The Search For Our New Pet

  • Published on: 23 April 2019
  • We decided it was time to find a new pet! Now how do we find one that Grayson isn't allergic to?...


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  • Runtime : 27:35
  • Dolan Twins


  • Rylan Armstrong
    Rylan Armstrong   4 hours ago

    I think you’ll work best with the toad and have a great bond

  • It’s Kylee Culbreth

    I’m absolutely terrified of frogs if I have a small one near me I freak out if someone put that on me I would actually kill them

  • BrookieDoesArt
    BrookieDoesArt   13 hours ago

    4:46 aww ethan and dutch were both so cute! edit: ARE

  • Mila Jones
    Mila Jones   14 hours ago

    They are going to be dumb in the future and going to be Dustin from stranger thing litterly

  • Romi Bomar
    Romi Bomar   1 days ago

    Opossums are great and they are wiled where I live

  • Yaery Min
    Yaery Min   1 days ago


  • ava jolie
    ava jolie   1 days ago

    anyone else watching this during coronavirus, wondering what ever happened to them getting a pet?

  • Angel Salina
    Angel Salina   1 days ago

    Fun fact i was in kindergarden when i touched that HUGE snake

  • Erika xo
    Erika xo   2 days ago

    e & gray: awwww it’s so cutethe toad: 👁____👁

  • AJLiv
    AJLiv   2 days ago

    I think u guys should get the opossum

  • Ruby Smith
    Ruby Smith   2 days ago

    Who is watching old videos because they have nothing to do in covid 19

  • Katie Shoup
    Katie Shoup   2 days ago

    i want them to get the frog but name it dmetrie

  • Kelly Irwin
    Kelly Irwin   2 days ago

    This video ages really well with gizmo now in the mix 😂

  • Gabi Rockey
    Gabi Rockey   3 days ago

    Who else thought they would choose the toad

  • lucy b
    lucy b   3 days ago

    I want the giant toad!!!

  • Tara Crossman
    Tara Crossman   3 days ago

    Im somewhat allergic to all my animals, but I have 4 rabbits, a horse, a cat and 9 sled dogs, unfortunately my allergies are getting worse each year :( You guys might be able to get a dog or a cat because they have hypoallergenic dogs and cats, but I totally understand not wanting to risk Graysons health

  • gale brooks
    gale brooks   3 days ago

    News flash thing never got this any pet

  • Kelis Knight
    Kelis Knight   4 days ago

    Dmitri is cute i really want a lizard so ima name my lizard if i get one ima name iT dmitri

  • Paige Brennan
    Paige Brennan   4 days ago

    You should have got a hedgehog they don’t have fur there small and kind I’m batting one soon after quarantine x