Why You Can't Trust Me

  • Published on: 01 July 2019
  • I went to a place called Coober Pedy to tell a story about water. • Sponsored by Audible: Go to http://audible.com/trustme or text ‘trustme’ to 500 500 to get started today.

    CORRECTIONS: https://www.tomscott.com/corrections/

    Thanks to everyone in Coober Pedy; I had a wonderful time there. I'm sorry this isn't the video you all hoped for!

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  • Tom Scott
    Tom Scott   11 months ago

    Thanks to everyone in Coober Pedy; I had a wonderful time there. I'm sorry this isn't the video you hoped for!

  • 4nderzzon
    4nderzzon   11 hours ago

    I just got 32 Tom Scott videos in a row on my recommended page..

  • Gustavo Orsi
    Gustavo Orsi   20 hours ago

    If we can't trust you, and you tell us we can't trust you, how do we know if you are lying?

  • Gonzalo Grau
    Gonzalo Grau   23 hours ago

    I can't trust you because twenty one pilots told me not to trust a perfect person

  • VCuber X
    VCuber X   1 days ago

    we cant trust you cause you're not wearing a red shirt

  • Kadyn McDonald
    Kadyn McDonald   1 days ago

    I’ve started watching you on the daily and I just came across this video and I’m sorry but I’m gonna have to trust you more now that we know you bring up your errors and try to fix them

  • None of your Business

    I will trust a scientifically trained guy saying "I just don't know" and explaining his controversial findings any day of the week. The problem with people you cannot trust are the ones claiming to be in possession of the absolute and morally binding truth, preferrably handed down to them in a golden book from their supreme leader being which they found in their own back yard.Great Scott! (I always wanted to say this on your channel..!) Two thumbs up and keep up the good work!

  • Random Dude
    Random Dude   2 days ago

    This is why I read comments and check the rating bar. If the video is misleading then angry people will instantly point it out or dislike the video

  • beriorgar
    beriorgar   2 days ago

    hands down the single best audible sponsorship i have ever seen

  • Random Homosapien
    Random Homosapien   3 days ago

    The maximum temperature we have here in Delhi(India) is upwards of 50° and we're still one of the most populous cities in the world.

  • Hogscraper
    Hogscraper   4 days ago

    There's a reason why 'american's are so stupid' or 'brits are so stupid' videos exist. It doesn't matter where the population is, ANY population you can walk through asking a few dozen people the same question and make a 20 minute video of all the 'obviously' stupid answers. Random people have never been a good source for information when taken as a whole.

  • TheUncommonPerson
    TheUncommonPerson   4 days ago

    This video might as well be a milestone in Tom's career and perhaps his life as well. Keep up the good work.

  • John Skiggs
    John Skiggs   5 days ago

    Journalism is a bit like writing books = "Summarise" + "Condence" + "Tell-Stories" > For some at least there is a lot more in this Vid' than you might imagine. As a Futures player, I can tell you there is always another factor........... Just keep on delivering your honest best :)

  • Logan
    Logan   5 days ago

    How has this guy only got 2.6 mil subs?

  • Donii
    Donii   5 days ago

    why u have gray hairs? u are 36..

  • Omar Smith
    Omar Smith   5 days ago

    "You had to honk over my last line, didn't you? That was a great delivery!"

  • Tyler Leggett
    Tyler Leggett   6 days ago

    Amazing video! In todays age of false information running rampant, thoroughness, accuracy, and critical thinking is now more important than ever. In the age of covid, i try to check at least 3 sources before I'll believe it.

  • Pnutimus The 1st
    Pnutimus The 1st   6 days ago

    Long term planning has never been a strong point for our species.Dam right we have ruined our home and can’t fix it so we have our brightest minds trying to find another planet to live on and a way to get to it.

  • Sovv Suh
    Sovv Suh   1 weeks ago

    plot twist: this was all a lie

  • Ditto Smith
    Ditto Smith   1 weeks ago

    Greatest advertising video I've ever seen!!!!

  • Happy McNugget
    Happy McNugget   1 weeks ago

    Tom Scott: The oldest looking cocky 15 year old I've ever seen...

  • Mr Burns
    Mr Burns   1 weeks ago

    This guys been wearing the same grey hoodie for over 5 years now!

  • Lamp Shade
    Lamp Shade   1 weeks ago

    Another reason we shouldnt trust you is cus your a guy on the Internet

  • taz874
    taz874   1 weeks ago

    well now i trust you even more by admitting your mistakes.

  • Flamboyat Ediz
    Flamboyat Ediz   1 weeks ago

    Staring to the screen to listen books ...Ur a Genius bro :D

  • Lifecraft
    Lifecraft   1 weeks ago

    I saw a documentary on Coober Pedy in 2004 or 2005, it said people there mostly live underground, as building underground provides an excuse to dig for opals :) So maybe not as little a motivation as it might seem :D

  • Ratatouille
    Ratatouille   1 weeks ago

    Why You Can't Trust MeUp NextI'm Not a Robot

  • MaeLSTRoM1997
    MaeLSTRoM1997   1 weeks ago

    You've surpassed Tom Ska, Tom Riddle and Tom from Tom and Jerry in becoming the fist person that comes to my mind when I hear the name 'Tom'

  • Kai Angulo
    Kai Angulo   1 weeks ago


  • Thestonehead
    Thestonehead   1 weeks ago

    No offense but I legitimately thought you were going to cry.. And here i am, feeling sorry for you when i clicked this video..

  • Andratos95
    Andratos95   1 weeks ago

    The problem about humanity is that now people will trust you more after this

    PETER FILE   1 weeks ago

    Why is this guy getting recommended to me so much