Try Not to Fail Challenge #2 | Back To School Edition

  • Published on: 24 August 2019
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    Try Not to Fail Challenge #2 | Back To School Edition
  • Runtime : 12:16
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    REACT   5 months ago

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  • Akanksha
    Akanksha   5 months ago

    We Asian kids do so much math that we just remember half of the squares

  • Robyn Robyn
    Robyn Robyn   5 months ago

    I think "their" is fine in the dog sentence. Maybe it's because I treat my dog like he's a person lol. I could never imagine calling my dog an "it".

  • Mustarin Mortuza
    Mustarin Mortuza   5 months ago

    Why is taking them a paper and more than 30 seconds to solve the maths 😭😭

  • Rohith Kumar
    Rohith Kumar   5 months ago

    Wow did she really ask if its thier bone or its bone? Wtf? Wow these people's native language is English...

  • Rohith Kumar
    Rohith Kumar   5 months ago

    Well 16*10+160, half of that is 80, so 16*5 = 240 and 16*16=240+16=256.

  • Grid Lock
    Grid Lock   5 months ago

    The triangle drawing is deceiving, for it's missing the right angle notation. So in theory, without spoken instructions, the answer could be 4 < C < 28. NOW, seeing as it was mentioned the triangle was a right angle triangle (without specifying which corner is the real right angle, because again it's not drawn in) and that the hypotenuse is to be found, leaves the hypotenuse to be either 16 or 20, mainly because it was unspecified that C or if B were the hypotenuse.

  • Melannie _
    Melannie _   5 months ago

    Michelle looks a lot like Wengie

  • Danyelle Dixon
    Danyelle Dixon   5 months ago

    Pythagoras theorem is also known as the 3/4/5 rule. It works easily here. 3-12/4-16/ so 5-20.

  • Mary Mets
    Mary Mets   5 months ago

    I like how it seems as tho none of them actually passed or even went to college, but yet they're successful. Proof you don't need to be smart or have a degree to make money

  • fireball111121
    fireball111121   5 months ago

    They and all derivatives of the term, them, their, theirs and themselves, can be used to describe a singular animate object. "SomeONE didn't use THEIR brain when making this". Therefore, their is the correct sentence would be "The brown dog loves their bone". Its is also technically correct, but the only person who got that question wrong was the person who said "it's"

  • JustFrxdo
    JustFrxdo   5 months ago

    I'm bad at math yet good at it. I don't know how to explain it but yes

  • Lara Salomon
    Lara Salomon   5 months ago

    That just proofs you don't need most of the things you learn in school

  • DEvil86ification
    DEvil86ification   5 months ago

    The geometry was easy it's a 3 4 5 triangle scaled up by 4 (4x5 fast way to answer)

  • kumquatery
    kumquatery   5 months ago

    None of them ever watch a Marie Kondo episode? Could have finished in half the time

  • Shayne Collier
    Shayne Collier   5 months ago

    That second question isn't geometry. That's algebra! Pythagorean Theorem!!

  • psyclear
    psyclear   5 months ago

    When you get excited for a 3-4-5 triangle

  • Keyshoun O'Shea
    Keyshoun O'Shea   5 months ago

    LMFAOOOO when Sarah said "I JUST FAILED A STATISTICS CLASS!!" Same Sis😭😂

  • Cruizz
    Cruizz   5 months ago

    i solved the geometry question in something about 10 seconds without a paper bruh

  • Mystic Moon
    Mystic Moon   5 months ago

    12+4=16+4=20 this is how I did the math Question

  • deckraven
    deckraven   5 months ago

    ME, as an elementary student, automatically knew the pythagoras' theorem. since the lecgths were 12, 16, and c, I easily saw the equivalent ratio. 3:4:5 = 12:16:20(c)

  • Kei -Chan
    Kei -Chan   5 months ago

    Mikaela is totally me. I do that too

  • Josefa Flores
    Josefa Flores   5 months ago

    I was looking at the picture of the triangle and noticed that the little square that tells you if the triangle has a 90 degree angle, is not on the figure. So none of them could have used that formula, because you have to have a ninety degrees to use it. If I'm not mistaken obviously.

  • mehwhyausername1
    mehwhyausername1   5 months ago

    wow people suck at math. no wonder we're screwed as a species. if people can't conduct basic calculations, how are they supposed to understand complex statistical/stochastic data?

  • MrROKinROK
    MrROKinROK   5 months ago

    2:21 Judging from her pile of "folded" shirts, she can't be too terribly OCD.

  • Derya Gür
    Derya Gür   5 months ago

    The triangle.. how come you guys dont know the 3-4-5 triangle...

  • olivia
    olivia   5 months ago

    pls remove jordan lol

  • Simon Feralle
    Simon Feralle   5 months ago

    16 x 16 is easy thojust 10 x 16 = 16010 x 6 = 606 x 6 = 36160+60+36 = 256

  • packetpirate
    packetpirate   5 months ago

    Shout out to Eric for that sassy response to the first mystery book question.

  • imogen m
    imogen m   5 months ago

    i haven’t done math in 3 years, i was useless at this