Committing to Change

  • Published on: 29 June 2020
  • Runtime : 6:23


    PRINCESORH   19 minuts ago

    Ya, in the off-chance you guys actually read this, just know that I've been a loyal fan of JK News and crew for years now. As some have said in other comments, I think at times you all would say some things that would just make me scratch my head -- not even stuff like "the n word" -- just stuff that would make me question your experiences with people and that made you sound super...well, just stupid. I'm not one to get offended very easily, so I never cared that much and if anything I simply watched fewer videos; but I never unsubscribed. That said, I do hope this commitment is sincere and is not just out of fear of being cancelled, because while I've never been bothered much by the off-color comments, one thing I realize, even here in this thread, is that your fans (particularly the non-black ones) eat up everything you do and will make excuses for any type of behavior you carry out merely because they're fans and the ill-humor does not relate to them. This is how racism is perpetuated, I think. I know that Asians, though some pretend to have "no skin in the game," can still be rather upset at anti-Asian racism, and yet for some reason, will stop at no end to defend anti-black racism out of "custom" or "humor", and suggest black people are simply thin-skinned fascists for wanting to put an end to anti-black racism (and of course white people tag along to this ill-conceived notion, as if comedy dies if we can't all be racist as fuck). Basically, people (in general) are always willing to perpetuate racism that doesn't affect them. So yes, thank you for recognizing that changing your tone as someone whose voice is heard far and wide is an important step in eliminating the racist bullshit nationwide.

  • zed end
    zed end   51 minuts ago

    Comedy is the last bastion of free expression. Never compromise, never apologize, never bow to the mob.

  • Rock girl
    Rock girl   5 hours ago

    I don’t want jk to be overly PC but also I don’t want them to say stupid sh*t for the shock value & giggles

  • Keondra
    Keondra   5 hours ago

    I've been a fan of JK for about 6 years now, and I simply can't support anymore. I grew up watching Jknew, party, films, and each members' individual context. Sad times.

  • Ann Lisa Nabiryo
    Ann Lisa Nabiryo   8 hours ago

    I know it's called just kidding news for a reason. But some jokes can't be made without considering the hundreds of years of oppression. Broke my heart too because in my opinion, the jknews episodes with DoBoy, KevOnStage and Tahir Moore are some of my favorite of all time. The friendship and chemistry with the cast was so good that the jokes are funnier. But Steve, Nikki and Bart did something wrong. Tahir and KevOnStage had to say something to these guys about that. Silence implies complacency. That's how racism continues unchecked. It hurts but I doubt any black comedians /guest will be doing jknews any time soon or ever.

  • Andrew Stokes
    Andrew Stokes   10 hours ago

    To be honest we really just want police killings and systemic racism to end all I have no idea why people are try to cancel people from things years ago especially when they saw it and didnt have a problem with it then and I’m pretty sure we all know u guys aren’t racist

  • solidstategold
    solidstategold   12 hours ago

    I’m Black and I laugh at easier jokes towards whoever, maybe we should all stop-or maybe our kids will be the ones

  • Jmacmall
    Jmacmall   12 hours ago

    I watched JK for about 6 years. They helped through some tough times and I've always appreciated that. That being said, as a black man from SC, they've said a lot of things that were disrespectful and ignorant. I've always been pretty sure that it was unintentional but I stopped watching more than a year ago. I didn't want to continue giving my attention to people who didn't want to even consider educating themselves on issues that affect so many of their potential viewers. I'm glad they're beginning to understand and learn and I look forward to seeing what comes next.

    KRAZE_TITAN   13 hours ago

    I know you did wrong (for the 100th time) but as a fan of your bs we still support uHahaha wtf

  • S L
    S L   13 hours ago

    Where’s the racist white guy, Steve Greene? He and Nikki Limo are going to drag you guys down with them.

  • A N
    A N   14 hours ago

    Why did you guys have to wait till BLM popped off to confront your ignorance? Commenters having been going off for years about how the comments you guys make are racist and extremely insensitive and you guys finally changed when you monetary stack was at risk? SUS! I used to love JK but after CONSTANTLY feeling uncomfortable with jokes and a lack of action, I realized this channel wasn't for me and didn't support me as black american. There is a fine line between comedy and straight up ignorance and racism. Though deep in my heart I want to think that the owners of this company are good people, the timing of all this seems disingeniuse. JK, I honestly wish the best of luck to all of you but I hope to see some real change so all the fans can know you came from the right place

