We were told this homeless dog had 4 puppies - we found more!!! :-)

  • Published on: 22 May 2020
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    Haleakala (the mom) and her puppies: Leilani, Molokai, Kalani, Koa, Luana, and Kaiko are all looking for their forever homes!

    I am so happy #HopeForPaws got this call from Tracey Smith or else this family could have been in serious trouble. You can see the cutest pictures of this family on our website: https://www.HopeForPaws.org/Dog_Adoptions

    If you would like to adopt one of these family members, please contact our friends at The Little Red Dog Rescue: https://TheLittleRedDog.org

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  • Roberto Carriço
    Roberto Carriço   4 hours ago

    i felt so bad for not have money for this god thing but bean aneployd and having a bad few years my self.But this is hi i don't lose feith in god people.God lock for all of you and the people that contribuit whith money. Im sorry for mi poor Inglish.

  • Shawnna Werner
    Shawnna Werner   6 hours ago

    She is a really good mama. Love it. Kalani is just so sweet and chill.

  • Noreen Doyle
    Noreen Doyle   7 hours ago

    Omg there are just adorable great job in looking after them x

  • Otto Kar
    Otto Kar   7 hours ago

    What a good mom she is indeed many hearts to team hopes for paws fm France

  • Erika Crisologo
    Erika Crisologo   12 hours ago

    Yo if this would be like my work, I would just be adopting every single one of the rescued animals.

  • Gayle
    Gayle   13 hours ago

    That Mama 💕

  • Catherine Hilario
    Catherine Hilario   14 hours ago

    Hello from Philippines. Thank you Hope for Paws for this amazing vid. ❤️😘

  • Jean Peters
    Jean Peters   14 hours ago

    ☘🍁🌱🐾🌻🐹🌿🌷🍃🍅🐾Adorable... mom took very good care of her babies. How old are they?

  • Blueskygal
    Blueskygal   16 hours ago

    She's worried about her puppies. That's why she barked at you. She needed to be with them to feel ok. Their first priority is defending their pups. Poor girl looks exhausted by providing for them in the wild like that. Mom's need good nutrition.

  • Betsy Ross
    Betsy Ross   16 hours ago

    DO NOT watch Tucker Carlson tonight. They have a Black lives matter guy being cruel to a dog as part of the protest. It wish I could un-watch that. Now I’ll watch this channel for awhile until I feel better.

  • Starlight Shimmer
    Starlight Shimmer   16 hours ago

    this just reminds me of all the good times i had with my dog after we rescued him.. had him for almost 7 full years and he just passed away due to old age about 16 months ago...he was a brown Pomeranian and i'm hoping to eventually adopt another Pomeranian in need of a good home..

  • Leah Vitale
    Leah Vitale   16 hours ago

    Omgoodness the absolute chonk of those puppies!

  • CRC
    CRC   17 hours ago

    Eldad..I really like you, but why do you have to speak to Loretta so patronizingly? She has been doing this for a long time. You act like you are the only animal whisperer. Loretta knows what she is doing after 5 years.

  • Geronimo2Fly
    Geronimo2Fly   19 hours ago

    That beautiful mama turned into such a sweetheart. I hope she gets snatched up quickly.

  • Daniel Hartin
    Daniel Hartin   19 hours ago

    New Subscriber. We all need these heartwarming videos, especially now.

  • Naion Hikarious
    Naion Hikarious   20 hours ago

    10:28 mama dog smile after Loreta pat her head, saying everything’s alright 😍

  • Hannah T
    Hannah T   20 hours ago

    Why did he keep trying to pet the mom when she was growling?

  • Amna Zaka
    Amna Zaka   22 hours ago

    The cutest rescue! 💞🐾

  • Suz B
    Suz B   23 hours ago

    Aloha and mahalo for all you guys do!!!!!! LOVE!!

    ORDERLY OWEN   1 days ago

    They are looking durable, If I were to be near to this people i will to purchase one.

  • LD Morr
    LD Morr   1 days ago

    This is my favorite video!

  • Lidia Guajardo
    Lidia Guajardo   1 days ago

    Que lindo trabajo que amor muestran algunas personas son buenos ejemplos de imitar

  • Gloria Lourenco
    Gloria Lourenco   1 days ago

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  • Gloria Lourenco
    Gloria Lourenco   1 days ago

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  • Ma. Lizlie Palma
    Ma. Lizlie Palma   1 days ago

    Come here in the philippines there are so many stray dogs here because we dont even have a rescuers here