Can't believe what SLICK 50 did to my engine!!--Dry Crankcase Test!

  • Published on: 07 May 2017
  • In this video, I pre-treat one engine with SLICK 50 and then drain the oil and run both engines without any oil or additives in the crankcase. Which engine will "lock up" or seize first?
  • Runtime : 9:50
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  • Cyb3rs34l
    Cyb3rs34l   9 hours ago

    Try using the lucas oil heavy duty oil stabilizer.

  • That's besides the point

    I had a 66 mustang in Oahu and I put a bottle of slick 50 with my oil change.The next day I purchased a brand new excel distributor for the 289 and said I can do this. Took the old one out, put the new one in.Started the car and after a minute sounded terrible. Couldn’t figure out what happened. Put the old one back on , took it off put the new one on a few times.So I decided to call my friend, he said just drive it to my place I figure it out. I lived across from the airport in Salt lake and drove it on the freeway all the way up the mountains to Near the Army base, like 40 minutes.Pulled up the last hill parked it, friend came down we try it again and then the engine stopped. So he called his dad and he said did you check for the oil pump pin 🤦‍♂️. I didn’t know that the pin fell off and down into the hole and that was the sound I heard all the way there, the pin spinning around all crazy.But of course no oil was running the whole time, like 25 miles. We fished the pin out after an hour and installed it on the new exccel , turned the motor loose by hand. And son of a bitch it started right up.Drove it home and the next morning to a mechanic I knew he dropped the pan and all that happened was one crank barring was a little damaged , but that was it. He couldn’t believe the story I told him.Slick 50 saved the engine.

  • Marc Schaefer
    Marc Schaefer   1 days ago

    Have you ever heard of a product called Tribotex? I have a tube that I have not opened yet. Would be happy to send it to you.

  • Fortitude Valance
    Fortitude Valance   1 days ago

    I’ve noticed in many of your lawnmower videos is that nearly every engine you placed your tests on are Briggs & Stratton. I had B&S engined mowers for years but only ever 1 mower was a Tecumseh and the latter lasted 18 years whilst other engines only lasted on average 4.5 years. I’m not sure why the Tecumseh outlasted all the Briggs all engines were well looked after for and ruthlessly maintained.

  • Poul Thomsen
    Poul Thomsen   1 days ago

    Ceramizer has a video where a Honda Civic drives for over 500km without engine oil. The engine looks like new afterwards. That would be interesting putting it to the test.

  • Mike D
    Mike D   1 days ago

    Ever tried QMI engine oil treatment? I added it as directed and my car engine, RPM climes up significantly before the computer adjusted it back down,. I have also had good luck with PRIG fuel treatment to save bad gas, any thoughts?????

  • Stephen Dall
    Stephen Dall   2 days ago

    You used Quaker State....that stuff is murder on high rpm engines, I will never use that stuff in any engine that I own ever again.Cost me too much to repair the damage it caused....twice!

  • NTH Welding
    NTH Welding   2 days ago

    They need to both be new engine. One might not have been taking care as good as the other.

  • rabone
    rabone   2 days ago

    Dura Last v.s. Slick 50 would be interesting...

  • Rob H
    Rob H   3 days ago

    Have you tried mili-tec for an oil additive? It’s meant for coating weapons to reduce friction. I run it in motor oil

  • Kallyjon
    Kallyjon   3 days ago

    Z-Bond, Matrix, Metalube Xcelplus and Duration are all the original Slick 50 formular

  • KKAcharya
    KKAcharya   5 days ago

    Please test prolong oil additive.

  • Michael Stilley
    Michael Stilley   5 days ago

    I was told by my Briggs & Stratton rep. (about 20 years ago) that oil additives like slick 50 actually congeal in air cooled engines.

  • Jack Meoff
    Jack Meoff   5 days ago

    I hear mystery oil is pretty good

  • Daniel Gagne
    Daniel Gagne   5 days ago

    Love your videos, my go to oil and gas treatment is Marvel's mystery oil...

  • E Sanford16
    E Sanford16   6 days ago

    Never heard someone say sae 30 so much

  • David Miller
    David Miller   1 weeks ago

    You mentioned that you have used slick 50 for years, but just recently you have tested the product, I'm confused with that, you seem so intelligent, maybe I misunderstood you sir.

  • kenhein2
    kenhein2   1 weeks ago

    ARCHOIL AR9100 Friction modifier is the only oil additive I have found to help with diesel injector stiction but is also recommended for all gas and diesel engines including small engines. Like hot sauce I put that $hit on everything...

