Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter

  • Published on: 01 February 2018
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    Finding alien life on a distant planet would be amazing news - or would it? If we are not the only intelligent life in the universe, this probably means our days are numbered and doom is certain.

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    Why Alien Life Would be our Doom - The Great Filter
  • Runtime : 9:36
  • Alien Aliens Alien Life Alien Lifeform Alien Lifeforms The Great Filter Great Filter Filter Fermi Fermi Paradox Space Space Travel Doom Apocalypse Nuclear war nano technology genetic engineering crisper climate change global warming human origins AI Evolution Science Kurzgesagt In A Nutshell


  • Yolopanda 140903
    Yolopanda 140903   20 minuts ago

    I dot. See why aliens would be bad I personally think that if aliens existed and we contacted them we could share our knowledge and improve our own but with this we could get past said filter if in front of us but if behind us the aliens would just further speed up the colonisation of the galaxy

  • capthavic
    capthavic   24 minuts ago

    Two possibilities exist: either we are alone in the universe or we are not. Both are equally terrifying. - Arthur C Clarke

  • Queenless
    Queenless   1 hours ago

    Mitochondria. Is. The. Powerhouse. Of. The. Cell.

  • Hirnferno
    Hirnferno   5 hours ago

    Maybe there is a life, completely different than us, maybe not C and H2O based, but other elements.

  • hanson chen
    hanson chen   5 hours ago

    What if there is no filter and we are just the first species to evolve this much

  • hanson chen
    hanson chen   6 hours ago

    Everyone: Please... have mercy... No more existential crisis,Kurzgezagt: Creates existential crisis playlist

  • Liberal Monk
    Liberal Monk   9 hours ago

    5:10 "Being smart does not mean, that you get to win automatically." Main problem still today is the rule of the unintelligent.

  • Farry Handika
    Farry Handika   10 hours ago

    "The 4th step sees the species evolve big brain" 1:13Yeah, it's big brain time.

  • Andy Dagamer
    Andy Dagamer   10 hours ago

    The universe is a big place. Plenty of possibilities.

  • Shariful Redzuan
    Shariful Redzuan   10 hours ago

    Give a thought of possibility. Possibility of a habitable planet like earth have a species that evolve into intelligent species, with body parts that could help extend their ability in creating technology. They should also have the will to learn, being creative, and have history of finding new wisdom. Their planet also not too big, so that they would thinking on going for outer space venture or experiment. Their habitable planet should also have sufficient resource for them to explore and find to create their innovation.

  • Arkuler
    Arkuler   10 hours ago

    what does the drooling alien at 5:59 represent???

  • Angel Renteria
    Angel Renteria   14 hours ago


  • Kiro Legend
    Kiro Legend   15 hours ago

    what if we threw a planet into the Goldilocks zone

  • Brooks Ayre
    Brooks Ayre   16 hours ago

    Why haven't we send a giant telescope with its own think processors and stuff on a mission into space and when it gets far enough. look back at earth and see if it's possible to see our civilization marks.Or send life into space so that one day we might discover it again and by then it'll have evolved differently

  • Dhen Phu
    Dhen Phu   16 hours ago

    4:00 No... it actually happened twice already. look it up, you can do it.

  • Michael Martinez
    Michael Martinez   16 hours ago

    When we get to the filter, we have to slip the bouncer of the next stage of evolution a couple dollars.

  • MaestrO Frags
    MaestrO Frags   18 hours ago


  • Mike T
    Mike T   19 hours ago

    Aliens are somewhere out there they just can't reach us.

  • Miguel López
    Miguel López   20 hours ago

    "There are more 'earths' that can be colonized"My boi Brirain wanna clap some alien cheecks rn

  • I like bananas
    I like bananas   20 hours ago

    I think you didn't mention that there might not be a filter, and we are onley erlay in the history of the universe

  • Oof
    Oof   21 hours ago

    What if other organisms need different matter (not water and carbon), so their goldilocks zones are different?

  • Zeke Rivanian
    Zeke Rivanian   21 hours ago

    I feel if aliens beat their own filter, they're certainly non-violent at that point. I mean if humans can get over their own differences enough to not blow ourselves to smitherines. I think a prime directive will be put in place of some sort.And if you haven't seen a UFO, you're not looking hard enough.

  • Knedlik MCPE
    Knedlik MCPE   22 hours ago

    There are more filters, and the hardest is waiting for us

  • Terry Killa
    Terry Killa   22 hours ago

    6:30 onwards are all very real and plausible theories as to how the World/Humans will end.Nuclear war is a sure thing.I also think the same thing that happened in the Terminator movies and I robot etc could potentially happen to us in real life. We create machines that run everything for us, which we are.. Then they destroy us or the AI is that smart they start a World War, like in Terminator

  • trito jean
    trito jean   1 days ago

    The only thing that video show is how the people(s) that make this can stop thinking where there is somthing that give high emotion.I mean you start by saying some "baitclick"(i am not sure that is the good word for what i want to say) then you try to explain that with something that have nothing to do with, you say that if we find aliens we are fucked then you put the postulat that if there is no kind of "imperium of alienkind" it is because there is a hypothetic filter which kill every civ that reach it( which is questionnable) then you said that if we find a extralife that mean the filtre is after it develop level.However finding a extralife does not mean that they cannot be lucky as well and pass the filter just like us because the filtre as i understand it is a trial for civ but as a challenge this is not because many dude succed at it that it will change.There is an for understanding what i mean:There is an exam for validating a degree and in your school there is 50% of succes each year.After the exam you talk to your schoolmates.They all give the same respond as you on the test.Does that mean you are all rejected? No that can mean that you are all accepted !It is the same here.

  • Cuck Socker
    Cuck Socker   1 days ago

    Try this out for a great filter: Mark 10:25

  • life crumbs
    life crumbs   1 days ago

    Why do we even want to meet aliens, like it's going to fix all of our problems.

  • KirillT14
    KirillT14   1 days ago

    When something as "exciting" as extraterrestrial life get ruined for you...