How to Keep Your New Years Resolutions!

  • Published on: 17 January 2017
  • A couple weeks into the New Year is when most people start giving up on their resolutions.. I'm right there with ya.
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  • Tahmeem Billah
    Tahmeem Billah   6 hours ago

    When I saw this video I did not know that 2017 was going to be the beginning of good things victories and success that it ended up being. So I am watching this video again in 2020 for inspiration

  • Chill Penguin
    Chill Penguin   1 weeks ago

    Ryan's 2020 new year resolutions -• I won't get the Coronavirus•No bad puns •Uh I have no clue

  • Brandon Orozco
    Brandon Orozco   1 weeks ago

    In 2019 everyone was happy for 2020! But Quarantines/Karona and WW13 and Kobe

  • oluǝɥ
    oluǝɥ   1 weeks ago

    5:00 im sorry but as a non-chinese that sounded still way too wrong lmao

  • Villian Deku
    Villian Deku   2 weeks ago

    But that pizza was healthy, it had vegetables.

  • Bridoggster
    Bridoggster   2 weeks ago

    You——————————————— um dear rean can you kiss shon

  • Olbin Escalante
    Olbin Escalante   3 weeks ago

    Who knew that 3 years later after this was made, there would be a worldwide Virus outbreak called Coronavirus

  • Karanvir Singh
    Karanvir Singh   3 weeks ago

    This is gonna be the year....... that we get Corona 🥺😢

  • #Tina 4ever
    #Tina 4ever   3 weeks ago

    No offense but I think nigahiga is better than PewDiePie

  • Joseph Fernandez
    Joseph Fernandez   1 months ago

    5:19jeffrey fever in the background with the other people

  • guy
    guy   1 months ago

    Your Forehead.The Skin Tone.

  • Aelish Khan
    Aelish Khan   1 months ago

    Dear Ryan can you shows your DJ from the DJ on a budget (dear Ryan) video

  • Sharki
    Sharki   1 months ago

    Google once told me that only about 0.8% of people who make New Years resolutions actually go through with them for the whole year

  • Kyle Holtzhausen
    Kyle Holtzhausen   1 months ago

    I thought when he said "the person from china" that he was going to talk about the Corona virus

  • tiger 2
    tiger 2   2 months ago


  • whatever whatever
    whatever whatever   2 months ago

    i read about that! "after two weeks people who had a resolution abandoned it" but i was thinking...... its just two weeks!

  • H. Le
    H. Le   2 months ago

    "this is finally gonna be the year when I get a girlfriend"bro you had one while you made this video

  • JS Music
    JS Music   2 months ago

    This video is already 3 years old!

  • Sunyul Kim
    Sunyul Kim   2 months ago

    Who’s watching in the new year of 2020?

  • Roop Arora
    Roop Arora   2 months ago

    Its easyStep 1: follow resolution for 2 daysBoom its not new year its old now

  • SuperboyGamerYT
    SuperboyGamerYT   2 months ago

    Wtf that chinese scene didnt even sound like chinese lol

  • yu rae
    yu rae   2 months ago

    that is not how you do chinese

  • Skuak
    Skuak   2 months ago

    je shi she me hui shi?woah bu shi dao! zan je bu fen shi!aiyaaaaa~I've never heard such a Chinese accent before but I love it.

  • Basically Samantha
    Basically Samantha   3 months ago

    I come back here 3 years later cuz i still cant keep my new years resolutions

  • Jacob Lee
    Jacob Lee   3 months ago

    As he persuaded himself from failing his goals, he BS’d himself

  • Inq V
    Inq V   3 months ago

    2? 0? 2? 0?