There was an attempt to... /r/therewasanattempt /r/therewasanattempt #44 [REDDIT REVIEW]

  • Published on: 03 October 2019
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  • Runtime : 13:44
  • SATIRE There was an attempt to... pewdiepie pewds pewdie pdp there was an attempt reddit reddit review pewdiepie reddit lwiay pewdiepie lwiay minecraft pewdiepie minecraft


  • Bert Green
    Bert Green   2 hours ago

    The face-mask guy is no longer with us :(

  • DEVICE 057 -Mncrftisfn

    My teacher:teaching about transportation and bridgesMe:(Suddenly memories flud back) Thanks teacher now i cant sleep!

  • SynLynx
    SynLynx   20 hours ago

    5:19 There was an attempt to describe the subreddit

  • Bob
    Bob   21 hours ago

    There was an attempt to say hogs

  • Christie Ng
    Christie Ng   2 days ago

    I luv how active pewds fans are even on videos months or years ago

    NEWNEWNEW   2 days ago

    Can someone please tell me who that girl is in the beginning

  • Marie Payan
    Marie Payan   2 days ago

    Why the fuck did he keep say hot dogs lmfao

  • Terrible Editor
    Terrible Editor   2 days ago

    I died at the face mask. There’s always one person at work who wears it like that.

    COSMO ANIMAÇÕES   3 days ago


  • Salad
    Salad   3 days ago

    12:47 now that’s ceiling gang

  • Morgan Haye
    Morgan Haye   3 days ago

    We need another one of this Reddit page!!

  • Abrar Mohammad
    Abrar Mohammad   4 days ago

    there was attempt to watch the last one "To exercise"... 12:40

  • TopKek
    TopKek   4 days ago

    4:46 swear this dude pewd's is slow. There is clear logic in the question:It took the person 10 minutes to saw a board into 2 pieces. At that same pace, 1 board is 5 minutes, because 10 / 2 = 5. In order for that person to saw 3 pieces, it'd take 15 minutes.At 20 minutes, she could have sawed 4 pieces. Use your head you elitist.

  • Gray Day
    Gray Day   5 days ago

    How did this man read hogs as hotdogs.

  • ArcanistPLayz
    ArcanistPLayz   5 days ago

    Wait I actually don't understand the math question

  • Shteak
    Shteak   5 days ago

    There have been studies on possible dangers of vaccinations, these studies showed that non of what antivaxxers claimed such as autism, were a possible danger. Scientific studies are problematic outside of scientific fields, because even if the study is say on “Dangers of vaccines” the entire paper could be disproving dangers but you wouldn’t know unless you either read the full think or knew the format and knew where to skim.

  • ass grass
    ass grass   5 days ago

    0:55 @nest In Latvian there's a word "atnest" meaning deliver by carrying or just deliver I dunno i thought it was kinda pog champ

  • Labur Amesta
    Labur Amesta   5 days ago

    Well, at least pewds react to something from my country (Colombia, yep, that guy with the face mask:/)

  • Café Fiorentini
    Café Fiorentini   5 days ago

    The best part is Pewds trying to read brazilian portuguese (1:17)

  • Santhosh Raghul
    Santhosh Raghul   6 days ago

    8:30 The guy looks like John Wick and Zlatan Ibrahimovic had a kid

  • Samanbaia_
    Samanbaia_   6 days ago

    7:24 Pewds see ceiling "That's my nightmare"He said he was consistent guys