Can't believe what SLICK 50 did to my engine!!--Dry Crankcase Test!

  • Published on: 07 May 2017
  • In this video, I pre-treat one engine with SLICK 50 and then drain the oil and run both engines without any oil or additives in the crankcase. Which engine will "lock up" or seize first?
  • Runtime : 9:50
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  • Tom Haire
    Tom Haire   15 hours ago

    The fact that the engine does run cooler will prolong its life as long as you treat it right.

  • Scott Rice
    Scott Rice   20 hours ago

    Something else I use to drive a hay rake and on a field that we rake each month there were these giant propane single piston engines.One time I was talking to the maintenance guy who is changing the oil. These engines did not use motor oil they used mineral oil it was a clear looking liquid with no color I also remember him saying that they would take the used oil and push it through filters under pressure then reuse it.Have you ever tried using something other than motor oil.

  • Scott Rice
    Scott Rice   20 hours ago

    About the same time slick 50 came out there was a another product called Dura Lube I do not know if you can find it any longer but their claim was that it performed better than slick 50

  • casper smees
    casper smees   1 days ago

    try it with TSL

  • Former Marine
    Former Marine   1 days ago

    I had been told by a long time auto mechanic, that the slick 50 product is a scam! Just like many other additives just snake oil products!

  • Jose Rosas
    Jose Rosas   1 days ago

    Do you have a video on a test using Dura Lube?

  • Leighton Samms
    Leighton Samms   2 days ago

    Strangely, I had never used SLICK 50, BUT have used STP some years ago, , and so it goes! Cheers to you, from NJ🇺🇸

  • James Howell
    James Howell   2 days ago

    Lucus motor oil stabilizer in a rider lawnmower

  • James Mana
    James Mana   2 days ago

    Two questions. The slick 50 I remember (over 45 years ago LMAO ) poured out like honey. Yours did not. Also I am curious what type of oil did you use? Was it non detergent or HD? And for Desert what did the manufacture recommend for oil to use. Last but not least how much damage was done internally to both. LOL I know I said 2 questions.

  • Richard Siegler
    Richard Siegler   3 days ago

    Amsoil will keep running even when drained.....used it for 12 years in my tri axle dump truck 780,000 miles and internal engine was still in excellent condition.

  • Ticky Tocky
    Ticky Tocky   3 days ago

    who knows how the motors were treated, maybe the 50 motor was more worn to start.

  • Robert Condon
    Robert Condon   3 days ago

    You missed your calling. You should have worked in a engine dyno!

  • Robert Condon
    Robert Condon   3 days ago

    Run the engine on nitro methane it is cool. It’s the racing fuel. You will find they seem more powerful.

  • Harry Williamson
    Harry Williamson   4 days ago

    The make up of slick50 is different as it was years ago the original owner of slick50 has the old make up under a different name.

  • Charles Coker
    Charles Coker   4 days ago

    Todays Slick 50 is not the original formula! The original Slick 50 was stopped being produced under the Slick 50 name in 1984. John Bishop explains. Test Xcelplus to see if it works!

  • Mary Rawlings
    Mary Rawlings   4 days ago

    I have saved cars by using Slick 50. I use it in all my cars all the time. I run cars that others give up on. I am now driving a 1996 and expect to be still running it in six years with Slick 50 in it. I use it in every oil change. I don't run engines out of oil

  • Mary Rawlings
    Mary Rawlings   4 days ago

    This is an unfair test. He doesn't drain the same amount of oil from both mowers. He left more oil in the winning mower.

  • Kevin Gilroy
    Kevin Gilroy   4 days ago

    Maybe try this. I had a 1981 VW Rabbit. It had zero oil pressure at idle in drive. So I would bump into nuetruel. But as a home made idea. I used a generic STP. Or engine honey. But filled will a cup of graphite powder. It never seized. It did one day blow a head gasket. But never locked up. Give it a try!

  • Tobynetwork 1
    Tobynetwork 1   5 days ago

    Yes it's called Liqui Moly it was invented so an airplane can run without oil long enough to land. You can get it at auto stores I believe made in Germany

  • XTechnician
    XTechnician   5 days ago

    The result should be the same for both engines unless these engines are not identical mechanically.

  • James Craig
    James Craig   6 days ago

    The difference in ring/cylinder wear between the two engines may have actually determined which seized up first in this test. The test would really have to be done on two engines with equal clearances to isolate the effect of the slick 50 on seize time. It made for an interesting video nonetheless.

  • steiger 256
    steiger 256   6 days ago

    I am not sure if you have done any videos in the past on spark plugs. Maybe putting E3 to the test against others?

  • busmekanx
    busmekanx   6 days ago

    They used firehouse to cool slant 6engine, should have sold whatever let old Chrysler slant 6 run wet

  • Fermin Garrick
    Fermin Garrick   1 weeks ago

    Yes it's magical oil the claim but it does not do what they say...just use regular oil that you car need.

  • Mang213
    Mang213   1 weeks ago

    Little late to the party but I'm wondering if anyone mentioned the primary reason for the temperature difference being due to the fact the Slick 50 mower's exhaust was pointing right at the other mower with conventional 30 weight. Just a thought

  • Ryan Arnold
    Ryan Arnold   1 weeks ago

    The slick 50 engine was new and tight the sae 30 was a old and broken in with looser tolerance very bad test man. The mowers are Same brand but much different in age

  • Frotax Frotax
    Frotax Frotax   1 weeks ago

    Castor is the only oil that actually does not run away from hot metal. You could run this test with the engine on say full race Castor oil like Klotz Benol (Bean Oil) Green Label vs Say their Klotz R50 which is full Synthetic 2 stroke race oil.Castor is used in 4 stroke engines like air cooled Speedway bikes and MotoGP before top synths were available for both 2 and 4 stroke.Castor is designed for high heat, high rev, high load, for extended times like shifter karts.Or they run a top full Synth, but still, nothing beats castor, it just burns dirtier(nobody cares on races engines being rebuilt regularly)You know when someone is running Castor in a 2 stroke. The smell is yummy.

  • Aaron
    Aaron   1 weeks ago

    The hot exhaust from the slick 50 is going in front of the thermometer for the SAE mower.

  • Clint Eastwood
    Clint Eastwood   1 weeks ago

    I only use SAE HD30 SUPER TECH from Wal-Mart. I live in Florida and I have no use for multi weight motor oil. My cars all last longer

  • Luis De Los Santos
    Luis De Los Santos   1 weeks ago

    the exhaust from the slick 50 lawnmower is blowing hot all over the mower running just the 30 weight oil thus potentially making the reading 10 degrees or so hotter than it would if the hot exhaust wasnt blowing that direction

  • D P
    D P   1 weeks ago

    the exhaust from the slick pointing directly at the sae 30. more heat on the sae 30.

  • Steven Booth
    Steven Booth   1 weeks ago

    Modern synthetic oils are that good they need no further additives. All I do is one full oil and filter change a year as I do less than 7k miles annually. I do not have engine problems at all.

  • Shawn Barczak
    Shawn Barczak   1 weeks ago

    This would be a good test with the Lucas oil stabilizer as well...

  • Dude MacGyver
    Dude MacGyver   1 weeks ago

    hahahahaha that is funny PETER PIPERPETER PIPER1 year agoLawn mowers must shudder when the realization hits them that they are going to Project Farm