Double Sixes Death Game

  • Published on: 01 October 2018
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  • Runtime : 6:14
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  • NarwhalJoJo
    NarwhalJoJo   1 days ago

    Can we please use a dice with only sixes

  • NarwhalJoJo
    NarwhalJoJo   1 days ago

    This game would literally destroy the economy.

  • Dimitris-Lefteris Kardaras

    There are 21 different combinations of dice rolling, cause 2-1 is the same as 1-2 , 3-4/4-3, etc but in the case of doubles the probability to roll one exact double (sixes in your case) is 1/36.

  • Moonlight Gacha
    Moonlight Gacha   3 days ago

    Yay another math class. Is Bobby here too? XD sorry we do math warm up things at my school and billy and Bobby are always the people in the problems

  • Morgan Jonasson
    Morgan Jonasson   4 days ago

    if you are in a room with for example 99 other players, everyone is rolling one round and if anyone in that group rolls a double six, everyone in that room dies, then the probability of you surviving is(35/36)**100 ~5%so a more correct way to say it is that you have an above 90% chance of not being the one rolling the double sixes, but there's an over 90% chance that either you or your friend rolls an double dice and kills all of you

  • Start ShotPaper
    Start ShotPaper   6 days ago

    The 2 considerations are unrelated. An increasing number of drunk campers settle on a forest. Chance of each of starting a fire vs chance of all dying to a mass fire correlates but does not correspond.

  • Yellow Slug
    Yellow Slug   6 days ago

    "Okay roll the dice.""Hehe, little do you know, I have a dexterity +5!" rolls double sixes, but the dice magically reroll into a seventeen"What the!?"

  • Caralho
    Caralho   1 weeks ago

    Mas n é q p mim, eu tenha uma chance menor de perder, é q meu amigo não sabe qual grupo eu estouA chance de eu morrer é a da minha perspectiva, se eu tiver no 1 gp

  • Monkey Go
    Monkey Go   1 weeks ago

    I love the videos but sometime i think things r overthinked n over looked way more then what it really is

  • Giovani van Dorland
    Giovani van Dorland   1 weeks ago

    Looking like a pyramid scheme... "your odds of winning are incredibly high!" but also, you're probably dead

  • Su Howell
    Su Howell   1 weeks ago

    The odds would be the same every time, because there are still 36 probable combinations every time

  • Alana Lowey
    Alana Lowey   1 weeks ago

    I just rolled 2 dice 10 times and got double sixes 6 times

  • Fredrick Emad
    Fredrick Emad   2 weeks ago

    Me: did u say what kind of diceUses 5 sided dice With no sixes

  • Chloe Cann
    Chloe Cann   2 weeks ago

    Why do u bring up Billy so much is it cuz he's not real and u wish u could take out the y

  • Luiz Sarchis
    Luiz Sarchis   3 weeks ago

    One thing is the probability you will survive the game, given that you are going to play itversusThe other thing is the probability you have survived the game, given that it has ended and you participated in itYou are answering two different probabilities, that's how they are different!

  • Isaac Michelsen
    Isaac Michelsen   3 weeks ago

    So how does the probability of your survival from Billy's perspective change as a function if Billy is told what round you played in? For example, if you were the first player and Billy was told you were the first player, Billy knows you have a 97.2% chance of having survived. If Billy is told you were in round 2 the probability that you died from his perspective has to be > the ~ 10% chance you would have from his perspective if he didn't know the round that you played in, but it would have to be lower than the 97.2% chance because he would know the game didn't end on the first round so he could eliminate some of the possibilities where you survive.

  • demonman905
    demonman905   3 weeks ago

    Ah, the new Zero Escape game looks way enough

    MICAH KIRBY   3 weeks ago

    Now that I’m dead I have something to tell youI stole your girlfriend and dumped her then tried to get her back with 20,000 dollars so I played the game I’m not sorry though

  • Chris 21nod
    Chris 21nod   4 weeks ago

    That's so wrong!!! It's called gambler's fallacy!!! Luck is not a corrective action...

  • arkhiker
    arkhiker   4 weeks ago

    Watch to the end. Your Truth and Your Friends Truth is a ridiculous conclusion. The problem with odds and statistics of probability is that there is ALWAYS a chance that the predicted outcome is wrong unless the variables are 100% likely. How is something that can be wrong considered Truth?Put another way: there are 7 billion people on earth with a near infinity number of locations. What are the odds, when you consider all the possible locations you could be, that you are sitting where you are right now? Astronomically against. Yet there you are.

  • Rebecca Shoemake
    Rebecca Shoemake   1 months ago

    Vsauce I have a room that can contain Infinity people Every mathmatician ever:hes too dangerous to live

  • G4merality
    G4merality   1 months ago

    This video introduced me to a new word/joke "per-cent"

  • Nick B
    Nick B   1 months ago

    1) In the middle of the game, **before they play**, everyone has a 97% chance of survival if they choose to play. 2) **After the game ends**, unless you know which round the person played in, there's a 90% chance that any given player died. It's not just perspective, it's an entirely different game state.

  • Zilvarro
    Zilvarro   1 months ago

    Its not as much a matter of inside vs. outside perspective but actually just whether we have the knowledge that the game has already concluded.If I asked Billie before going into the game, we would agree on the 35/36 survival probability.Conversely, if they rolled the dice first until double sixes, made a ticket for every person that would have participated, and then offered me random ticket (and its associated result), I would agree on the 90% death chance.

  • john bailey
    john bailey   1 months ago

    Lol who else just watches his videos because Kevins voice is relaxing

  • Apof
    Apof   1 months ago

    I'm I that dumb or is this paradox based purely on the fact that the player doesn't take into account that if other player dies in that round, everybody does, while his friend does so?

  • Rask R
    Rask R   1 months ago

    rolls 6 and 3..."Can I reroll the second one?"