[For Honor] 2v1 Ok PARRY PARRY PARRY - Zhanhu Brawls

  • Published on: 13 February 2020
  • Hope you all enjoy the For Honor zhanhu brawls gameplay!

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  • Runtime : 14:12
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  • PJD 101
    PJD 101   1 weeks ago

    THAT'S ME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! ON 9:06 Also In my defence I was learning PK Soooo I did not know what to do

  • marellius28
    marellius28   3 months ago

    0:50 "i probably smoked too soon" ?

  • Lun Lun
    Lun Lun   3 months ago

    Love watching PK spam dodge attack.

  • Mr xHAWKx
    Mr xHAWKx   3 months ago

    Zhanhu needs the buff of his deflect should wallspat

  • cattata01 YT-_-
    cattata01 YT-_-   3 months ago

    Wait why is everything so slow on pc?!everytime i go up against a cent his stabs take half a second!!

  • _ bigdan2230
    _ bigdan2230   3 months ago

    Max oos parry punish w/ zhanhu is zone then heavy finisher. Max oos throw punish is light then heavy finisher

  • Swedish Mafia
    Swedish Mafia   3 months ago

    Fun Fact: That was me playing as the cent and struggling against misty!

  • Edward Lane
    Edward Lane   3 months ago

    Misty, punishes are often a light into heavy as long as you hit the light while they fall down, not after... or they will get up after your first hit...

  • Chris Thistle
    Chris Thistle   3 months ago

    Nope if it's a deflect they can't block the following dash slash

  • Ski-Free Yeti
    Ski-Free Yeti   3 months ago

    Love your videos Misty, you're a bloody champ.

  • Hentai God
    Hentai God   3 months ago

    The full punish is zone top heavy

  • ZyderZaw
    ZyderZaw   3 months ago

    13:25 I swear I got those dreams too where I see myself parrying and deflecting every attack

  • CrimsonRaiderBoi
    CrimsonRaiderBoi   3 months ago

    You and ToxicTV should be a group up and be a Roman team

  • Ravenvexx
    Ravenvexx   3 months ago

    ofs perry pubish is zone then unblockable top heavy

  • peppe327
    peppe327   3 months ago

    Hi, this one of my montage, I hope you enjoy it, https://youtu.be/0JQzoQQjL4Y

  • Roger Pineda
    Roger Pineda   3 months ago

    I really really wish that misty starts streaming again

  • plang moo
    plang moo   3 months ago

    6:07 trust me, i dont "LET" them hug me

  • Julian Huang
    Julian Huang   3 months ago

    I had the honor of playing against KingMisty’s Zhang Hu in a brawl yesterday, even though he didn’t include it in this video. It was a great experience getting parried endlessly by the god himself...

  • Brandon M. Bruursema
    Brandon M. Bruursema   3 months ago

    You'll probably never play him again, but Zhanhu's oos parry punish is zone -> finisher heavy, input as soon as you parry so it is safe. Thanks for the variety btw!

  • Viper T
    Viper T   3 months ago

    "Pls kill that fat ****" lmao that teammate

  • uh uh
    uh uh   3 months ago

    Dāojiàn wú yǎn !

  • burnt_toast
    burnt_toast   3 months ago

    3:12 centurion and peacekeeper are just having a great time

  • Mr Tylaak
    Mr Tylaak   3 months ago


  • Jmar BTM
    Jmar BTM   3 months ago

    That side dodge PK reminds me of all the kensei mains just side dodging a year ago

  • Jondaliner
    Jondaliner   3 months ago

    BTW, you can zone after the deflect. It hits very often due to the blind combined with his animation.

  • Sekiro
    Sekiro   3 months ago

    The max punish for Sunda is, if you get a GB oos, kick to the left or right and then its 2 heavies. Parry oos is zone to heavy as far as I know. If anyone knows better ones or different ones please feel free to leave a comment, it would be much appreciated. Have a nice day.

  • hero6rinekiller
    hero6rinekiller   3 months ago

    Misty: mix's up a shugokiMe: tries the same thing he didShugoki: light attacks

  • Skully
    Skully   3 months ago

    Nice pk zone parry