Losing Arguments with Your Wife After Her Brain Surgery - Jim Gaffigan

  • Published on: 16 November 2018
  • In his special Noble Ape, Jim Gaffigan details his experiences after learning his wife had a brain tumor and questions her surgeon’s fruit-based tumor-sizing system.

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  • Runtime : 8:33
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  • stephy p
    stephy p   1 days ago

    Relatable clean humor. Rare. So talented one of my faves

  • Joseph York
    Joseph York   5 days ago

    Jim, You're okay. On a coworker's "Get Well" card, I wrote, "Get better or I'll tell the doctor to put the tumor back". Looking back thirty years, I'm wondering if I was witty or just plain reprobate.

  • Stephen R.
    Stephen R.   2 weeks ago

    that shawshank redemption bit was fantastic

    NOISEMAZE   1 months ago

    I like how he transforms into Jack Black at 4:39

  • Mike D.
    Mike D.   1 months ago

    Let me guess he’s clean and doesn’t curse.

  • natazer
    natazer   2 months ago

    Who can make jokes about such a serious subject? Gaffi-can... See what I did there?

  • abcdwism
    abcdwism   2 months ago

    I'm a CHILD, but I like grapefruit. My life is esploding.

  • Genevieve Capuano
    Genevieve Capuano   2 months ago

    Well that sucks that one of the good cancer hospitals has shity food because all the hospitals I've been too well in Rochester New York shout out woot ja ja ja anyway have bang and food they do have a pasta section they got a burger section a taco section etcetera Etc

  • Diego and Hollie Ortiz
    Diego and Hollie Ortiz   2 months ago

    Oh gosh my husband is recovering from brain surgery. We also have 5 kids. Can totally relate to this.

  • Jackson Collier
    Jackson Collier   2 months ago

    Ok hilarious comedy aside, can we take a minute to imagine what it’s like for a doctor to spend 10 straight hours on one surgery??

  • jc73871
    jc73871   2 months ago

    Who didn't LIKE this????? He's hilarious!!!!!

  • Mahmoud S MONEM
    Mahmoud S MONEM   2 months ago

    Mount sinai is in Egypt, and there is no such thing as Israel.

  • kathy kelley
    kathy kelley   2 months ago

    My hospital just get a pasta station and potato bar

  • rationalguy
    rationalguy   3 months ago

    I get the impression that Jim isn't a fundamentalist Catholic... If I work up the courage to introduce my Mormon wife to stand-up, it will be Gaffigan. I doubt we'll ever get to the advanced course- Jim Jefferies.

  • Mark Johnson
    Mark Johnson   3 months ago

    Fake beard. Look at the side there is a gap at times

  • Crazy 999
    Crazy 999   3 months ago

    Jim always funny 👏👏👏👏

  • KDF Kdf
    KDF Kdf   3 months ago

    That andy rooney joke..and he brought it back to grapefruit.

  • Metal storm
    Metal storm   3 months ago

    It’s easy to produce comedic effects with hateful, mean spirited or dirty jokes. Love them all, but the clean comedy is the more sophisticated one, because these actors have to push themselves harder to achieve the same effect. And when they do - it’s a memorable experience

  • Jim Walton
    Jim Walton   3 months ago

    Your last joke about the surgeon and lunch actually happened to me. My wife was having leg surgery that was a multiple hour procedure. About 3 hours in I decided to run next door to the university cafe for some carryout. There checking out was the entire surgery team. To say I was confused and perplexed would be an understatement

  • Lena Johnson
    Lena Johnson   3 months ago

    As Wanda Sikes said, Doctors desribe tumors to us as fruit because we can't be bothered with learning the metric system.

  • Alex Barbarich
    Alex Barbarich   3 months ago

    If any one else watch Incon, Incon and Jim Gaffigan sound almost identical.

  • KevinShinwoo
    KevinShinwoo   3 months ago

    I was really convinced he was the actor who played Hodor in Game of Thrones until I looked it up and realized he's not. But he really looks like him lol

  • Marc Langlois
    Marc Langlois   3 months ago

    "unga bunga me food comic. Me talk when think" haha so funny

  • C Nett
    C Nett   4 months ago

    Well what about my seasonal allergies? Love that joke

  • Li Qu
    Li Qu   4 months ago

    dammmmmmnnnnn adoption!!!

  • baby nemo
    baby nemo   4 months ago