  • Raquel
    Raquel   14 hours ago

    Thing is, idk whether y'all really did change or became more business savvy and skilled in understanding what not to say in public to earn more sponsors and views. There have been so many moments in vids where viewers or 'fans' are called stupid, ignorant, too sensitive, etc. and where some of you worried about being 'cancelled' or 'roasted' with derision. Y'all being too defensive and unintentionally fostering the us vs. others vibe, feels so divisive and dangerous.Overall, you guys have overgeneralized and dehumanized viewers and people you call 'fans' consistently up to now. I don't condone polarized verbal violence that occurs with social reprimand these days, and I can appreciate why you'd be doing this blanket apology to preemptively protect against future reprimands. But I honestly wonder whether anyone in jkn actually cares about people getting hurt, or jkn is getting this out purely for protection when there's been so many vids out up to June 2020 suggesting otherwise.Also, it's really unethical imo how Josh situation was handled. Felt like an elephant squashing a snail. Jkn has a huge following compared to Josh, and all that person did was express his hardships, and now any opportunity he had of being an influencer or a social media person on twitch or elsewhere is done for. You guys could have reached out to Josh, worked it out, also could have been more emotionally intelligent and empathetic to prevent him from feeling the way he had. And to make matters worse, in one of your recent vids you use his photo as a thumbnail. Seems quite petty and vindictive.I'm grateful for the content you had provided years back when I was experiencing hell. But the more I get to understand the workings of this company, the more disappointed I get.

  • turtle 6
    turtle 6   15 hours ago

    IDK. It seems like their apologizing for actions that may piss off BLM supporters. What about being homophobic? This sounds more like you guys thought you needed to make this video and less like it’s sincere.

    MKOASLEEP   16 hours ago

    GUYS DO YOU NEED TO WRITE “AS A “ blah blah , JUST SPEAK FFS 🤦🏾‍♂️

  • paramores3
    paramores3   16 hours ago

    Please be aware the only reason these people are “apologizing” is because it is being brought to light. Especially Bart remember him using a hard n word with an r on an episode of JKN without thought and just dismissed it as oh it’s in the article so I’m gonna use it. Hard r or not shouldn’t come out of anyone’s mouth because everyone knows the history. To me this was just a way to cover yourselves but hopefully you have grown!and will continue to do so.

  • arielle alexandre
    arielle alexandre   18 hours ago

    I, a black viewer, have decided to unsubscribe from JK. I appreciate the apology and the growth I’ve seen from you guys during the years I’ve watched you. However, I feel like your content is no longer for me. Tahir and Kev brought something to JK I haven’t seen and it got me to love it again. Since they will no longer be here I too will not. You have grown a lot and I hope that continues. But I have realized you have not made this space comfortable/safe for people who look like me.

  • Jay Allen
    Jay Allen   18 hours ago

    Assimilated Asians talking down on Blacks? How Silicone Valley of them.

  • Chris Tina
    Chris Tina   19 hours ago

    This is why my mom says to not put dumb shite on the internet 🙃(not only jk ofc)(but I do find it a joke when they say they're gonna learn, they've done this for years, they have more videos out there that I would consider worse..)

  • Sha・Ne・Ru
    Sha・Ne・Ru   20 hours ago

    Thank you 🥰 I've pretty much grown up watching content from you lot, I'm all for acknowledgement and change and as much as those old vids and moments were uncomfortable, I'm happy to accept this apology 🙌🏾 but you lot have changed quite a lot, and your channel has been diverse so adding this vid on top of everything we see is just great 💙

  • Mysasser1
    Mysasser1   21 hours ago

    Stop saying the N word in any form PERIOD!!!! Rape is not a joke. I hope that story was fake.

  • Brian Smith
    Brian Smith   22 hours ago

    I've said it before and I'll say it again. I rock with the jk family, I for one have never been offended by you guys content, that's not to say no one has the right to be offended thats just my stance. I see the world and landscape of tolerance is shifting and we all have to be accountable for it, I'm gonna continue to follow you guys and hope to grow and change into a better person along side you guys.

  • Squigga.Mp4
    Squigga.Mp4   23 hours ago

    I’ve never heard of you guys or seen any of your videos but the title it caught my attention thank you guys for being truthful I’m looking to become a better person myself and finally seeing someone who can be truthful with themselves gives me motivation

  • Shanda S
    Shanda S   1 days ago

    I actually appreciate this apology and the points being made. As a black woman I unsubscribed after being a subscriber for 13 years bc I was really fed up with the micro-aggressions and anti blackness and the egos that refused to admit that there is something inherently wrong by minimizing a group of people (who are also supporters of you) to what you perceived as their worst traits. And not acknowledging the role you play in spite of the fact that you are people of color. I hope this really does marks change and I hope you give your black staffers more of a voice and hire more black people to work for you.

