The Search For Our New Pet

  • Published on: 23 April 2019
  • We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...


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  • Runtime : 27:35
  • Dolan Twins


  • Faiza _123
    Faiza _123   3 hours ago

    I think you should get the tortoise is the frog kinda late but oh well

  • Brooke Glenn
    Brooke Glenn   1 days ago

    Silvester is the name of my cat that sadly passed away

  • Your Girl Aliya
    Your Girl Aliya   1 days ago

    13:45 Wait why does Noah look like Nate, Jeffree Star would be shook

  • Your Girl Aliya
    Your Girl Aliya   1 days ago

    1:07Gray: I would have diedMe: What if there was a dog when u were doing ur survival video’s (not so tough now)

  • lynn loshe
    lynn loshe   3 days ago

    Poodle or terrier are perfect I had both and never triggered my allergies. just a thought. Do a rescue animal, Thay deserve a loving home like yours. Peace.

  • amanda wang
    amanda wang   3 days ago

    First Greyson named that scorpion Chris, then he said I can do this all day, it somehow reminds me of cap🇺🇸lol

  • Aubrey Keirns
    Aubrey Keirns   3 days ago

    I think that the tortuous fits you guys the most.But also the other one is the toad.☺

  • Sasha Gerard
    Sasha Gerard   3 days ago

    Am I the only one who thought of “ bust down Tatiana “ when they brought out the goat!!🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😂😆

  • Krista Lehn
    Krista Lehn   4 days ago

    I love him! And he’s from Michigan!

  • DynaGirl Rex
    DynaGirl Rex   6 days ago

    I don't see how they are twins in the start of the video. I'm a massive fan and I have been for about 2 years but they do not look related in this video

  • Natalie K
    Natalie K   1 weeks ago

    Get a hired are something all animals are cute

  • Zayalla Fantasy
    Zayalla Fantasy   1 weeks ago

    18:22 I love how the serpent is like a heart around them 😁💕But Jericho is my favorite for you ! 💕

  • Kate N
    Kate N   1 weeks ago

    My favorite animal it that video was the big frog

  • Kate N
    Kate N   1 weeks ago

    My brother has an azma

  • Rachel Wolfson
    Rachel Wolfson   1 weeks ago

    Grayson: my allergies are acting up Also Grayson: rubs eyes with pet hands

  • Jessica Z
    Jessica Z   1 weeks ago

    i thought nolan was ur third brother haha

  • Melissa Green
    Melissa Green   1 weeks ago

    The fact that they named them and was acting like they really knew them animals is so funny too me 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