• Published on: 29 December 2019
  • 10 Famous Kids Who Ruined Their Careers

    Here are 10 Famous Kids Who Ruined Their Careers. For those of you interested on how I make my videos, I primarily use Final Cut Pro X to edit my videos. I use different stock footages (both free and paid), clips of videos that I can find related to the video and search images to visualize the narrative and story that I’m trying to tell. I hire different researchers and writers for the script for each video along with my our original commentary and hire different voice over actors that can properly convey the the theme of the video. KMost importantly, find the best background music, usually royalty free from Incompetech to create an exciting atmosphere while watching the video.

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  • Hyperloop
    Hyperloop   2 months ago

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  • JT Shark
    JT Shark   6 hours ago

    Sorry the girl from LazyTown is alive and well and did not pass away. While not much is known about her, it is disputed if she was the one arrested for prostitiution as she was reportedly somewhere else at that time. If you look around the web most legit news sources have dropped that article from their site history

  • Liam Bailey
    Liam Bailey   3 days ago

    Not all of these people ruined their careers.... and you don't even state how or why they supposedly ruined their career... When you come up with a concept stick to it.

  • Elliot Boyd
    Elliot Boyd   3 days ago

    did anyone think of Fortnite when they saw the lazy town blimp?

  • Louise xoxo
    Louise xoxo   4 days ago

    the girl from lazytown isnt dead? shes very alive and actually back in university?

  • Rahul Nambiar
    Rahul Nambiar   5 days ago

    Jaden Smith: Ain't on this list coz me unrecognizable.

  • Brandon Harmon
    Brandon Harmon   1 weeks ago

    My belief in this industry is that they all have to do whatever they want you to do and if you don't I'll make sure you get fired, look crazy and go down as a crazy movie star

  • exotic me
    exotic me   1 weeks ago

    The theme is so wrong actually the title should be "10 Famous Kids who got arrested"

  • Wiggley Jons
    Wiggley Jons   1 weeks ago


  • Brianna Alvarez
    Brianna Alvarez   1 weeks ago

    umm.. Julianna rose murielle didn't commit suicide from a drug overdose. she is alive and is 28 years old. get ur facts straight

  • Hadeel Abdullah
    Hadeel Abdullah   1 weeks ago

    Demi Lovato still a big hit now a days she didnt ruin her life like them, i dont love her but lets be fair she is good singer now

  • Amanda martinez
    Amanda martinez   1 weeks ago

    For being two months old since this was posted the info is old...

  • Jennyrubylily :3
    Jennyrubylily :3   1 weeks ago

    Demi has over a million followers nd subs- DUDE YOUR ON DRUGS.

  • Thomas Parker
    Thomas Parker   2 weeks ago

    Demi Lovato career is Good for your new video and the guy in home alone was never in jail oh and there is no smile on my face!

  • Kyle L.
    Kyle L.   2 weeks ago

    This list is so WRONG. Only a few of these kids messed there career up a bit. But as for the rest, they mostly are all still doing extremely well for themselves. Fix your shit dumb ass and do better home work!!!!!!!!

  • Charles B.
    Charles B.   2 weeks ago

    Amanda Byrnes was arrested for abusing drugs in her apartment? You can’t be arrested for abusing drugs, your arrested for possession.

  • Hayden Foxx
    Hayden Foxx   2 weeks ago

    Demi, Brittany, Miley and Justin definitely didn’t ruin their careers.

  • Berta Dellasala
    Berta Dellasala   2 weeks ago

    when miley cyrus and katy perry hugged, the demon lept from miley into katey -ME :)i swear to god, this has GOTTA Be true xD Miley is literally normal now, and katey is well...not ;-;

  • khalifa malami
    khalifa malami   2 weeks ago

    Why dose my guy sound like he needs some milk🤣

  • Andrew Manche
    Andrew Manche   2 weeks ago

    marijuana? the PLANT with more than 130 medicinal benefits? the plant from which NOBODY has ever died?

  • NocturnalVixen
    NocturnalVixen   3 weeks ago

    Amanda didn’t “let the fame go to her head” She had undiagnosed psychiatric disorders and amazing once diagnosed and cared for she began to improve.

  • V MM
    V MM   4 weeks ago

    Man you sound like you are drugged or forcing it, just sound real do not force it. It is obvious.

  • We Skeem
    We Skeem   1 months ago

    This is full of so much misinformation it’s crazy.

  • Lana Ali
    Lana Ali   1 months ago

    Ok l don't like the video