  • Michael Smith
    Michael Smith   1 weeks ago

    The old slick 50 is the real deal. The new slick 50 is not the same formula. The original guys still sell the original formula but it is not available in the states.

  • MrRaynemaker
    MrRaynemaker   1 weeks ago

    I never used SLICK 50, but I do remember the commercials. I had great success with a product called DURALUBE. I had truck with an engine that had gotten too hot, and it had worn the bearings. I drove it for several years after that, and as the engine got warmer, it would, 1. Start to loose oil pressure, and 2. start to overheat. After I started using the DURALUBE, it would still loose the oil pressure but it never overheated.Which brings up a point: It seems that the engine, in your test with the SLICK 50, failed at a much lower temperature than the one with the straight oil. I didn't hear you comment on that.Excellent work that you put forth!!

  • Duane Adkins
    Duane Adkins   1 weeks ago

    Have you tried this test using Dura Lube ? I've been using it for about 20 years in various engines and I've never had a problem.

  • Carl Kem
    Carl Kem   1 weeks ago

    Back in 1988 I bought myself a 4x4 truck, and since it was literally brand new (only had 52 miles on it), I made it a point to use Slick 50 in it from the very first oil change I did on it. Now, fast forward a few years, 1991 I think it was, when some prick messed with my truck. He removed the oil pan plug and drained the oil out. When I found out about this my truck sounded horrible. The knocking was really bad. I checked the oil and...I found it was empty. So I put oil in it, and like always, after I put a quart or two in, I checked it. Still empty. WTF? Then I looked down by the tire and oil was all over the place. So I found the problem. Caught a ride to the local Checker Auto Supply, bought a replacement plug and went put it in and filled it with oil. I finally found out, a few weeks later, who did what when & where and I calculated that I had put around 65 miles on the engine, running dry. Ever since the engine had a nasty knock, but the mechie I had look it over said that other than some minor scoring, he really saw no damage. That engine lasted me a total of 220,000 miles until I ended up replacing it (big mistake, should have overhauled it). I suppose you can say what you want, but to me Slick 50 earned my respect. I seriously doubt it would have lasted anywhere near as long.

  • Robert Thomas
    Robert Thomas   1 weeks ago

    Militec or militec-1. Military buys this stuff by the 50 gallon drum. I've been using it for about 30 years. Works great.

  • Chad Buxton
    Chad Buxton   1 weeks ago

    I wonder if the air flow from the outlet of the mower on the right affected the mower on the left..

  • V T
    V T   1 weeks ago

    I used Slick50 years ago. I felt a lot of what was written on the packaging about it needing to be filed off to remove it was bull but it made every engine I used it on much quieter.

  • V T
    V T   1 weeks ago

    You'd really need to run the test on brand new engines or at least 3 different batches for some kind of fair conclusion. Also open up the engines and see what the exact wear inside was like afterwards.

  • john taylor
    john taylor   1 weeks ago

    Do the test with Mobil 1 synthetic oil

  • Pastmasterdan
    Pastmasterdan   1 weeks ago

    I used Slick 50 until I discovered Z-Max. The problem was that the Zmax caused all the garbage from Slick 50 to clog up the oil filter. That sucker weighed 5 pounds easy. Slick 50 contains PTFE's, google it.

  • Scorp
    Scorp   1 weeks ago

    i know this is an older video, but i thought you was going to use the 50 alone without mixture. that would have been fun. but slick 50 is garbage , i had some, removed the top cap and poured some out . the stuff was milky grey , almost silverish i took it back to the parts store. got money back because the rest of their shipment was all the same.the stuff had metal in it. good show tho.

  • kelly don
    kelly don   1 weeks ago

    I remember my dad had slick 50, 43 years ago. It was thick copper color and it was expensive . I bought some when I seen it cheap and it is not the same product it was then. I guess the patent ran out and someone with the name rights now sells who knows what with a slick 50 label.

  • Irishdrivingbloopers
    Irishdrivingbloopers   1 weeks ago

    That yellow funnel looks familiar to me. Like something I saw for women out camping etc on Wish ;) lol.

  • Charles Dudek
    Charles Dudek   1 weeks ago

    Very interesting test. I never really bought into the slick 50 commercial but when you did the temperature test and the slick 50 was cooler I thought well its reducing friction maybe there is something to it. But I guess not. Good test!

  • Burt Vincent
    Burt Vincent   2 weeks ago

    I used to believe in Slick 50 and had cars run well past 200,000 miles. I owed that to Slick 50. Then I ran several other vehicles past 200000 miles without Slick 50. Now I believe it had more to do with fuel injection and computerized engine controls.