Patryk Wieczorek
    Patryk Wieczorek   1 weeks ago

    What's the most expensive thing you bought here???......Condoms

  • frankie
    frankie   2 weeks ago

    why are they laying down during the interview its so awkward

  • dan Z
    dan Z   2 weeks ago

    Wow im glad I'm not like them...