Perverted Dragon Balls

  • Published on: 06 November 2009
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  • Runtime : 6:35
  • Dragon ball anime lawl lol GT funny tail goku perverted XD Goku kid bulma


  • xX_Hades_Xx
    xX_Hades_Xx   3 hours ago

    Goku was so curious and had no clue about anything 😂 everything he did wasn’t his fault he was a young kid that didn’t know what he was doing I feel bad for all the beatings he got 😂 that old man Roushie on the other hand was an absolute pervert 😂

    PANDA KING   10 hours ago

    now i know why my mother dont want to see this show in my childhood

  • Yeetus Confuctus
    Yeetus Confuctus   20 hours ago

    Goku: pat pat so you're a girl. Zeno: wHaT? :( destroys universe 7

  • L R
    L R   23 hours ago

    4:20 "I sure did."FBI OPEN UP!!!

  • Kjgonnasayfyeee
    Kjgonnasayfyeee   1 days ago

    umm ROSHIE U PERVERT AND U TO YAMCHA but.......Goku didn’t know he was trynna see if they were boys or girls

  • NecTor 1
    NecTor 1   1 days ago

    Vegeta: Dang you kakarot, how could you do that to bulma before me!!!!

  • jinxfire
    jinxfire   3 days ago

    Seeing this... I think Videl got off easy.

  • Mattatonix
    Mattatonix   3 days ago

    See, I can’t be the only one that sees goku resting his head against’s Bulma’s crotch and think it would be ok to actually feel her nuts and be like “this is normal”

  • ador luigi
    ador luigi   6 days ago

    1:38 "girls don't poop because i've never seen them poop"

  • Kenny Allison
    Kenny Allison   6 days ago

    Goku: I wasn't talking about those balls.Bulma: Then how are my balls gone?Goku: I'll show you where your balls were.Bulma: Hey, what are you doing!?...POW!

  • Afdal Tchassebei
    Afdal Tchassebei   6 days ago

    It’s really funny and disappointing the way they do “that” And the best bit was the gun...

  • indra priadita
    indra priadita   6 days ago

    Goku is really mature and adorable when he is a kid, then grow to super strong kind-hearted saiyan, haahhh time go so fast buddy, my favorite hero as always

  • Weird Face
    Weird Face   6 days ago

    no females were sexually harrassed in the making of this video

  • Savage Gogeta
    Savage Gogeta   1 weeks ago

    3:02 why is he: AHHHHH he can do what he wants with her

  • Vinh ha
    Vinh ha   1 weeks ago

    I thought Dragon Ball Z was Appropriate

  • Brian Gallas
    Brian Gallas   1 weeks ago

    Awww... Sexual assault can be so adorable! 🤣

  • Cat Usman
    Cat Usman   1 weeks ago

    3:54 She did that floss before Fortnite

    EPE PICTURES   1 weeks ago

    Gokusmack dat pussyBulma : its not how it WORKS?!!