Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on: 01 February 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter
  • Runtime : 9:36
  • Alien Aliens Alien Life Alien Lifeform Alien Lifeforms The Great Filter Great Filter Filter Fermi Fermi Paradox Space Space Travel Doom Apocalypse Nuclear war nano technology genetic engineering crisper climate change global warming human origins AI Evolution Science Kurzgesagt In A Nutshell


  • André Kovalski
    André Kovalski   20 minuts ago

    2020 is being like a great filterJanuary: almost a 3° world warFebruary: Australia's forests being burntMarch: COVID-19April: .... still yet to come... maybe

  • Mario1611
    Mario1611   9 hours ago

    I'd smash an alien 👽+👦=❤

  • Akif Kemal
    Akif Kemal   15 hours ago

    What will happen?What will happen when we find aliens?...What will happen when we teach we are alone in this HUGE universe?Think it...

  • fonex tarek
    fonex tarek   16 hours ago

    the great filter is front of us , all regelions warning us ''the Doomsday""

  • Nint
    Nint   17 hours ago

    Isaac Arthur did it better

  • Enzo Puga
    Enzo Puga   17 hours ago

    or aliens just cant go above bacteria

  • cr ceer
    cr ceer   18 hours ago

    I’ve always believed there is life on every planet, might even look like us walk like us talk like us. But we just can’t see it, just how they can’t see us, our ‘earth’ looks like mars to them .

  • Pines
    Pines   20 hours ago

    I also think that there could be many reasons we haven't gotten any visitors. What if light speed is not possible to go beyond? What if other civilizations just can't see us yet cause they're so many lightyears away from us? What if wormholes just aren't possible?

  • Pines
    Pines   20 hours ago

    I think it would be weird if Earth is the only planet that have ever had some form of life tbh. Reason being: If life has a 1:1000000000 chance of appearing in perfect conditions it doesn't matter. If there are a billion planets in our galaxy with these conditions at all times, and the planets have been around for billions of years, you do the math. And that is only on the galactic scale. Think of the universal scale. The chance that life only happened once on a universal scale is not even astronomical, it's just .. Yeah.

  • Steve Walker
    Steve Walker   23 hours ago

    If you think inorganic materials are going to ignore biogenesis and magically assemble into sophisticated self-replicating systems for no reason, you're too biased to be capable of making a valid point.

  • vee dee
    vee dee   1 days ago

    We’re gonna be aight. I’m sure aliens want no part of COVID19.

  • name less
    name less   1 days ago

    This theory is entirely flawed and full of contradictions... Stop acting like your theories are the only possible way cause they are not!

  • anonymous anonymous
    anonymous anonymous   1 days ago

    After we become a galactic species would the Great Filter be an issue?

  • Siyabonga Maphanga
    Siyabonga Maphanga   1 days ago

    Or, or, or... Hear me out...L. Ron Hubbard was right, and the rest of the Universe avoids us because we're a bunch of reincarnated intergalactic criminals.

  • Dwooswa
    Dwooswa   1 days ago

    Ok, the premise of this video is wrong. Hospitible planets are so far away, light reaching earth is from the past. Was there enough time on the planets for humans on earth to notice?

  • SwxgFxg
    SwxgFxg   2 days ago

    One other thing that I was expecting to be mentioned that wasn’t mentioned, atleast directly, is that if we do find advanced alien civilizations, did we find them or did they find us? Chances are they are far more advanced than we are and would likely invade our planet in search of resources and would likely murder us as we do to smaller species on our planet.

  • Anuj Singh
    Anuj Singh   2 days ago

    Humans: get advancedThe great filter: whomst has awakened the ancient one?

  • 3SCRAP3
    3SCRAP3   2 days ago

    Lol I got a ad and I thought it was the video

  • BigSistahTips
    BigSistahTips   2 days ago

    "genetic engineering of a super bug"... I know it's not the case but it really reminded me of the Coronavirus.

  • M Stormzo
    M Stormzo   2 days ago

    This has a very big flaw in saying that finding life would be bad. If the filter is gaining intelligence then us and that other form of life that is intelligent have both passed the filter.

  • This Skrub
    This Skrub   2 days ago

    If great filter is so great whyisn't there a great filter 2

  • Афанасий Сырков

    Coming to think of it, every civilization we know about on this very planet feared some kind of "alien" invasion.From our limited experience, all sentient life got this fear.From same experience, sentient life creates dedicated units tasked with total annihilation of said aliens. There are only two scenarios when extinction of one side is not an option:1)Exploitation of the weaker brings bring way too many benefits to simply discard.2)Forces are on comparable sizes to be unable to kill without suffering severe consequences.That's the problem with expectations of aliens in our vicinity: If we will find said aliens, there are huge chances that they are way more advanced than us. Looking at sheer amount of technologies needed for such leap, we are virtually useless in any length, so exploitation is not an option. Looking at same amount of technologies needed for such leap, we are virtually helpless against other side. At the very least we can't afford seeking contact without having:a)A backup planet.b)Global consensus.c)Enough tech to obfuscate backup planet in case of alien contact going horribly expected route.

  • alex loffler
    alex loffler   3 days ago

    This hipótesis is based on patterns recognition and misses a lot of variables in the equation.

  • MrJohndl
    MrJohndl   3 days ago

    UFO's are real. They have been here for thousands of years. The end.