HAFU JOINS G2! | *NEW* 6 Nobles is DISGUSTING | Teamfight Tactics

  • Published on: 16 August 2019
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    Hey, I'm Hafu! I'm a 5x legend Hearthstone player, finishing at rank #7 during season 3 and peaking at rank #2. Lately I've been playing Teamfight Tactics (TFT) and really enjoying it! I was the #1 player by MMR in the public beta and am currently top 100 on live servers.
    Outro - IX - Aihara Enju

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    Teamfight Tactics is a League of Legends game mode that is sometimes referred to as TFT or LoL AutoChess.
    #Hafu #TeamfightTactics #TFT

    New Video ➡ HAFU JOINS G2! | *NEW* 6 Nobles is DISGUSTING | Teamfight Tactics
  • Runtime : 35:45
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  • Saif Yousaf
    Saif Yousaf   5 months ago

    12:49 umm... Someone care to explain? I thought you can't view your units at all, or is that a 3rd party program >. >

  • Marvin Giron
    Marvin Giron   6 months ago

    idk why but watching girls in their natural form is like wtf, who made you and why are you an angel?

  • ningunoag
    ningunoag   6 months ago

    Luckiest tft player on earth

  • Miho Desu
    Miho Desu   6 months ago

    Nobles plsu guardian is my favorite theyre so freaking tanky with additional lulu

  • jamari morris
    jamari morris   6 months ago

    I love her humming man. I could listen to a whole playlist of just that

  • A2Zephyr
    A2Zephyr   6 months ago

    it might make you cringe but it made me smile :D

  • Muzly
    Muzly   6 months ago

    That is a super nice chair.

  • 7upix
    7upix   6 months ago

    Welcome to G2 dear <3

  • zCrash
    zCrash   6 months ago

    Hafu u so cute <3

  • Lulzy
    Lulzy   6 months ago


  • Casey mp
    Casey mp   6 months ago

    Yessssssssss congratulations

  • Ryan Johnson
    Ryan Johnson   6 months ago

    6 Nobles and Draven still does 6x the damage

  • ajz
    ajz   6 months ago

    I know need to look up G2 <3

  • Griffin Jensen
    Griffin Jensen   6 months ago

    I actually think they need to change hextech its just not fun to play against and not even that fun to play with - possible to play around to some extent but having such a 2 unit synergy shouldnt be able to shut down a carry imo

  • Rajivrocks Ltd.
    Rajivrocks Ltd.   6 months ago

    Bro I just went against a dude with a lvl 2 draven with Bloodthrister, rageblade and infinity edge. I had 6 brawlers 3 voids stacked af, Killed his entire team in a few seconds but that draven 1 v 4-5's my entire stacked af team. in hindesight(if I even spelled that correctly) I should've put one more hextech in and hope the draven got hit but still. That draven was DISGUSTING you'll never see anything crazier than that trust me.

  • DieZockerwurst
    DieZockerwurst   6 months ago

    The play when you gave the Yasou the red buff was 2000 IQ

  • cmonn makeittwerk
    cmonn makeittwerk   6 months ago

    So people indeed get hard by hearing your voice? You are such a cringe person but there is so many kids still getting hard to you

  • XxWallzxX
    XxWallzxX   6 months ago

    Cangrats Hafu on your new team! 🎉

  • Kerem
    Kerem   6 months ago

    Congratz Hafu! <3

  • Brendon Shih
    Brendon Shih   6 months ago

    Congrats on joining G2!Side note: Its not ELO. It’s Elo. It’s not an acronym.

  • safetynet11
    safetynet11   6 months ago

    Her tier-2 yas was doing so much work from that left side of the board.

  • Munich FX
    Munich FX   6 months ago

    Now Grabbz is not the hottest person in G2.

  • Cole Manceri
    Cole Manceri   6 months ago

    Wish I could down vote for how strong Nobles are right now... but her reaction to the welcome was PRICELESS hahah. Grats Hafu

  • Ghostx Rider
    Ghostx Rider   6 months ago

    Goood Luck and Have Fun on a new job :D

  • Dabagel100
    Dabagel100   6 months ago

    Noo been playing meme nobels since release and now they will be more contested :(

  • Alejandro Lobato Cantos

    The classic ex-fntc player going to g2 lolSeriously I'm very happy for you hafu you are great

  • Tidal
    Tidal   6 months ago

    can we get some pogs and pingus in the comments section yall!!! congrats hafu !!! <3 <3 <3

  • rooklumin
    rooklumin   6 months ago

    hehehe congrats hafu, winky face back @ ya