10 Products Only CRAZY Cat People Would Get!

  • Published on: 08 February 2019
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    10 Absurd Products Used Only By The Laziest People! ➡ https://youtu.be/Z_e4JlEdUi4

    We're back with a new (and potentially stranger than usual) episode! Let's be real... We all know at least one crazy cat person who seems to be more attached to their cats than other humans... and TODAY we're unboxing the weirdest cat products we could find that we think only the most INTENSE cat people would buy! Prepare yourself for some hilarious and cringy moments 🙂

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  • Runtime : 24:
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  • A Cat
    A Cat   24 minuts ago

    Matthias have you checked under the couch for your voice?

  • Death gamer poison Pit

    Handsome just got my YouTube channel got no scribers it’s called Jeff gamer poison yeah

  • Lil_DerpFox
    Lil_DerpFox   12 hours ago

    I have 11 cats and 1 dog so I need those products :3 cause I’m a crazy cat human..potato....Thing :3

  • nicole a
    nicole a   17 hours ago

    they should do this but for dogs

  • Sean Montallana
    Sean Montallana   17 hours ago

    We all love rāzeEdit: at 8:05 I saw a 🐈 beside Tanner

  • inkythe cat
    inkythe cat   20 hours ago

    21:09 is the beginning! Like if you want matthias to get his voice back! Do not forget to subscribe to dope or nope or you will become allergic to your favorite thing

  • Duke Nauticus
    Duke Nauticus   1 days ago

    Matt's "I save 10 cents" line with his broken voice absolutely killed me. x>

  • Vow Cow
    Vow Cow   1 days ago

    I already got the backpack carrier! :3 i am indeed crazy

  • ERA_Fury
    ERA_Fury   2 days ago

    Type all of that out “Rose with a Z”

  • Official Nikrila
    Official Nikrila   2 days ago

    Going through the whole video hearing Matt talking...now I need medic bcause of excessive laughing😂😂😂😂😂

  • Jinny Healy
    Jinny Healy   3 days ago

    It is funny that matts voise is like he is going to pubrty