breaking my schools dress code for a week

  • Published on: 19 October 2019
  • take a shot every time i say i'm uncomfortable

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  • Runtime : 19:19
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  • ladicius
    ladicius   1 hours ago

    At least you don't have Uniformlike us British people ... *cry*

  • Netflix Edits
    Netflix Edits   2 hours ago

    I’ve never seen someone wear disco pants as perfectly as her

  • Haruhi Fujioka
    Haruhi Fujioka   6 hours ago

    This is how I got out of my dress code (on accident)So the main excuse at my school for girls getting dress coded is that it “distracts the boys”. Well, I’m an out lesbian and no guys look at me because of it. Also, I’ve been to the office so many times because of kissing girls. Hell, I got kicked off my bus because I was kissing a girl on there. So I’m pretty much known as the gay kid to my peers and all the staff. “Well no boys look at here and I don’t like her so I’m just gonna leave her alone and let her wear the mini skirt”

  • todoroki shoto
    todoroki shoto   6 hours ago

    why does buttercup have a cigar and a whale tail

  • IMariah BlueI
    IMariah BlueI   8 hours ago

    The fact that she wakes up beautiful... and me I wake up like a damn potato that got tossed in the trashed and stomped on.... wtf....Very beautiful though and fucking hilarious

  • simba lover
    simba lover   8 hours ago

    When I saw the video I saw avani Pressed on video it's another girl

  • Traci Draws
    Traci Draws   10 hours ago

    I've never seen your videos before only 20 seconds into it I'm loving it already

  • Amy Copley
    Amy Copley   12 hours ago

    she kinda reminds me of Lizzza lol

  • Ruth Seidel
    Ruth Seidel   13 hours ago

    nailea in october: im a seniornailea in march : oh s h i t

  • Chello Kaya
    Chello Kaya   16 hours ago

    Mannn she pretty as hell😍😍😍😍

  • amelia rose
    amelia rose   20 hours ago

    I wanna be friends with you so badly

  • Himika Gupta
    Himika Gupta   21 hours ago

    Me watchin this in India be like..😒what the hellll!!!

  • chanelnadia
    chanelnadia   1 days ago

    12:28 LMAO this is the first vid I've seen of u and istg ur hilarious

  • Yeah no.
    Yeah no.   1 days ago

    Ok but I love mina she seems awesome

  • Jimly Vergeon
    Jimly Vergeon   1 days ago

    is it just me but u kinda look like avani gregg

  • Alice Vitória
    Alice Vitória   1 days ago

    i think u look like u Mila Kunis in "that 70s show"

  • 17x hours
    17x hours   1 days ago

    ur voice sounds like liza but im not being mean ;-; its just reminds me of her

  • Vamparell 444
    Vamparell 444   1 days ago

    Your school so lenient tho, like my school won’t even let us walk around w a long sleeve shirt if there’s holes exposing ur shoulders

  • Vamparell 444
    Vamparell 444   1 days ago

    Sis, I’d get dresscoded just 4 wearing those shorts simply Bc they longer than 2 inches above the knee.

  • Parmis A
    Parmis A   1 days ago

    i literally started stressing out that she was late for school, HELP