breaking my schools dress code for a week

  • Published on: 19 October 2019
  • take a shot every time i say i'm uncomfortable

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  • Mia Popovic
    Mia Popovic   40 minuts ago

    Am I the only one that sees avani?

  • try ty
    try ty   1 hours ago

    Bruhhh our school has like no dress code some girl wore a mushroom trip shirt 🙄✌ day in the life of me

  • Meade Helios
    Meade Helios   5 hours ago

    you 2 look the same. where are you from? looks middle eastern.

  • Your High School Sweetheart

    I once got my black bandana stolen because I was affiliating gangs, anyways the next day I wore a pink bandana and the same teacher sent me to the office, they dress coded me again and I got sent back to class, after school I went to the office and they refused to give me my bandanas. The next week I wore another bandana in a different style, THEY FUCKING SENT ME HOME, EXPELLED FOR 3 DAYSSSS

  • Miah Mangilit
    Miah Mangilit   8 hours ago

    I once wore a t shirt at school that says "you're naughty come to my room" in freakin 4th grade without knowing what it means because i just found it in my sisters closet

  • winko binko
    winko binko   12 hours ago

    i would get dress coded for off the shoulder tops and leggings

  • SisStoleYourSnacks :p
    SisStoleYourSnacks :p   16 hours ago

    Fun fact! When I was in 5th grade I flashed a whole trampoline place✌️😗🦩

  • Olivia Nguyen
    Olivia Nguyen   16 hours ago

    I don't even know how many times I watched this video at this point 😂

  • vanima
    vanima   17 hours ago

    The main point of the vid is to have that shirt at the end.. goals

  • Minecraft Vids
    Minecraft Vids   17 hours ago

    When she said :older women pjs if you know what I mean WhAt tHe f*. Lmao 😂💕

  • ExtinctAsteroids
    ExtinctAsteroids   19 hours ago

    waitwaitwait you guys don't have uniforms?! Oh...nvm...

  • mzj3star1
    mzj3star1   23 hours ago

    nailea gives me billie vibes

  • Shelley Chapman
    Shelley Chapman   1 days ago

    What if you’re just... hot?! You wanna dress comfortably for the weather, don’t you?Hmm?

  • sing kan
    sing kan   1 days ago

    my school doesnt give a shit if anyone breaks the dress code

  • Vyiane
    Vyiane   1 days ago

    U kinda look like avani

  • Meh
    Meh   1 days ago

    Nope she dosent actually understand that she is super super pretty, thats rare woow. We need her to get up her self confidence

  • soft strawberry mochi

    like the little freshman, they’re living their life and I’m like...TITSI LOST IT🤣🤣🤣🤣

  • i love you :D
    i love you :D   1 days ago

    i’m mad at you for being this pretty like wHaT?

  • Zoë Vreeker
    Zoë Vreeker   1 days ago

    where does this girl buys her clothes i love ittt

  • Yejin Hong
    Yejin Hong   1 days ago

    She gets her hair stuck inna seat belt.... * Mina cries *

  • Aisha Shasmito
    Aisha Shasmito   1 days ago

    My shoes was taken by my teacher just because it's grey and not all black shoes. Well, i end up walking the entire school with my bare foot all day

  • Abby
    Abby   1 days ago

    you're literally so naturally gorgeous and it's making mad

  • caitlin nicole
    caitlin nicole   1 days ago

    i thumbs up as soon as u dresscoded bahahahhahahaha

  • Nobody Important
    Nobody Important   1 days ago

    Y’all angry about getting dress coded...MY SCHOOL GOT THE UGLIEST FUCKING UNIFORM I SWEAR—