The Ultimate April Fools Prank!

  • Published on: 01 April 2015
  • Sean and I go at it on April Fools Day... you decide who's the real winner!

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  • Runtime : 5:54
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  • Shamika Ellis
    Shamika Ellis   4 hours ago

    Ryan higa well well well I see that you Ben roast and Chad wow clay so now you are but to get a roast looking your shoes your shoes every weight no no no Hey Ryan keela every body walk on you like a door mat

  • synth -_-
    synth -_-   20 hours ago

    Damn i miss watching his vids

  • Rahee Ahmed
    Rahee Ahmed   2 days ago

    Who else is confused because he got given the movie but He said HE set it up? So a collab to nearly kill him....COOL ;D

  • MelPlaysRoblox 273
    MelPlaysRoblox 273   3 days ago

    Hold the double decker..... Why did he prank himself if he assumed that Sean did it

  • j.p.
    j.p.   4 days ago

    so, home alone😂😂lol

  • Dustin Yap
    Dustin Yap   5 days ago

    He can only see that fart or april fools

  • Kuro Stuff!
    Kuro Stuff!   5 days ago

    2:48 sooooooooooooooo cute!!!!! I love him/her

  • Mega Red Alex
    Mega Red Alex   5 days ago

    Every time I watch this video it gets older and older and funnier and funnier and I still think that this video is new

  • EVO cocoa
    EVO cocoa   6 days ago

    holee that hurts when ryan fall off the stairs

  • Ahmed Sebyani
    Ahmed Sebyani   6 days ago

    I Love The Voice off the Little Blue Creatuer It’s Funny

  • CheezBallz 13
    CheezBallz 13   1 weeks ago

    That “Shut up” at the end sounded oddly like smosh...

  • Ian Roach
    Ian Roach   1 weeks ago

    I remember me and my friend in 2015 laughing out butts off at this, it was such amazing content

  • T1lt3dTav3n
    T1lt3dTav3n   1 weeks ago

    I can’t believe Ryan actually almost rolled into a sword for a Yt vid

  • S&S Roshandin
    S&S Roshandin   1 weeks ago

    I subscribed to your channel and was wondering if you can come subscribe to my channel named S&S Roshandin I have 32 subscribers and I want to get 60 subscribers

  • Pickle
    Pickle   1 weeks ago

    I watched this along time ago and it was amazing. Re watching this in 2020 was a great nostalgia.

  • Fadli RZ
    Fadli RZ   1 weeks ago

    Ah yes, 1 dollar is more important that 1 real bullet

  • Retro Gamer
    Retro Gamer   1 weeks ago

    A domino can push a man ? My whole life has been a joke 💀

  • Ant pig
    Ant pig   1 weeks ago

    Ssssooooo ssssssssmmmmmmmaaaaaaaarrrrrrrrttttttt!!!

  • Minh Lam
    Minh Lam   1 weeks ago

    Dude I wonder how long it took them to do all of theseIf they fail they have to reset all over again it must took them a year omg(Edit I liked my own comment because nobody like my ones)

  • Joleen Da Strawberry
    Joleen Da Strawberry   1 weeks ago

    when it is April fools again his spirit will push him on the woopy cooshin