• Published on: 04 November 2019
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  • Erica Simpson
    Erica Simpson   1 months ago

    Omg ! You are stunning as always ! I’m loving this look and the hair! I’ve never seen it completely straight and down before! 😘

  • Korrina Zartler
    Korrina Zartler   1 months ago

    I LOVE Gigi bronzer! I have very fair skin naturally and the bronzer I got is sooo cool toned and beautifulIt’s my favorite!

  • Karisha
    Karisha   3 months ago

    Tati, thank you for idea of eye makeup. It will be great if you will make a video of eye makeup using smokey techniques with the darkest shades from your palette. In the future, I would be very happy if you released a lip kit (pencil, lipstick, gloss) and a highlighter from your brand. it would be wonderful)) But it will be interesting for me to watch any other new products as well :)

  • Sobia Hasan
    Sobia Hasan   3 months ago

    Hello , just wondering, where your beautiful mirror have gone 😕The princess one ☝🏻

  • Crazy-Ane
    Crazy-Ane   3 months ago

    I love your story time, Tati! Do it anytime unblended contour and all. ♥️

  • Erica Simpson
    Erica Simpson   3 months ago

    I love your hair in this video and I’m loving The new pallet! I’m so glad that you are using it in this video! Can you do more looks with your pallet ? 💗💗💗💗💗💗

  • mo mo
    mo mo   4 months ago

    Nikkia Joy has the best setting powder. And the sponges are better than beauty blenders etc. Don’t know what Nikkia joy did but she knew what she wanted and got it done. Just got those two products last week and BLOWN AWAY

  • Adrita.
    Adrita.   4 months ago

    This might be one of my most favourite looks of yours! I keep coming back to this video just to see you build this look again and again 😂

  • Mr Krabs
    Mr Krabs   4 months ago

    You should try both of the Gigi blushes because I have them but I dont know

  • Brittany Whetstone
    Brittany Whetstone   4 months ago

    Tati, please do an updated get unready with me and a good skincare routine! I’m trying to do this right and would love to hear your input. 💕

  • Kristi K
    Kristi K   4 months ago

    Tati, what color is on your nails in this video?

  • Trista Felix
    Trista Felix   4 months ago

    I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this look!! I can’t wait to get my hands on your pallet!! I want it soooo bad!! Until then I will be crying 😭 😭😭 lol

  • Melissa Berg
    Melissa Berg   5 months ago

    This look is absolutely beautiful!!!! My gosh!

  • Kristina Lynn
    Kristina Lynn   5 months ago

    Saw the Nikkia Joy lashes in the pic and I’ve been wearing them for a long time and LOOOOOVE them!!!!

  • Mimi Do
    Mimi Do   5 months ago

    Hi Tati, do you think you will start a makeup brush line?

  • Essie Cardoza
    Essie Cardoza   5 months ago

    I would love to see a video where Tati breaks down what work she’s had done. If you haven’t, then just on what your skin care is. I’m so fascinated because she looks so incredible. If you have done anything a little extra on the face , ;););), it’s like even better than Jennifer Aniston level good. I’m so fascinated by how that all works it would be a great video and I k is you’d make it so Informative and educational. :D

  • Plant Diary
    Plant Diary   5 months ago

    Hi tati, can u do a video on powder foundation pls

  • Robbie Magill
    Robbie Magill   5 months ago

    I love how Tati uses makeup to bring out her beauty instead of swiping so much on that you see the makeup and not the person.

  • Jax
    Jax   5 months ago

    Ahh hah. I was wondering why she looked so glowy and beautiful even more than usual and now I know why..Scott barnes technique, now it all makes sense lol

  • Meagan Newton
    Meagan Newton   5 months ago

    TATI!!! I’m so glad you’re zoomed in!!!

  • Cami Buba
    Cami Buba   5 months ago

    I want to see each Tati Beauty Shade in a single color look!

  • Hello World
    Hello World   5 months ago

    Good idea to tell the thiefs you are packing diamonds!!!!

  • The Mom Mess
    The Mom Mess   5 months ago

    I wanted to preorder but I was a bit sad that shipping to Hawaii was more than international shipping. Lol. Hopefully I can buy when it restocks.

  • Kirsten
    Kirsten   5 months ago

    Omg I love my pallet! It is so good and easy to use. As someone who isn't the best at make up the shadows literally blend themselves! SOOOOO GOOD

  • B STO
    B STO   6 months ago

    Tati, you’re so beautiful! I bought your palette and absolutely LOVE it. I’ve been using almost everyday and get so many compliments. I keep recommending it to friends who are a bit novice with eyeshadow/makeup application. Can’t wait to see what else you come up with! P.S.Every look I’ve done has looked awesome in the “truth mirror” aka car mirror lol

  • Shrouk Nael’s world
    Shrouk Nael’s world   6 months ago

    Hey beauties ♥️ my name is shrouk Nael, i love sharing with you my makeup and beauty tips and tricksPlease subscribe 🥰❤️

  • Sophie
    Sophie   6 months ago

    I have many Gigi eye liners, the liquid one, the matte an the cream an the felt tip one all cause of you and I will never switch to anything else.

  • crystal Ann
    crystal Ann   6 months ago

    You look like a bronzed goddess💕💕 so stunning Tati!🥰

  • Brittni Parrish
    Brittni Parrish   6 months ago

    I LOVE the tati beauty pallete it's AMAZINGGGGGG!!!! THANK YOU TATI!!!!

  • GlamCandy Jen
    GlamCandy Jen   6 months ago

    New small YouTuber...I would love ur support! I'll Subscribe back!

  • Jelynn Harding
    Jelynn Harding   6 months ago

    Nikkia Joy is one of my favorite beautubers! I would love to see you 2 in a video together! You should go to Australia to tape with her!