UFC Boston: Weigh-in Highlight

  • Published on: 17 October 2019
  • Watch the weigh-in highlight from Fight Night Boston.

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  • Runtime : 49
  • ufc fight night boston weigh in higlight dominick reyes chris weidman mma ultimate fighting championship


  • Mihalis B
    Mihalis B   7 months ago

    Reyes vs Johnny Walker Next - winner to face bones for the title.

  • Nyokap Lho
    Nyokap Lho   7 months ago

    https://youtu.be/YZARiVsnHc4 Copy right ufc207 cruz vs garbrandt

  • Tinay Funkugub
    Tinay Funkugub   7 months ago

    Weidmans dad be like “nah that ain’t my boy”

  • Roberto Ramos Hernandez

    Chris’s is been feed and he don’t even realize jajajja poor dude I’ll be back here to tell you I told you so I bet he gets knock out second round my a kick 🦵🏻

  • Combat x
    Combat x   7 months ago

    Mark my word wiedman gonna win .. hes gonna mix things

  • HotHead
    HotHead   7 months ago


  • jin jin
    jin jin   7 months ago

    Tf is up with the Bryan Ortega commercial. Dud got his ass handed to him

  • msp tcb
    msp tcb   7 months ago

    chris you gotta stay home this weekend and finish the lawn it's supposed to rain.love dad ps: you seen my blue shorts.

  • G Vonta
    G Vonta   7 months ago

    Reyes is getting his first loss tonight!

  • xKR33Px
    xKR33Px   7 months ago

    Cain has been such a superstar since. Lol. Not

  • xKR33Px
    xKR33Px   7 months ago

    Fyi Brock was paid to lose. That is fact.

  • xKR33Px
    xKR33Px   7 months ago

    I am so tired of all these "perts" cain is the best. Cain sucked. Glass chin. I would love a video montage of his reign. Sorry no video exists.

  • xKR33Px
    xKR33Px   7 months ago

    DC needs to retire or fight Jon. I dont want to watch another fight of dc poking Stipe in the eye. Seriously? Cain is the best heavyweight? Dc said that. Lol nobody wants a Stipe rematch of dummy poking him in the eyes. Everyone wants to see dummy get the shit kicked out oof him 3 x's by Jonny. #DC is afraid of Jon

  • King Khaos
    King Khaos   7 months ago

    How is this a highlight without STEPHENS VS YAIR??????

  • Jiri Krewinkel
    Jiri Krewinkel   7 months ago

    Lmao, Youtube captions Chris Weidman as Crisp White Man

  • Gemini Jake
    Gemini Jake   7 months ago

    How in The Hell does Reyes weigh the same as Weidman? Taller✅ Bigger✅ yet weighs the same? Chris must be solid weight or Reyes is retaining water...

  • Bahrom Nugmanov
    Bahrom Nugmanov   7 months ago

    Tony is the type of guy who ground and pounds you from the bottom position.

  • Tyler Z
    Tyler Z   7 months ago

    Wow Weidman looks alot smaller than Reyes. Alot more smaller than i thought he would, because Weidman was a fairly big middleweight. I guess Dominick Reyes is a big light heavyweight. Imagine Johnny Walker standing face to face with Weidman, lol he would be alot bigger. Johnny Walker is my favorite fighter in the UFC. He is the most exciting to watch and my opinion without a doubt the hardest matchup for Jones. Jones does extremely well against fighters who are experts in a certain skill such as wrestling ( Daniel Cormier ) or striking ( Rampage, Belfort..etc). I think Jones has problems with guys who are unpredictable and can mix it up and throw crazy stuff. That's why Jones was so careful when he fought Ovince Saint Pereux and Thiago Santos. And Johnny Walker is the most unpredictable fighter there is, even more than Jones. Walker made his last 3 fights look insanely easy! It looked like he was fighting people that didn't even belong in the UFC, that's how good he is!

  • Tyler Z
    Tyler Z   7 months ago

    Hopefully moving up a weight class doesn't slow down Chris Weidman like it did to Luke Rockhold. But even if Chris Weidman wins this fight, i would still rather see Johnny Walker fight Jon Jones next. That would be the most exciting fight to watch, and also i truly believe that Johnny Walker would also be Jon Jones hardest fight.

  • Matthew Brown
    Matthew Brown   7 months ago

    At 0.28 secs of the video Dominick displays his new face for the newest laxitives commercial.

  • alpha wolfsnake
    alpha wolfsnake   7 months ago

    Ten years ago, Brian Ortega was given a choice.This dam add needs to stop.

  • Luqman hassan
    Luqman hassan   7 months ago

    https://youtu.be/X0lBIA9Uf5A get ready to fight

  • * Mako *
    * Mako *   7 months ago

    Against 11-0 Reyes Weidman stands no chance.