  • Chayla Singletary
    Chayla Singletary   1 days ago

    I love Jk but it time for a change I advise that jk new doesn’t cover black topics and issues with out multiple black people present we understand that it is jokes but without understanding what we are living the jokes will always come off insensitive and disrespectful to what’s happening. I’ve been a fan for Years! And I do see the growth but this is the time as non black POC where your place is as an ally in the revolution is decided. I’m not saying don’t make jokes but I am saying that adding more melanated diversity to the cast is a great step. Because supporting BLM isn’t just donated and speaking those great steps but there is more to that it’s giving black people the space platform and opportunity to speak and be heard. Given rolls that we deserve.

  • Yonis Sandoval
    Yonis Sandoval   1 days ago

    Bruh yall never offended me! No matter the joke i always knew it was just a joke. I been watching you guys for a very long time and not once was i offended lol. Keep up the good work!

  • Min
    Min   1 days ago

    This video was genuine and it really shows, this fan base is very loyal but we will also speak the truth and I can say you guys are fine.

  • Dj.Snoop Tx
    Dj.Snoop Tx   1 days ago

    I am going to use my freedom of speech so don't take this personal..Bart has always been apologizing for comments about children sexual actives, racism on Mexicans and African Americans. I mean Bart has a Mexican Woman but he still continues to use his I lift weight can't be touch ego on every show like he is untouchable. Bart as educated as he claims to be with his UCLA education still acts like a child. Jk Films is never going to go anywhere if he keeps apologize for there speak before they think attitude. Every human being needs to know there are not gods because they get a little you tube fame. They do have a weakness and with Bart that is the weakness on jk films. Bart has really upset alot of people that comment but never get heard. His own wife gets upset with the crap that sometimes comes out of his mouth. I mean she is his bestfriend and him not know that what he does affects her too..Bart you got the most best and wonderful things for you that alot of people pray for or have hope for and you take it as if you will never lose it..Geo has a lot of patience to be by your side..All I can say is for every comment you have said on film you haven't been reported or judged for but if it was one of us simply working 9 to 5 individuals we would be judged or lose our freedom at the court system..I mean come on the way you talked about children and you have one is a mystery to me..But what do I know right I am just a jealous troll that's funny.. The good thing about film is it last forever so Bart you will go down in history as what you made yourself to be as comedian that tried to hard and still won't get that spotlight he needs..You all keep apologizing and never learn. Now that the world is ending you are worried about face and your channel. But karma is coming and everyone will pay there dos at the end..Good Luck..You should be grateful Bart you got Joe as a mentor to always be there to clean up your mistakes cause you have alot and it's all on film thanks to James Rodolfo...

  • B Tran
    B Tran   1 days ago

    Too many pansies these days . Yall cool Joe , Bart , and the whole JK team

  • imtheonlytye
    imtheonlytye   1 days ago

    Comedy is offensive lol period. It's going to put somebody down at some point. PC comedy is the worst thing to ever touch planet earth

  • imtheonlytye
    imtheonlytye   1 days ago

    Cancel culture is cancer and the fact yall are bending the knee to these sensitive ass people and agreeing with cancel culture is messed up. I will be unsubscribing.

  • xjesse92x
    xjesse92x   1 days ago

    Steve and Nikki should have watched this video to learn how its done instead of that first apology video

  • Mercy Fernandez
    Mercy Fernandez   1 days ago

    I started watching you this year. Im from Colombia (South America) every night i wait for your videos to upload so i can get ride off the stress of living in a third world country in the middle of a pandemic I have not left my house for 109 days. Our life changed from going to work every day and having an active life to being locked up with my daughter, dog and husband hoping that the pandemic does not knock on our door. You have been the only ones, well, and Stephanie Soo, who have made me laugh and have helped me with stress. In today's videos (July 2, I went back to this one specifically to write to you) I feel that you are afraid to comment or even talk. Please do not stop making videos as always, believe me that many of your comedy help us. Thanks I hope this message reaches you.

  • Alicia Marie
    Alicia Marie   1 days ago

    I love JKNews but something about this doesn't sit well. Everyone is now coming forward apologizing for things they did and it seems like they're doing it to save their asses from someone outting them in the future. It's better to speak up first than to have someone dig it up for them. Idk about these apology videos that are now popping up everywhere.