Giving Birth On A Mountain Top

  • Published on: 19 September 2017
  • we give birth


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  • Runtime : 7:52
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  • Brooklin Carlton
    Brooklin Carlton   2 days ago

    If you ever cheat on your boy friend with there twin and get pre gnat they will never know🤔

  • Lorin Gü
    Lorin Gü   3 days ago

    6:33 I thought a baby is screaming lmao

  • Lorin Gü
    Lorin Gü   3 days ago

    “Ohh you look just like me” 5:46 had me dead HAHAHAHHAHA

  • just step on lego pls xoxo

    I love that in the beginning they are so close to each other and their laugh is like 🥺, their so cute!

  • Ceanna Dolan Twin fan

    You guys should be in a labor simulator for 24 hours and Grayson has to go through labor for 24 hours and give birth to twins

  • Meme M
    Meme M   2 weeks ago

    Grayson sounded like an actual baby wtf 6:33

  • Baby Chungus
    Baby Chungus   3 weeks ago

    Title: birth grayson punching ethan is at the edge me: poor ethan

  • Laura Dick
    Laura Dick   3 weeks ago

    You can't get pregnant when you are already pregnant because your period stops and if you do not have you period you can't get pregnant.

  • Tahni Woodley
    Tahni Woodley   3 weeks ago

    2:15"when do babies drink their pee""whenever tf they want"im dying

  • April Brown
    April Brown   1 months ago

    2:29 “yes” that voice change tho😂😂

  • Delena Rainbow
    Delena Rainbow   1 months ago

    All men should have this on while the woman is giving birth

  • Sergio T
    Sergio T   1 months ago

    "Edwin where are you?"😂😂😂😂😂

  • Kee-Sha Epps-Eskridge
    Kee-Sha Epps-Eskridge   1 months ago

    "What male animal can give birth"Ethan: whaleGray : sea horseMe: you don't watch wild Kratts?

  • Bëbėh Wøłfïē
    Bëbėh Wøłfïē   1 months ago

    When gray asked about the male hi ring birth I literally siad seahorse at the same time as gray we learned about that in science

  • Nur Hayati
    Nur Hayati   1 months ago

    already in love with dolan twins

  • Bruce Kern
    Bruce Kern   1 months ago

    E made me so nervous when he was near the edge of the cliff

  • tuchicodepresivo
    tuchicodepresivo   1 months ago

    Who else noticed the boner that Grayson had hafter his turn?? Then he closed his legs for the rest of the video xd

  • Jason Bailey Fint
    Jason Bailey Fint   1 months ago

    Hilarious!Grayson: “I’m gonna poop”Ethan: “ They can get a boner”Awesome that the twins thanked their mother, grandmother and all women.

  • jendy kurniawan
    jendy kurniawan   1 months ago

    5:44Ethan: Aww he looks just like meGrayson: No he looks just like us( ͡º ͜ʖ ͡º)

  • General DSG
    General DSG   1 months ago

    Why is it that when nathan is suffering het pretends to throw up😂😂But when he did that i died😂😂

  • Sld ayoz
    Sld ayoz   1 months ago

    You guys are awesely crazyLOVE FROM INDIA😊

  • Mina Rikalo
    Mina Rikalo   1 months ago

    Shut uuuupppp it hurts 5x more in Real life and on top of that we have periode

  • Soccer Pro
    Soccer Pro   1 months ago

    Who new the Dolan twins would have birth like if you new or like anyway