When Ichthyosaurs Led a Revolution in the Seas

  • Published on: 25 June 2019
  • The marine reptiles Ichthyosaurs arose after The Great Dying, which wiped out at least 90 percent of life in the oceans, changing the seas forever and triggering a new evolutionary arms race between predator and prey.

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  • Runtime : 9:58
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  • Vick_HushPuppy 215
    Vick_HushPuppy 215   4 days ago

    This dude looks like he’ll punch a hole thru your head 😂😂😂

  • Nyan Ard
    Nyan Ard   1 weeks ago

    Title:RevolutionMy mind:Red Ichthyosaurus Army

  • spinosaurus tricycloplots

    Ichthyosaurs : creates new niches 150 million years laterIchthyosaurs : becomes extinct because other animals that occupied THEIR niches

  • Xcyper33
    Xcyper33   1 weeks ago

    Icthyossaurs: What ARE you!?Orcas & Dolphins: I'm you, but warm blooded

  • Nez D
    Nez D   1 weeks ago

    The question: Is it possible for Mammals to descend from Reptiles, (in regards to Dolphin)?

  • Lovely Sunshinee
    Lovely Sunshinee   2 weeks ago

    They always put the sad music when they’re talking about them getting extinct 🥺

  • The Red Raptor
    The Red Raptor   2 weeks ago

    If all of the trilobites die why there is horseshoe crabs today?

  • L Gaines
    L Gaines   2 weeks ago

    Who wants to bet crocs become the new mosasaurs?

  • Keena Chabot
    Keena Chabot   2 weeks ago


  • Nori Retherford
    Nori Retherford   3 weeks ago

    Really interesting video! I've been loving all these Eons vids and I never knew much about ichthyosaurs so this was especially enlightening. But I'm having trouble reconciling these statements about their extinction: "The first to go were the generalists" . . . "Ichthyosaurs had just become too specialized" (around 6:50) I'm used to thinking of generalist species as being more hardy and versatile than specialists. Can someone explain why they'd be the first to go in this situation? Thanks!

  • Shark Bait
    Shark Bait   3 weeks ago

    8:53 What kind of whale is that? Never seen one like that before.

  • fightingfate451
    fightingfate451   3 weeks ago

    You know what would be interesting the history of predator and prey. Anomalocaris was our worlds first major predator, but how and why did it become this way? What was the thing that led to such a complex predator/prey relationship and how has this evolved throughout the years to keep adding the complex relationship that exists to this day.

  • Cry
    Cry   3 weeks ago

    It's just a fish but a lizard

  • Zaneel
    Zaneel   3 weeks ago

    Did ichthyosaurs breath air like marine mamals or did they converge back on gills? Did the lack of oxygen in the water kill off their prey and subsequently them or did it kill them directly?

  • Aaron J
    Aaron J   1 months ago

    well, with all the ice melting in the world, we're bound to go back to living in the ocean too. at least these dolphin-reptiles knew life on land wasn't gonna last and headed back to sea.

  • carvling
    carvling   1 months ago

    Imagine being so prolific for your auto-tuned off-key singing about an evolutionary event

  • Indonesia Ball
    Indonesia Ball   1 months ago

    how he say the " the Cambrian explosion " remind me of the " history of world I guess " video.

  • Pikasammiechu 101
    Pikasammiechu 101   1 months ago

    That moment when you attempt Bill Wurtz tune of "Its the Cambrian Explosion !!!" 😂😂😂

  • TYTO
    TYTO   2 months ago

    ahh so interesting!

  • Ouroborus
    Ouroborus   2 months ago

    IT was more like 70 - 30. After the last great War with the Reptiles. Many Left Earth and the others went up on the land.

  • Khyrid
    Khyrid   2 months ago

    Imagine somehow some of these things survived to today, you are in the ocean swimming and you think you have been visited by a friendly dolphin, then you see it closer.

  • josh L
    josh L   2 months ago

    Should have been named as dolphineCastroRevolutionSaurus.

  • X. P.
    X. P.   2 months ago

    Am I the only one who’s freaked out by the bone structures in the californasaur’s flipper? How do fingers become that?

  • Woko100
    Woko100   2 months ago

    Ichtyosaurs: TO THE GILLOUTINE trilobite

  • ReZ Breaker
    ReZ Breaker   2 months ago

    2:22 stop. Love your channel but just stop

  • Madalin Grama
    Madalin Grama   2 months ago

    You gotta do an episode on each of the major groups of marine reptiles: long-necked plesiosaurs, mosasars and my personal favorites, the pliosars.

  • Mark Thommes
    Mark Thommes   2 months ago

    here is a relative of those big eyed fish, says it dates back 300 million years in its ancestry http://www.fox13news.com/news/fisherman-catches-strange-dinosaur-like-creature?fbclid=IwAR1H5ETlt4CHhEWP-qqHaxQG2auYpbwp-v3TveolcfZ4avGf3IMmR2FkdiE#/

  • Jiolo Macling
    Jiolo Macling   2 months ago

    can i ask where the piano music just before the ending music?