A Student Ate Only Chips And French Fries For 10 Years. This Is What Happened To His Eyes.

  • Published on: 09 September 2019
  • This case is based on publication in literature by Harrison R, Warburton V, Lux A, Atan D. Ann Intern Med. 2019 Sep 3. Link below. Non-clinical elements (e.g. initials, story details, etc) are adapted. Peer Review: Dr. Nikhil Parelkar.

    I originally had another case for video of a vitamin b12 deficiency I saw as a student about a girl on an overly strict diet. I didn't release it because the details were more difficult than I would like for a video. The clinical principles and science of that case and this one are the same.

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    These cases are patients who I, or my colleagues have seen. They are de-identified and many instances have been presented in more depth in an academic setting. These videos are not individual medical advice and are for general educational purposes only. I do not give medical advice over the internet, see your own physician in person for that.


    MRI Images courtesy Dr Bruno Di Munzio. Radiopaedia.org rID:41113

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  • Beverly Murphy
    Beverly Murphy   10 hours ago

    I wish all doctors were this educated in b12 deficiency. I was diagnosed in 2015/2016 and because of lack of proper treatment, and being deficient for so long (I nearly ended up in a wheelchair) I was left with nerve damage. My doctor has since cut me off injections leaving me to fend for myself and self treat 😔 I eat a full range of foods, have never been a drinker and have never been vegan/vegetarian. No one will test intrinsic factor. Focus is on "level" of b12 rather then whether or not it is actively being used.

  • MollysMoshing TankCrew
    MollysMoshing TankCrew   21 hours ago

    I'm pretty picky too...the only foods i really eat are pizza, anything chicken, and fries. I stopped eating fish after seeing that one episode. With the worm. Ummm. I technically love eggs and bacon but I'd be lieing if I said I ate a balanced breakfast every day. Steak is ok. I hate salads. Hell I hate anything green. like no joke vegetables are a no go. I don't eat any type of vegetables. Thats probably bad for me. I also drink exclusively DR pepper my mom keeps telling me I'm going to have a kidney stone. This video was a real eye opener. I think I'm gonna try to eat new foods

  • Cole Luna
    Cole Luna   1 days ago

    So I just googled the nutritional value of eggs a and they have zero vitamin b-12. What the heck?

  • Weirdo
    Weirdo   1 days ago

    *crisps and chips.don't mind me; just a lad who grew up with the Queen's English.

  • Frees Peach
    Frees Peach   1 days ago

    I bet this kid had asperger's disorder or autism spectrum disorder. They often have food jags like this where they'll only eat one or two foods.

  • bcabmac
    bcabmac   1 days ago

    I'm going to subscribe because I like the methodical way you go through symptomology, diagnosis and treatment including including lab values and reference ranges along with radiological findings in a comprehensive manner. But please don't ever get too smart. Self assured brilliance kills many patients. Physician Ego has been the final nail in many of coffins. The most brilliant specialist I have ever known maintain the clinical skills that you display with humbleness and prowess. I would like to ask you to do a case study on acquired hemophilia with factor 8 inhibition triggered by tylenol. It is very rare. But not as uncommon as you might think. Mainly because it is never recognized and by default not documented by most clinicians. If you encounter it and properly diagnose it soon enough a patient can be saved. But its initial manifestation is confusing to say the least. The only way to stop it is by administering copious amount of factor 8. It's like treating a patient in a constant overdose of heparin with an INR that just keeps skyrocketing. Vitamin K will have little to no affect. Acetaminophen is the trigger particularly in elderly patients postoperative and administered tylenol. I think you could portray a case study with the same intrigue and fascination as the other videos you have done so brilliantly. Thanks for the videos.

  • Sharmin Shama
    Sharmin Shama   2 days ago

    Wait he is 14 years old so you mean to say that his mom has been feeding him chips breads and French fries for the past 10 year?

  • Lord Dessik
    Lord Dessik   2 days ago

    I take Vitamin B12 for my depression. There’s a lot of medical and scientific research that suggests Vitamin B12 can help people who struggle to absorb seratonin in the brain. Not many people understand that depression can lead to anemia and neglected eating habits which is what happened to me. I also take iron and vitamin D because my mental illness puts me at risk of having low or unbalanced nutrition.

  • Lish Oquist
    Lish Oquist   2 days ago

    Before I actually watch this, we had a teenage male on the west coast of NZ that went blind from malnutrition ( from a restricted diet like this).

  • Radiant Shadow
    Radiant Shadow   3 days ago

    The beginning is like the kid trying to gross out and annoy the shit out of people on Xbox by eating and smacking in his mic.

  • michael an
    michael an   3 days ago

    Who else sees the title and is like "only in America"

  • leila lalala
    leila lalala   3 days ago

    4:34 what kind of basement is this?????👀😱

  • Smokey298
    Smokey298   3 days ago

    Is this even possible? Only potatoes for 10 years?

  • Yes No
    Yes No   4 days ago

    His Mon should get a guineas record.Who in the hell let their children eat those junk for ten years. Another american dream.😓

  • Lauren
    Lauren   4 days ago

    What parent allows a kid to eat only chips n fries for 10 years? put regular meals on his plate and if he doesnt eat them then he doesnt eat! lock the fridge n the pantry if necessary...

  • Reza Mirzai
    Reza Mirzai   4 days ago

    why you shouldnt be vegan without taking b12 vitamins

  • Miftah Khan
    Miftah Khan   5 days ago

    Natural selection should weed out picky eaters

  • nmtz 1
    nmtz 1   5 days ago

    I wonder what would happen to your eyes if you only ate carrots for 10 years?

  • hmurdock
    hmurdock   5 days ago

    When I was a student, I ate a lot of carbs, mostly pasta. It was the only time in my life I needed glasses, and I also had ringing in my ears.Jesus christ Paleo really did save my life (mostly because it got rid of the inflammation I had all over my digestive system)

  • Mezay Ugbo
    Mezay Ugbo   6 days ago

    I was just looking for info on eating a single french fry and not breaking my 18 hour fast. Here I am🤷🏽‍♀️😅

  • Daniel Brown
    Daniel Brown   6 days ago

    please speak more slowly when you make these videos, chubby. thank you...

  • Franz1987
    Franz1987   1 weeks ago

    Likes their texture. Prob on autism spectrum is my guess

  • Jackson A.
    Jackson A.   1 weeks ago

    I’m a vegan and picky. I love vegan cheese burgers and fries with vegan mayo every night. This video made me start taking vitamins last month. With 100% b12. Thank you!

  • Ozzah
    Ozzah   1 weeks ago

    14 year old eats nothing but fries and goes legally blind. Parents should be sent to jail. WTF.

  • Timileyin Destinee
    Timileyin Destinee   1 weeks ago

    CPS where are you!!!!!!!Why aren't his parents doing anything to help?

  • Doc Emit Brown
    Doc Emit Brown   1 weeks ago

    A man was eating a balanced diet his whole life this is how he got cancer apparently

  • Doc Emit Brown
    Doc Emit Brown   1 weeks ago

    A pair of eyeballs ate only chips and French fries for 10 students. This is what happened to his years